Sheriff Jones Gives More Detail on Ramada Inn Shootout that Killed Deputy

SACRAMENTO -- Six days after a shootout at the Ramada Inn, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones gave new details in the incident that left one of his deputies dead.

Last Wednesday morning, a team made up of investigators from the CHP and the Sheriff’s Department learned suspects involved in a car theft ring from the Bay Area were staying at the Auburn Boulevard hotel.

When two CHP detectives knocked on their door and announced who they were, Jones says Thomas Little Cloud opened fire, wounding the officers.

Next, Jones says, Little Cloud ran to the back of the hotel room, and jumped off the second story balcony -- still firing his assault rifle and hand gun -- missing officers called to the chaotic scene for back up.

After rounding the corner of the hotel parking lot, Jones says Little Cloud pointed his weapons toward Deputy Bob French. French was wearing his bullet proof vest, but he was hit in the shoulder, which went through his soft tissue and landed in his heart.

Jones says despite being mortally wounded, Deputy French continued to show courage and bravery, as he continued to shoot at the suspect.

"He continued to engage and pin down the suspect as best he could. And only showed signs of his injury, once this scene was stabilized, and the person was out in pursuit," Jones said.

Little Cloud led deputies on a chase in a stolen Dodge Charger that ended in a crash at El Camino High School. He died at the hospital on Saturday.

"There is a possibility that round that ultimately caused the suspect's demise was fired by Deputy French," Jones said.

In the end, investigators say Little Cloud fired 34 rounds with his assault rifle, and more than a dozen rounds with his 9 mm hand gun in the shootout.

Jones says Little Cloud and his girlfriend, Priscilla Prendez, stole multiple cars, including a black BMW Prendez was caught driving earlier in the day.

Prendez spoke with FOX40 from jail last week. She said she and Little Cloud were six months into their relationship. She also claimed she didn't know the cars were stolen.