Join ‘Be the Match’ to Support Gary Gelfand in His Fight Against Leukemia

Bully Busting Clinic with Robinson’s Taekwando

In today’s Salute to Service FOX40 is recognizing Robinson’s Taekwondo. They will have a free family-friendly workshop aimed at helping families stand up against bullying. The 90-minute event includes tips on how to avoid conflict and how to build confidence. The Bully Busting Clinic is Friday September 15 beginning at 6 p.m.

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The Black Belts aren’t going to take it. They want you to know how to avoid conflict, stop a bully and share confidence that comes from knowing self-defense. Bullies are not going away. Will your family have the tools they need to counter unwanted aggression?

Let Robinson’s Taekwondo Black Belts raise your personal awareness to avoid conflict, share strategy on short-circuiting or diverting a Bully and at last resort how to fight back!