Demonstrators Rally Outside Governor’s Mansion Over California Values Act

SACRAMENTO -- The fight over Senate bill 54, also known as the California Values Act, has been playing out in the legislature since one month after President Trump's election.

But Thursday, advocates of what others call the sanctuary state bill took the battle to the governor's mansion.

"The governor has yet to make a strong commitment about the California Values Act," said Stacy Suh.

SB 54 would restrict using state resources to enforce immigration law.

But one of the most controversial provisions of SB 54 would restrict jails in many cases from notifying ICE when a prisoner wanted for immigration violations is released. Advocates say it's needed now more than ever

"Whether it's pardoning the racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio or ending the DACA program, these are direct attacks to our immigrant community, and our California leadership needs to stand up and protect our community," said Carlos Amador with the California Immigrant Policy Center.

But opponents, like the president of the California Sheriff's Association, say the bill is a political stunt and a safety risk.

"It will put dangerous criminals on the street who ironically will be a threat to other immigrants," Sheriff Bill Brown said.