Volunteer PG&E Workers Head to Hurricane Irma’s Destructive Path

More than 100 PG&E workers from across Northern California have volunteered to help out those in need of electricity in Florida.

The 123 line workers, equipment operators, supervisors and support personnel, who have been tasked with bringing back electricity to disaster zones, took off at 8:30 a.m. Friday from Sacramento International Jet Center to head to West Palm Beach.

The voluntary assistance program started in 2014, when PG&E signed an agreement with Florida Power and Light that says they'll help each other when natural disasters strike.

This is the second time the agreement with FPL has been activated.

The first time was when PG&E got ready to send crews to Hurricane Matthew in 2016. At that time, they were told to stand down at the airport, because, luckily, the hurricane weakened.

This time things are much more serious.

Workers are scheduled to be there for three weeks, but it could be longer depending on Irma's condition.