Hurricane Irma: Citrus Heights Couple Trapped in US Virgin Islands

CITRUS HEIGHTS -- A Citrus Heights couple is currently stuck in Saint John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Mark and Sharlene were visiting their daughter when Hurricane Irma hit the island Wednesday night.

FOX40 spoke with two of their other children, Kenny and Samantha Tullgren, in Citrus Heights, who say they know their parents survived Irma, but with no power and cellphone service on the island, that's about all they know.

"We have so many different, distinctive visions of what might be going on, but we just don't know," Kenny Tullgren said.

The brother and sister say they have been getting information from a Facebook page dedicated to those of Saint John, adding that they are frustrated and really haven't much idea how to pursue the condition and well-being of their parents.

Family told FOX40 they have heard of some efforts to rescue people off the island, but they believe that is only for women and children.

With all eyes now focused on Florida, the Tullgren's want people to know that Americans have already suffered because of Irma, with still no idea when they will see their parents again.

"We just want to get them home safe and help out the people of St. John and the other islands," Samantha Tullgren said.

"We are just kind of worried, not only for our own family, but everyone else out there," Kenny Tullgren said. "We just want to do as much as we can to get the word out there that it has affected a lot more people than you would think."