123 PG&E Workers Move to the Front Lines of Hurricane Irma’s Devastation

PG&E workers from across California have been hunkering down in a hotel meant to withstand Category 4 storm activity, waiting until the winds and rain of Hurricane Irma died down.

The 123 workers flew from Sacramento International Jet Center to West Palm Beach, Florida Friday to start work with Florida Power and Light.

PG&E signed an agreement a few years ago to help FPL in the time of a major natural disaster. This is the first time they’re utilizing the agreement.

Workers are scheduled to be there for around three weeks, depending on the situation and severity of Irma’s destruction.

All costs for the volunteers have been paid for by FPL.

More than 5.5 million homes and businesses lost power as Hurricane Irma ravaged Florida Sunday. The hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm Monday.