Authorities Identify Suspect Arrested for Homicide at Sacramento Crowne Plaza Hotel


SACRAMENTO — Investigators have released more details about the death of a woman at Sacramento’s Crowne Plaza near Madison Avenue.

Around 9:20 a.m. Monday, a citizen called authorities about an unconscious and injured woman lying in a hallway at the hotel on Date Avenue.

Sacramento county sheriff’s deputies now tell FOX40 the woman who was found in the hallway was naked and terribly disfigured.

The ¬†citizen also explained there was a man in his early 30s on the property that may be connected to the woman’s injuries.

An off-duty officer in the area responded and arrested 35-year-old Lucas Sanchez after he  was located wandering the property.

He has several addresses in the Bay Area and is believed to be the woman’s boyfriend.

She has not yet been identified and deputies say they don’t know why the couple came to Sacramento.

They have been able to confirm that there were signs of an intense struggle inside the couple’s room.

“They have determined the victim in this case sustained severe blunt force trauma to the upper body torso,” said Sgt. Shaun Hampton with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. “An instrument was recovered but we’re not ready to release that.”

Hampton confirmed that the instrument was not anything from the Crowne Plaza.

FOX40 has also learned that the off-duty officers in a training session at the hotel who rushed to help the woman once she was found, were from the Sacramento County Probation Department and the city police department.

A city officer was the one who detained Sanchez.

A nurse who just happened to be at the hotel also fought to save the victim’s life as she slipped in and out of consciousness.

The female victim was taken to an area hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The suspect was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail for murder.