Fairfield Couple Shares Secret to 75 Years of Marriage

FAIRFIELD -- When Clara and Warren MacQuarrie wed in 1942, they had to keep it a secret because Warren was a Marine still training to be a naval aviator.

The couple, celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary Saturday.

"We persisted," Clara said. "And he's my best friend. And that's important."

Warren served his country with distinction in World War II, when the Marines took Iwo Jima, and in the Korean War. He led helicopter missions in Vietnam.

When asked what was harder, flying a combat mission into hostile territory or staying married for so long, Warren said it was no contest.

"Remaining married for 75 years," he laughed. "Those missions were nothing."

Their life wasn't always a picnic for Clara either, as time and time again she sent her husband off to war while she worried and raised their five children.

"I taught them how to drive," she said. "I taught them how to play baseball. It was up to me to do it."

For a couple now 93 and 94 years old, they still have goals.

"We hope that you'll be able to join us five years from now," Warren said to a room full of friends and family.

But more importantly, they have the secret so many of us are trying to learn about love and marriage.

"Don't sweat the small stuff," Clara said.