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Local Firefighters Prepare to Head to Disaster Zone

SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento Area Firefighters California Task Force 7 headed to Travis Air Force Base Thursday evening.

They're expecting orders from FEMA Friday morning. They don't know which disaster zone they're headed to, but they think its likely going to be Puerto Rico, which was hit hard by Hurricane Maria.

This team of 27 Urban Search and Rescue Team members is made up of firefighters from across the Sacramento region. Because of that, Sac Fire says it's not going to limit resources if a disaster were to happen at home.

The deployment is expected to last two weeks.

In Mexico, a different disaster is causing similar heartache.

Tuesday's 7.1 earthquake has caused widespread devastation in central Mexico. As of Thursday night, the death toll was 273.

Among the crews on the ground is Sacramento Firefighter Roberto Padilla

For him it's deeply emotional because mexico is home.

He expects to stay and help with relief efforts for four to five days. He got there with help from a GoFundMe.