Parents of Several Children Arrested in Drug House Near Elementary School

(Credit: Sacramento Police Department)

SACRAMENTO — Assault weapons and drugs were discovered in a Sacramento home Saturday, leading to the arrest of a gang member and his fiance.

The Sacramento Police Department was tipped off to the location of the drug house when a ShotSpotter system picked up a gunshot in the area of  Moorgate Court and Newgate Drive.

On Saturday, officers searched the home of a gang member on probation and his fiance, according to Sgt. Andy Hall. Hall reports the residence was just a quarter-mile away from an elementary school.

Several children, including a newborn, were living in the home, which was found to have a quarter-pound of methamphetamine and two AR-15 assault weapons with high capacity magazines inside of it as well as an illegal marijuana grow outside.

Both parents were arrested on suspicion of child endangerment, operating a drug house and resisting arrest.