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El Dorado County Man Scolded for Buying Lotto Scratchers Wins $1 Million

A sample image of a California Black Premium Scratcher (Courtesy: California Lottery)

SACRAMENTO — An El Dorado County has won $1 million from a California Lottery Scratcher after his wife scolded him for buying too many tickets.

Hermenegildo Beltran-Meza bought a couple of the California Black Premium Scratchers from Holiday Foods in Placerville and didn’t want his wife to know, so he hid in the bathroom to scratch the tickets.

The Black Premium Scratchers sell for $10 each.

Beltran-Meza’s wife, according to a news release from the California Lottery, was a good sport about her husband’s gloating.

The two say they will put some of the money toward their retirement.