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Sac State Student Government Gives $10,000 to Help DACA Students

SACRAMENTO -- The student body government at Sac State approved a $10,000 donation to the school's Dreamer Resource Center Student Emergency Grant Fund during last week's board meeting.

The funds will assist already enrolled DACA students with application renewals, which can cost roughly $500. The money can also help DACA students with any other unexpected expenses.

"It's an affirmation for support for all of our students on campus. Just reminding our student community that we need to band together as a Hornet family," student body President Mia Kagianas said.

The money comes from a reserve fund, not the yearly budget which is allocated based on student fees.

As for possible criticism, student government leaders say they haven't received any complaints, but they stand by their decision, stating they are committed to their core principles of representing every Sac State student.

"To see the change that we are able to make and how truly it impacts people, it brings them to tears," Kagianas said. It really creates this raw sense of connectivity between students."