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Napa Family Works to Save Their Home from the Atlas Fire

NAPA COUNTY -- The Atlas fire burning in Napa and Solano counties was just 3 percent contained Thursday morning.

From many inhabited areas, the flames were not visible however there were telltale signs of a firefight underway. Crews used helicopters to gather water from the Suisun reservoir and drop it into the foliage in the Green Valley hills scorched.

It`s a been a long couple of days for Jessica Tuteur and her family.

"Kind of like he went to sleep and I stayed up to water the area," Tuteur said.

The family has been sleeping in shifts since Monday -- afraid to leave their Napa home undefended from the Atlas Fire.

"Two of my friends showed up two in the morning ... and we just started saturating everything we could all around the house," David Davenport said.

They were able to hold the fire at their property line and save some neighboring homes ... but others on their Green Valley street lost almost everything.