New TSA Procedure Means Longer Lines at Sac International

SACRAMENTO -- A new TSA procedure rolled out in July has passengers putting larger electronics like tablets and e-readers in separate bins.

That new procedure means longer security lines, so officials with the Sacramento International Airport are urging passengers to arrive at least two hours before departure for domestic flights.

"We just noticed, that some of the lines were a little bit longer, specifically that 5 to 7-7:30 (a.m.) slot in Terminal A, morning slots in Terminal B, also the same situation," airport spokesperson Laurie Slothower said.

Sac International implemented the policy last week, and passengers are already noticing longer lines.

"They need to speed things up, not slow it down," passenger Jay Are said. "You have enough slowing down stuff."

It is only one extra bin per device -- but if a thousand people each have one device, that is a thousand more bins going down the conveyor belt.

The only way around this is to be registered through TSA pre-check, which costs $85 for five years.