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Sacramento Prepares for the Rainy Season

SACRAMENTO -- Many Sacramento businesses and residents have started preparing as the wet season begins.

Workers had just hours to break down trees and clean up leaves before what was expected to be the heaviest rainfall so far this season.

At the Capitol Ace Hardware in midtown Greg Ealy said customers have been making a run on weather related home goods.

"They’ve been looking for tarps, they've also been looking for Henry’s roof patch," said employee Greg Ealy.

Shoppers are thinking about their cars as well. An employee with an auto supply company said unlike last year, he’s noticed shoppers being more proactive.

"Today there’s been a lot of wiper blades," he said. "We’ve been slammed on wiper blades."

Across the region many will be worried about something as basic as where they will sleep during the wet weather.

"It’s not that we are nuisance, it’s the easiest place for us to sit out the rain," said Demitri Golodyuk.

Golodyk said he has been trying to keep the area he has staked out under a freeway underpass clean, in hopes neighbors don’t complain and police don’t kick him out.

"Getting kicked out from anywhere dry, it hurts sometimes because where are we supposed to go after that?" Golodyuk said.