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Man Hopes to Reunite Owners with Wedding Albums Uncovered in Santa Rosa Fire Debris

SANTA ROSA -- While helping restore cellphone service to the fire-ravaged areas of Santa Rosa, a man stumbled across two albums full of photographs.

George Roy told FOX40 crews were hauling off debris Friday when he spotted two different albums from two different weddings in a pile of junk in a dumpster. He says if he did not see the albums they would have been gone forever.

"I just happened to glance over and just see this in the dumpster, and I was like, that looks a little too nice to be in a dumpster," Roy told FOX40.

The albums were in good shape, with the exception of some water damage from recent rain.

Roy will keep the albums with him at all times until he finds the owners.

"The way I saw it is, you know, they lost everything in the fire," Roy said. "If they can get one thing back then, you know, why not?"

If you know anything about the photographs, reach out to FOX40 or message Roy on Facebook.