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12 Days of Space Science

Education specialist Ford Lawson is in the studio with Darren talking all about the Powerhouse Science Center’s new exhibit, “Forces: Earth & Space”. 

From alien encounters to comet parts… from fizzing liquids to icy moons, check out a different hands-on space science activity and space-themed story time each day.

Space science activities happening at Powerhouse:
Day 1 | DIY Observatory
Day 2 | Alien Encounters
Day 3 | Comet Connection
Day 4 | Cool Icy Moons
Day 5 | Rover Commands
Day 6 | The Science of Fizz
Day 7 | Rocket Readiness
Day 8 | Head in the Clouds
Day 9 | Outer Space Animals
Day 10 | We’re Seeing Stars
Day 11 | Astronaut Training
Day 12 | Super-Cooled Science

“Twelve Days of Space Science” December 26, 2017- January 7, 2018*. (*Excluding New Year’s Day.)