‘They Seem Happy:’ Grandmother Defends Fairfield Couple Accused of Abusing Their Kids

FAIRFIELD -- Prosecutors are charging a Fairfield woman with nine felony counts of child abuse one day after arresting her husband for allegedly abusing and torturing their eight children, along with two of her other children.

Ina Rogers bailed out of jail on Monday, denying to reporters that her and her husband, Jonathan Allen, had done anything wrong. But police said the living conditions inside the family's home were deplorable.

Rogers showed FOX40 the inside of her home. Much of it was in disarray. The bathroom floor was covered in feces.

She also said she taught all of her kids at that home, although their residence is not listed as an approved home-school with the California Department of Education. Tim Goree with the Fairfield Solano Unified School District told FOX40 their home at 2020 Fieldstone Court is within their school district.

He said FSUSD has never had contact with the couple's children. But he also added not every home-school is required to register with the county. Some may sign up for online schools, like California Virtual Academy. He says in those cases, all they are required to do is sign up online.

On Tuesday, FOX40 spoke by telephone to Allen's mother, Peggy. She says although she hasn't seen her grandchildren in four years, they were well cared for by their parents.

"They seem happy. They seem healthy," Peggy Allen told FOX40. "Close to their dad. I was just really pleased with the progress that he's made since he was a teenager, 'cause he was a young dad."

Peggy Allen said the allegations against her son and daughter-in-law are difficult to hear but they are a Christian family who is handling it together.

"The focus is on my son and his situation," she said. "We're trying to help them get through that. With the children, they're our primary focus."

Jonathan Allen's mother described her son as a private person, who grew into a caring and responsible adult.

"I was just proud to see that he came a long way," Peggy Allen said. "He wasn't that rebellious teen anymore. He came a long way."

As far as public perception goes, she wants people to know what a good father her son has evolved into.

"He was very gentle with the children, the children loved him. They flocked around him," she said.

Rogers will appear in court Wednesday at 8:30 a.m.