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When it comes right down to it, I’d have to admit that I’m a romantic. See also: those images in my head of the hard-bitten street reporter, in worn-out shoes and a rumpled trench coat, in perpetual pursuit of “The Scoop.” (Capital letters intended). Even in the many ways I’m not that guy, I’d like to be. Except the streets these days are largely digital, and no one wears fedoras with a little “press” card stuffed in the band anymore. That’s okay by me, I don’t look good in hats.

Over the last decade-and-a-half, I’ve been a correspondent in every corner of this beautiful county- from Alaska to Arkansas. I’ve covered Hurricane Katrina from the cockpit of a C-130, the Iditarod from a sub-zero sleeping bag at the side of a lonely trail in the Alaskan bush, and OJ Simpson’s arrest (the time it stuck) from the Las Vegas Hotel/Casino where the shenanigans happened.

I’ve loved every step of the way, not even really knowing what love was until my son Sam was born.

And just to show you that I’m a serious guy, the obligatory brag: Along the way I’ve racked up my share of recognition. Most recently I won the Society of Professional Journalists “Best Investigative Story” award, and I was nominated for a “Best Reporter” Emmy.

My spare time is precious and little, so I spend it wisely. I teach News Writing at Cal State Sacramento, and volunteer with the children’s charity, Sacramento Active 20-30 Club. Both experiences are a genuine thrill for me.

Now I’ve got to go. Sam is waiting for me to come home and read “Goodnight Moon” to him. And among all the things I’ve mentioned here, doing that is the biggest thrill of all.

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    Two Fallen Trees, Two Smashed Cars, Same Guy

    WEST SACRAMENTO — The most recent storm to hammer the Sacramento region seemed to have it out for one person in particular — Gerogiy Karpekin. “You know, life’s full of peaks and valleys, man,” Karpekin told FOX40. Karpekin was at Sacramento City College Wednesday evening when the winds picked up. He later found out he’d need a ride home from the Land Park-area campus. “I walked up to my truck and I saw it was ‘taco’d’ around a tree,” he […]

  • promo308971197

    Planned Parenthood Holds ‘Pink Out Day’ at Capitol

    SACRAMENTO — Federal funding for Planned Parenthood was the issue for celebrity protesters, legislators, and dozen of others at the state Capitol on Tuesday. The theme was pink for Planned Parenthood. But chances are, if you were sporting pink on the steps of the Capitol this morning, you are feeling a pretty nervous right about now. “We’re very concerned with Paul Ryan’s threat to take away the right of our patients to select a Planned Parenthood,” said Katherine Kneer, president of […]

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    Sacramento Police Investigating After 2 Cars Stolen from 2 Different Planet Fitness Locations

    SACRAMENTO — Sacramento police confirm they are investigating two stolen car cases that originated over the weekend from customers at two different, local Planet Fitness gyms. “After work I spent 10 minutes talking myself into going to the gym. So I finally decided to go,” said Shaudra Hudson. Hudson went to the gym in her new car, but she wouldn’t be coming home in it. Hudson’s gym is the Planet Fitness on Stockton Boulevard. She says that while she was […]

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    14 People Rescued from Flood Waters in Point Pleasant

    SACRAMENTO COUNTY — Underneath the flood are the fields of Point Pleasant in South Sacramento County. It is a small farm community, now under water and under evacuation. “I don’t have a plan. We just gotta look for a place we can sleep tonight,” said Jose Vargas, an evacuee. The water came suddenly and in the dark. At around 4:30 Thursday morning, upstream rivers swollen by days of rain over-topped a levee. So residents of Point Pleasant woke up to […]

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    Placer County Experiences Flooding, Funnel Cloud

    PLACER COUNTY — “I opened the front door and went ‘holy smoke,'” said Linda Hathaway of Lincoln. She was in for a shock when she got up this morning; water knocking at her front door. The backyard was even worse. And even though the level has gone down some, Monday night the house is still surrounded and the yard, still submerged. “We’ve gone through the drought for so long and then this storm…” Hathaway shrugged. “We’ve been praying a little bit.” Meanwhile, […]

  • promo307935550

    Resorts Focus on Safety After Week of Snow

    NORDEN — Staff at Sugar Bowl spent Thursday morning, not serving skiers, but digging out from snow dumped by this region’s recent storms. Prompting the question: Is there such a thing as too much snow for a ski resort? “Well on Tuesday there was snow that was so deep it was a little difficult to get through … but I’ll never say there’s too much snow,” laughed John Slaughter, spokesman for Sugar Bowl. The resort had to stay closed until […]

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    Local VFW Post Floods After Car Takes Out Fire Hydrant in South Sacramento

    SOUTH SACRAMENTO — It was a soggy morning in South Sacramento before there was ever a rain cloud in sight after emergency crews say a car took-out a fire hydrant at the corner of Gerber and Stockton, sending one person to the hospital and sending a spray of H2O way up in the air. “I woke up and looked out the window at my house, and I saw there was water all over the front yard,” said Jorge Antillo, who […]

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    Local ‘Star Wars’ Fans React to Carrie Fisher’s Death

    SACRAMENTO — For many people, particularly “Star Wars” fans, the universe got just a little darker Tuesday morning. “I have Carrie Fisher’s autograph right here,” said Evan Teed, a Lodi man who’s been collecting “Star Wars” memorabilia for years. Teed was excited to see Fisher at a San Jose event she was just scheduled for this summer. “It’s really sad, actually. Being a life-long ‘Star Wars’ fan and then… it was just really heartbreaking. I don’t know how to describe […]

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    Protesters Rally at Capitol in Last-Ditch Effort to Sway Electors’ Votes

    SACRAMENTO — The “Never Trump” camp woke up Monday morning with a certain number in mind: 37. Thirty-seven pledged electors breaking faith with Donald Trump on Monday could have gummed-up the works for his trip to the White House. “I’m still a proud American. I always will be. But this is bad. This is not OK,” said Christine Moore of the impending Trump Presidency. Moore was one of hundreds demonstrating on the steps of the California Capitol as the electoral college met Monday. […]