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When it comes right down to it, I’d have to admit that I’m a romantic. See also: those images in my head of the hard-bitten street reporter, in worn-out shoes and a rumpled trench coat, in perpetual pursuit of “The Scoop.” (Capital letters intended). Even in the many ways I’m not that guy, I’d like to be. Except the streets these days are largely digital, and no one wears fedoras with a little “press” card stuffed in the band anymore. That’s okay by me, I don’t look good in hats.

Over the last decade-and-a-half, I’ve been a correspondent in every corner of this beautiful county- from Alaska to Arkansas. I’ve covered Hurricane Katrina from the cockpit of a C-130, the Iditarod from a sub-zero sleeping bag at the side of a lonely trail in the Alaskan bush, and OJ Simpson’s arrest (the time it stuck) from the Las Vegas Hotel/Casino where the shenanigans happened.

I’ve loved every step of the way, not even really knowing what love was until my son Sam was born.

And just to show you that I’m a serious guy, the obligatory brag: Along the way I’ve racked up my share of recognition. Most recently I won the Society of Professional Journalists “Best Investigative Story” award, and I was nominated for a “Best Reporter” Emmy.

My spare time is precious and little, so I spend it wisely. I teach News Writing at Cal State Sacramento, and volunteer with the children’s charity, Sacramento Active 20-30 Club. Both experiences are a genuine thrill for me.

Now I’ve got to go. Sam is waiting for me to come home and read “Goodnight Moon” to him. And among all the things I’ve mentioned here, doing that is the biggest thrill of all.

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  • Mother Says Daughter Was Left to Drown in Canal Following Suspected DUI Crash

    YUBA CITY — A man has been arrested on suspicion of DUI and may face attempted manslaughter charges after leaving his female passenger to die after crashing a car into a canal off Clements Road, west of Yuba City. Around 2 a.m., a man, identified by the CHP as Travis Stanton, was driving on Clements Road in a silver Mercedes sedan when the car left the road and landed upside down in a canal. Stanton was able to free himself from the […]

  • Solano Prison Inmates Learn Lessons by Performing Shakespeare

    “God. How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable, seem to me all the uses of this world.” When Shakespeare wrote “All the World’s a Stage,” he couldn’t have imagined this one — the California State Prison, Solano. Could he? “I think he would really dig this,” inmate Joey Pagaduan said. For nearly nine months now, the men of this prison have been rehearsing Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Saturday it was show time. “My name is Joey. I’m playing Hamlet, and I’m in prison for murder,” […]

  • Sacramento Lags on New Housing Inventory as Rent Prices Continue to Climb

    SACRAMENTO — There are rent increases and then there are rent spikes. “$692 plus utilities, which is $50 more … so $750-something,” said Sacramento resident Elizabeth Morales. And it’s going up again this summer to more than $1,000. Morales may feel trapped. But she’s not alone. Nancy Avalos said her rent is $730, but it’s going up to $1,025 this summer. They are feeling the pinch of Sacramento’s spiraling home rental market — but increases like that aren’t the only […]

  • Family Searching for Answers After Woman Found Dead in Home

    It’s a Mother’s Day get together, but not the one this family had imagined. “The families coming together. We got candles. Sending a little bit of her to everybody, let them know what’s up,” said Ernesto Gueyger. Gueyger’s mother is 55-year-old Tina Marie Godina. A kind woman. The kind of woman who might give a stranger a place to stay if he was down on his luck. But Friday, something went horribly wrong. “I kept knocking, kept ringing the doorbell. […]

  • Stanislaus County Law Enforcement Mourns Loss of Deputy, Community Service Officer

    MODESTO — In a final escort home Saturday, Deputy Jason Garner and Community Service Officer Raschel Johnson’s destroyed SUV was flanked and followed by law enforcement from around Stanislaus County. “It was a sad scene today,” said CHP Officer Tom Olsen. “It’s just a bad day here in Stanislaus County.” Garner not only leaves behind his job as a deputy, his wife and four kids, but also grieving friends and partners. “He was like a brother. Awesome, awesome guy,” said Christopher […]

  • Is Pie an Assault? Jury Still Deliberating Fate of Man Who Shoved a Pie in Kevin Johnson’s Face

    SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento County jury has been deliberating the fate of a man who put a pie in the face of Former Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson for three days and will continue into Monday. “We’re going into more 40 or 50 hours since the jury has had the case,” defense attorney Claire White said Thursday. “So, who knows?” Sean Thompson admitted to shoving a coconut cream pie into Johnson’s face last September at a Seeds of Hope dinner event. Thompson was […]

  • Some Northern California Residents File Suit Against State Gov’t, Say They’re Not Fairly Represented

    Andy White and his dad drove down to the state Capitol from far Sierra County on Monday to talk to their state senator. Instead, they met an aid. The men are not surprised. They say they get that a lot — no response to phone calls or emails. “We’ve sent quite a few, and we’ve come to the point where we had to file a lawsuit against the state of California,” said Sierra County resident Andy White. Along with Californians […]

  • Family Questions Law Enforcement’s Account of Events Leading Up to Man’s Death

    Ryan Ellis was in trouble. The 29-year-old was picked up by sheriff’s deputies when he reportedly got too close to his estranged wife’s house, violating a restraining order. The deputies then discovered he had an arrest warrant for violating his parole. Ellis wound up in the back of the sheriff’s car, headed for jail, breathing what would likely be his last breaths of free air for a while. “This happens a lot. This happens frequently with us where arrestees kick […]

  • Victim, Witnesses Recount Fatal Cinco de Mayo Shooting

    FOOTHILL FARMS — Less than 24 hours after being shot at a Cinco de Mayo party in Foothill Farms, a victim recounts what she saw before a 17-year-old was killed by the 18-year-old shooter. Sunnie Lane, calf still bandaged where the bullet went in, spoke with FOX40 next to the spot where 17-year-old Jordan Pennell was gunned down. Another victim injured in the gunfire, a 19-year-old man, is still in the hospital. “I tried but there was nothing I could […]