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  • Bridgegate Scandal: Ex-Christie Allies Sentenced to Prison Time

    Two former officials linked to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s office were sentenced Wednesday in the Bridgegate case for using their power to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge in 2013 in an act of political revenge. Bill Baroni, former deputy executive director of the Port Authority, was sentenced to 24 months in prison on Wednesday, and Bridget Anne Kelly, former deputy chief of staff in Christie’s office, was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Both also received a […]

  • Federal Judge in Hawaii Extends Ruling Halting Travel Ban Indefinitely

    A federal judge in Hawaii granted the state’s request for a longer term halt of the revised travel ban executive order Wednesday. U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson blocked the core provisions of the revised executive order two weeks ago, concluding that the order likely violates the Establishment Clause of the Constitution by disfavoring Muslims. But Watson’s earlier decision was only a limited freeze of the executive order through a temporary restraining order. As a result, the plaintiffs asked the […]

  • Jeff Bezos Passes Warren Buffett to Become the World’s Second Richest Person

    NEW YORK — Move over Warren Buffett! Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now the second richest person on Earth. The latest tally by Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index shows Bezos is now worth about $75.6 billion. Another ranking compiled by Forbes has Bezos’ value at “just” $75.2 billion. He added $1.5 billion to his net worth after Amazon gained $9 billion in market value during trading hours Wednesday. The company received a generous stock bump after a Barclay’s analyst declared Amazon will […]

  • Playing Tetris Can Reduce Onset of PTSD After Trauma, Study Shows

    (CNN) — After experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event, such as a car accident, people are likely to develop anxiety or distress in relation to that event soon after the experience, leading to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But a new study has shown that playing the computer game Tetris within hours of experiencing trauma can prevent those feelings from taking over your mind. PTSD occurs when intrusive memories linked to fear from a traumatic event become consolidated in a person’s […]

  • Samsung Unveils First New Flagship Phones Since Exploding Phone Debacle

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Say goodbye to the Galaxy’s home button and hello to an infinity display. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 and S8+ at an event in New York on Wednesday. The new phone displays are bigger than the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and they have curved screens that flow onto the sides. For the first time on a Samsung phone, the physical home button is removed entirely. (This is already the case on most other Android devices.) […]

  • NASA’s New Searchable Library Lets You Get Your Space Fix Big Time

    (CNN) — Calling all wannabe astronauts: You can now explore outer space with NASA from the comfort of your own desk chair. NASA has launched a new library of audio, video, and images of space exploration — a database with more than 140,000 files from over 60 collections. The best part? A search engine that lets you flit from celestial wonders to astronaut selfies. Worried 140,000 isn’t enough? It’ll will keep getting better. “It’s a living website,” NASA said. “New […]

  • ‘Dreamer’ Shares Photo of Tax Return, Says Undocumented Immigrants Pay Taxes Too

    As someone who’s often spoken out for the so-called “dreamers,” Belen Sisa is used to the ugly epithets that’s hurled her way. But that still didn’t prepare her for the bile that followed when she posted a photo of her holding up her tax returns and a message for President Trump. “I was surprised, I didn’t expect to be attacked so hatefully for doing the right thing – paying my taxes,” Sisa told CNN. The Facebook post begins: “MYTH BUSTER: […]

  • Worried About Companies Spying on Your Browsing? Here’s What You Can Do

    SAN FRANCISCO — Federal regulations designed to give you more control over your web browsing history and other personal information may soon be eliminated. There are steps you can take to protect yourself — but you’ll have to do more than set your browser to private mode. And there is no perfect solution, experts agree. The House of Representatives voted Tuesday to repeal Internet privacy protections that were approved by the Federal Communications Commission in the final days of the […]

  • Melania Trump Highlights Women’s Empowerment in Keynote Speech

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — First lady Melania Trump called for women’s empowerment and celebration of diversity in rare remarks Wednesday morning at the State Department. “As leaders, we must continue to work towards gender empowerment and respect for people from all backgrounds and ethnicities, remembering always that we are all members of one race, the human race. Each one of us is uniquely different,” Trump said, honoring 12 women at the 2017 Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Awards. The […]