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Sacramento is my home. Sure, I grew up in the Bay Area. But after graduating from Sac State with a degree in communications, I knew that I would be happy living and working in this city. That’s why, after a few years reporting in Eureka and Reno after college, I jumped at the chance to come home to the Sacramento region where many of my friends and relatives live. I’ve been a reporter in the Capital City since 2001, and at FOX40 since 2008. I enjoy meeting the great people of this region and visiting so many cities and communities on assignment.

On weekends you can catch me forecasting the weather on FOX40. My love of the outdoors and the science of weather (even those blustery Blue Canyon snowstorms) led to this position.

On my days off, I enjoy keeping up with my extended family and spending time in the company of good friends. I also get along quite well with my DVR and flat screen TV. When the weather is nice, you might see me running or trying to play golf. Trying. During the winter, I gladly trade in the golf clubs for my snowboard.

Recent Articles
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    Iraqi Priest Shares His Story of Torture and Release by Terrorists, Pleads for Iraqi Christians

    ORANGEVALE — A few days after addressing the United Nations in New York about the genocide of Christians in Iraq, a priest from Baghdad brought his message to Sacramento. Father Douglas Bazi addressed an overflowing crowd Wednesday night at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chaldean Catholic Church in Orangevale, a visit sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento. Father Bazi described how he survived bomb attacks and a brutal 2006 kidnapping. “They destroyed my car, they blew up my church on front of […]

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    Northern California Thunderstorms in the Forecast This Week

    SACRAMENTO — Scattered thunderstorms are possible Wednesday through Friday, especially in the Northern Sacramento Valley and high Sierra. “We have a saying that when thunder roars, go indoors,” cautioned National Weather Service Meteorologist Mike Kochasic. “When you hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck.” If you are in your car during a thunderstorm, it is advisable to stay there. “Make sure your windows are rolled up because lightning can still come in through the windows and get you,” […]

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    Longer Than Usual Airport Security Lines Anticipated this Summer

    SACRAMENTO — Travelers may want to heed the often-ignored advice to get to the airport three hours before a flight during the busy summer travel season. TSA reduced screener staffing levels in recent years while airline travel has been increasing. As a result, airlines and airports are raising concerns about longer-than-normal wait times at TSA  security lines. The agency is working to address the wait times. At a news conference in Seattle last month, TSA administrator Peter Neffenger announced plans to ramp […]

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    Water Providers Ask State to Ease Conservation Mandate

    SACRAMENTO — Dozens of water agencies are asking the California State Water Board to relax mandatory statewide water conservation requirements. The Water Board heard statements from representatives of several agencies during a Wednesday workshop at board headquarters in Sacramento. The water agencies are asking the state to allow them to set their own conservation goals based on recent rain, snow and water storage recovery in some parts of the state. Some environmental groups say the amount of rain and snow this […]

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    Attention Turns to California Presidential Primary

    SACRAMENTO — Even though California’s June 7 election is comparatively late in the presidential primary cycle, votes in the Golden State could be decisive in 2016. “It well could be that California is the deciding factor in terms of enough delegates for both Trump and Clinton,” said FOX40 political analyst Gary Dietrich after Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won their parties’ primaries in New York Tuesday night. “California is used to sleeping through their primaries,” Dietrich explained. “And now our […]

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    Some Citizens Seeing Red Over Cemetery Rose Removal Plan

    SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento Preservation Commission, at its Wednesday night meeting, hosted a discussion on the controversial new pruning guidelines at the Historic City Cemetery. Last year, the city drafted the new pruning and planting guidelines to preserve the historic integrity of the cemetery at Broadway and Riverside, which dates back to 1849. The guidelines call for the removal of many rose bushes out of concern that moisture from plants in close proximity to monuments could contribute to deterioration of […]

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    Sleep Train Arena Still in Use — For Now

    SACRAMENTO — Saturday’s final Kings game at Sleep Train Arena was not the last event at the site. The building will be maintained and available for bookings until the Golden 1 Center opens downtown in the fall. Currently, a swap meet is scheduled for April 16 at Sleep Train, and the venue will host a Selena Gomez concert on May 10. Other events will be announced soon, according to the Kings organization, which still manages the site. The future of […]

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    Vinyl Records are Hot Again: Revival Driven by Both New and Vintage Titles

    SACRAMENTO — A tiny needle slips into a groove on a hard vinyl disc and suddenly a rich, warm sound fills the room. Music lovers took this for granted when vinyl was the only way to purchase music. But now, in an age in which you can stream or download an album out of thin air, a new appreciation for vinyl is becoming something of a phenomenon. Record stores are thriving again. “For us, it’s all about getting the right […]

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    Senior Playground Plan Moves Forward in Modesto

    MODESTO — The Modesto City Council, at its Tuesday night meeting, voted in favor of entering into a contract with O’Dell Engineering to plan and design a playground for senior citizens at the corner of Downey Avenue and I Streets, adjacent to the Ralston Tower senior residence. Funding for the approximately $60,000 contract will come from a Federal Community Development grant. Senior playgrounds feature exercise equipment and outdoor games, fostering fitness and community among active aging adults. Public input will be sought as the park planning process continues to move […]