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Just because you take your job seriously doesn’t mean you have to treat yourself that way.

Telling stories for a living is fun and exciting, darn good thing when you have to be at work at 3 a.m.!

Regardless of my lack of sleep, I still can’t wait to get into work each morning and share the news, mostly because I’m talking to people I know, or will hopefully soon meet.

I grew up in Angels Camp in Calaveras County, and remember watching Sacramento news as far back as I can remember.

It’s a good feeling to get text messages from family (mom) on how they (she) likes, or doesn’t like the story I am covering…all feedback is good feedback, even when I’m told “you look tired,” apparently being awake and at work early is no excuse.

Although growing up in a small town, I now enjoy calling downtown Sacramento home, which is a fresh change of pace when I can walk places instead of driving as I do every day for work.

When I’m not at work, I’m either checking out the competition, or ignoring news completely while at the gym or zoning out on my guitar, both of which I am no master.

So why did I choose this career?

Well, as a sophomore in high school I took a speech and debate class and realized I like talking to people, but at the time didn’t think news would be my path.

Like most young men I wanted to host my own sports talk radio show, but after my first semester at San Jose State, I fell into the broadcast program and haven’t looked back since, I also have no back –up plan in case this doesn’t work out, but so far so good, and unless televisions goes away I’ll probably be in front of a camera talking to my friends and family and neighbors.

If you want to know what’s going on before the news follow me on Twitter: @ERICRUCKERFOX40.

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  • McGinness: Police Inaction in Charlottesville a ‘Product of the Last Several Years’

    SACRAMENTO — Former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinnness says he believes backlash against police in recent years is why law enforcement are being criticized for being “too passive” as protesters clashed with white nationalists the Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. “I honestly believe that this is a product of the last several years. If Ferguson hadn’t happened and the other incidents hadn’t happened, I think this may have played differently,” McGinness told FOX40. Law enforcement in Charlottesville have received criticism […]

  • Are Protesters’ Jobs Protected Under Free Speech?

    After the Charlottesville incident Saturday, it didn’t take long before some of the White Nationalist rally members were identified online. For example, one man was recognized as Cole White, an employee at the Top Dog restaurant in Berkeley. At first, it was believed that White was fired because of his political beliefs, however, the restaurant is now saying he resigned. “It’s not a First Amendment or free speech issue,” said attorney Jeff Kravitz. Kravitz says if White was fired he […]

  • Local Mom Says Her Son Got Sick After Trip to Raging Waters

    SACRAMENTO — Thirteen-year-old Josiah Paulsen says he got sick a day after visiting Raging Waters at Cal Expo. At first, Josiah thought he was suffering from heat stroke because of his symptoms — headache, diarrhea and stomach pains. But when the teen visited his doctor, tests showed he had cryptosporidium — an infection involving parasites that is commonly contracted at public pools. Josiah’s mother, Michelle Paulsen, contacted Raging Waters corporate headquarters in Los Angeles. She says they took her information […]

  • Group Holds Walking Vigil Through Sacramento in Response to Charlottesville Violence

    SACRAMENTO — A group of about 75 people held a walking vigil in downtown Sacramento Saturday, carrying candles for the those affected by the deadly incident in Charlottesville, Virginia. They chanted against President Trump, the KKK and fascism. Those attending the march wouldn’t say what their group was called, in fact the people FOX40 tried to talk to didn’t want to talk at all about their views on what happened on the east coast, but others did. “We were really […]

  • Woman Files Lawsuit Alleging Her Disabled Son was Abused by Former School Bus Driver

    ROCKLIN — A mother has filed a lawsuit against the Rocklin Unified School District and a school bus driver after a security tape revealed the driver had been verbally abusing her son and other students. In September 2016 Alicia Wagnon says she received a call from her son’s teacher saying one of his classroom aides noticed an injury on his leg while helping him use the restroom. Wagnon says her son did not have the physical bruises referenced by the teacher […]

  • Family Looking for Good Samaritans Who Helped Rescue Baby, Toddler from North Highlands Crash

    NORTH HIGHLANDS — “Someone had hit her from the side on Kari’s door on the passenger side, her car started spinning and then flipped, the next thing she knows when she awakens she is upside down,” said Ashley Massaro. Massaro is recounting what happened last Friday to her sister and her sister’s two children in North Highlands. Her sister, Andrea Barclay, remains at UC Davis Medical Center with back injuries. Barclay’s son, 23-month-old Kari, is in serious condition, while her […]

  • Smoke on the Water: Incline Village Pot Dispensary Draws Thousands

    INCLINE VILLAGE, Nevada — The NuLeaf marijuana dispensary, the only recreational dispensary in the Lake Tahoe area, opened its doors to recreational users on Saturday. It its first 48 hours, store manager Lindsey Anderson says 2,000 customers have passed through. “It’s awesome. (I can) go on the lake and get stoned. It’s perfect,” Jon Avara, visiting from Houston, told FOX40. The tourist aspect is expected to generate big business at the dispensary. Recreational marijuana became legal in Nevada on July […]

  • Missing Sacramento Boy Found Safe Near William Land Park

    SACRAMENTO — Crews found a 3-year-old boy who went missing Saturday evening in William Land Park. Marcus Meja wandered away from a family barbecue near the pond closest to 15th Avenue around 8:30 p.m. The Sacramento Police Department posted an update at 12:05 a.m. Sunday saying he had been found on 13th Avenue in some bushes and was reunited with his family. “Our officers saw the boy standing by some bushes on 13th Avenue,” said Bryce Heinlein with the Sacramento […]

  • Mother of North Highlands Homicide Victim Speaks Out

    SACRAMENTO — Last month Aquanetta Gordon celebrated her youngest son’s 22nd birthday. “For someone to take a life, to take his life, another kid, they are just kids,” she said. Soon she will bury him. “I wouldn’t want any mother to feel this, for anybody to feel this,” Gordon said. Isaiah Bridgett was killed early Saturday morning in North Highlands. Both family and investigators tell FOX40 Bridgett was in the back of a car about to leave a house party […]