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Just because you take your job seriously doesn’t mean you have to treat yourself that way.

Telling stories for a living is fun and exciting, darn good thing when you have to be at work at 3 a.m.!

Regardless of my lack of sleep, I still can’t wait to get into work each morning and share the news, mostly because I’m talking to people I know, or will hopefully soon meet.

I grew up in Angels Camp in Calaveras County, and remember watching Sacramento news as far back as I can remember.

It’s a good feeling to get text messages from family (mom) on how they (she) likes, or doesn’t like the story I am covering…all feedback is good feedback, even when I’m told “you look tired,” apparently being awake and at work early is no excuse.

Although growing up in a small town, I now enjoy calling downtown Sacramento home, which is a fresh change of pace when I can walk places instead of driving as I do every day for work.

When I’m not at work, I’m either checking out the competition, or ignoring news completely while at the gym or zoning out on my guitar, both of which I am no master.

So why did I choose this career?

Well, as a sophomore in high school I took a speech and debate class and realized I like talking to people, but at the time didn’t think news would be my path.

Like most young men I wanted to host my own sports talk radio show, but after my first semester at San Jose State, I fell into the broadcast program and haven’t looked back since, I also have no back –up plan in case this doesn’t work out, but so far so good, and unless televisions goes away I’ll probably be in front of a camera talking to my friends and family and neighbors.

If you want to know what’s going on before the news follow me on Twitter: @ERICRUCKERFOX40.

Recent Articles
  • Female Duo Accused of $11,000 Victoria’s Secret Bra Heist

    FOLSOM — Two women from the Bay Area were arrested in Folsom Friday night after the Folsom Police Department said they stole “several large bags” of clothing, specifically bras. Blanca Quintero, 22, of Richmond and Antanae Welch, 19, of Pittsburg were arrested around 8 p.m. near the Palladio shopping center in Folsom. Police say the duo stole the items from Victoria’s Secret. Before they could escape the store an employee tried to stop them and Quintero attempted to pepper spray […]

  • Sex Offender Arrested While Waiting to Meet Teen at Folsom Park

    FOLSOM — A registered sex offender was arrested Friday night at a Folsom park after investigators say he planned to meet a 13-year-old girl there. Christopher Stadel, 34, was arrested on suspicion of contacting a minor to commit a felony. Investigators from the Folsom Police Department, Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force and the FBI say that Stadel had been conversing with the minor through an online app. Sacramento Sheriff’s Department Spokesperson Shaun Hampton told FOX40 that authorities were contacted after […]

  • Lodi High School Cheer Squad Sidelined over Funding Issues

    LODI — The cheerleaders at Lodi High School have found themselves in a unique situation. Recently, the squad was told its days of supporting the school’s athletic teams on the sidelines are over. “So the girls wouldn’t be at the games, rallies, anything like that,” cheerleading coach Heather Robertson said. At a school board meeting on Tuesday evening, the school’s principal told parents and cheer members that last year’s cheerleaders left the squad in debt and that the school had […]

  • Protesters Gather Outside Downtown Hotel in Opposition of AG Jeff Sessions’ Appearance in Sacramento

    SACRAMENTO — Around 150 protesters and about 10 counter protesters we’re outside of the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel in downtown Sacramento Wednesday morning. Most protesters were demonstrating against United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ visit to Sacramento a day after it was announced his department was suing the state of California regarding its sanctuary status. Protests started around 7:30 a.m. and by 7:45 a.m. protesters made their way onto J Street which was then shut down for the next two hours […]

  • First New Home Approved after Cascade Fire, Others Hoping for the Best

    LOMA RICA — Loma Rica resident Jim Degraff says he was the first Cascade Fire victim to get approval through Yuba County to move into his new home. “It’s nice to be home again,” Degraff told FOX40. The prefabricated house is 400 square feet larger than the one that burned down in October of 2017. Flames consumed 131 homes in Yuba County. The new house has the features his wife has longed for. “She got to pick out the whole […]

  • Robbers Cut Power before Home Invasion, Investigators Say

    NEWCASTLE — Three people were arrested last week after Placer County Sheriff’s deputies say they cut power to a home in Newcastle and robbed two people inside. Investigators say 30-year-old Derrick Michael Thomas, 44-year-old Lukas Matthew and 28-year-old Amanda Robertsen made their way inside the home through a side garage door around 4:30 a.m. Thursday. Each was masked and one was armed with a gun, deputies said. According to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, they pretended to be law enforcement […]

  • Police Determine Davis Junior High Shooting Threat was a Prank

    DAVIS — Davis Police determined Sunday that a threat made against Harper Junior High School was a prank. The Davis Joint Unified School District decided to keep the school open Monday after notifying parents that classes would be canceled. On Sunday, police identified a male student in his early teens as the person who made up the false threat of a shooting at the Davis school. The anonymous tip about the shooting allegedly planned for Monday was sent via the STOPit […]

  • Winter Storm Prompts Cautious Driving in Sierra

    NYACK — Thursday’s storm brought a serious amount of snow to the Sierra, shutting down roads for hours and prompting cautious driving. Interstate 80 was closed for a few hours while Caltrans crews worked to clear lanes. Drivers were held at Colfax, and allowed back on I-80 just before 3 p.m. On the Highway 50 side, emergency officials were kept busy with a number of spinouts and stuck cars. Luckily, there were no serious accidents.

  • With Legal Pot, Cannabis Tourism Gains Popularity in Bay Area

    SAN FRANCISCO — The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Each year, tens of millions of people come to visit, spending billions of dollars before they leave. While many of the iconic sites and landmarks have remained the same for decades, a brand-new type of tourist attraction is trying to update the list of must-dos, by targeting the curious. Emerald Farm Tours is one of those new companies. It offers marijuana tours […]