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Just because you take your job seriously doesn’t mean you have to treat yourself that way.

Telling stories for a living is fun and exciting, darn good thing when you have to be at work at 3 a.m.!

Regardless of my lack of sleep, I still can’t wait to get into work each morning and share the news, mostly because I’m talking to people I know, or will hopefully soon meet.

I grew up in Angels Camp in Calaveras County, and remember watching Sacramento news as far back as I can remember.

It’s a good feeling to get text messages from family (mom) on how they (she) likes, or doesn’t like the story I am covering…all feedback is good feedback, even when I’m told “you look tired,” apparently being awake and at work early is no excuse.

Although growing up in a small town, I now enjoy calling downtown Sacramento home, which is a fresh change of pace when I can walk places instead of driving as I do every day for work.

When I’m not at work, I’m either checking out the competition, or ignoring news completely while at the gym or zoning out on my guitar, both of which I am no master.

So why did I choose this career?

Well, as a sophomore in high school I took a speech and debate class and realized I like talking to people, but at the time didn’t think news would be my path.

Like most young men I wanted to host my own sports talk radio show, but after my first semester at San Jose State, I fell into the broadcast program and haven’t looked back since, I also have no back –up plan in case this doesn’t work out, but so far so good, and unless televisions goes away I’ll probably be in front of a camera talking to my friends and family and neighbors.

If you want to know what’s going on before the news follow me on Twitter: @ERICRUCKERFOX40.

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  • Woman Says Stranger Climbed Through Motel Room Window, Groped Her

    CAMERON PARK — The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying a man suspected of a sexual assault. The department says it happened late Wednesday night at the Motel 6 located on Coach Lane in Cameron Park. Surveillance footage shows the man entering a room through a window. A woman in the room told detectives she was being groped when she woke up. She began to fight back and the intruder left through the […]

  • 4-Year-Old Injured in Hit-and-Run Crash while Riding Her Bike in Stockton

    STOCKTON — Stockton neighbors say not only was a 4-year-old hit by a van while riding her bike Thursday, but the vehicle pulled her down the street after the impact. “Next thing you know I come out and the girl is laying the street right here. The bike is there and everybody’s outside,” said neighbor Joshua Trehan. “The police came. It was a sad sight because it was a little girl, you know?” The van’s tire marks could be seen […]

  • Suspects Break into Sacramento Liquor Store Through Its Ventilation System

    SACRAMENTO — Two burglary suspects were caught on camera Saturday using a Sacramento liquor store’s ventilation system to break in. “They were wearing masks and gloves. They were kind of professionals,” said Mike Marshal. As the owner of  Express Stop Liquors for the past 20 years, Marshal said he’s never experienced anything quite like what happened early Saturday morning. “They cleaned us out,” he said. “It was a big hit.” Just before 5:30 a.m., Marshal says two men broke into his […]

  • Camera Captures Arnold Man’s Close Encounter with Bear

    ARNOLD — Dave Ellison had a very close encounter with a bear last Saturday outside his home in Arnold. Video from Ellison’s home surveillance camera shows him walk out of frame, and the bear appears a split second later. The encounter plays out like a well-rehearsed sitcom. “My first thought was, ‘Holy crap, what am I going to do?'” Ellison said. The bear, likely not very old, noticed Ellison first and quickly scurried behind a tree. Ellison wasn’t sure what […]

  • Employee Runs to Safety as Driver Crashes into Cell Phone Store

    FOLSOM — Just before 3 p.m. Sunday, a man drove his truck right through the entrance to Cricket Wireless in Folsom. The store’s manager, Brandon Noble, said he had one employee in the store at the time — working directly in the path of the oncoming truck. “He said that he heard the rev of the engine and when he heard the rev of the engine he turned and looked,” Noble told FOX40. “When he turned and looked he saw […]

  • Sacred Items Dating Back to the 1800s Stolen from Placerville Church

    PLACERVILLE — The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour was broken into Monday night, according to Reverend Debra Sabino. What makes the case bizarre is that the items stolen, aside from some audio equipment, have no value outside of the church. They include chalices and patens. The chalices were for the wine considered the blood of Christ and patens are the plates used to serve the bread or body of Christ. But those items have huge value to the church. Sabino […]

  • Sacramento County DA Discusses Police Shooting Investigations

    SACRAMENTO — Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced late Wednesday morning at a press conference that it could still be months before her office begins its investigation into the officer-involved shooting of Stephon Clark. Despite Schubert telling reporters the DA has no legal obligation to conduct its own investigation, she says she expected her office to have the case within 30 days of the Sacramento Police Department’s own internal investigation. Her office’s investigation could take six months to […]

  • Late Season Snowfall Takes Some by Surprise

    It was an afternoon Sierra drive with non-stop snowfall, which not all thought would be there this time of the season. The snowstorm that came in Sunday up the hill continued into Monday afternoon. The driving conditions were not the worst but were by no means the safest either. Some cars spun out along Interstate 80. Wheels weren’t the only car part struggling for traction. At the Nyack Shell Gas Station Cody Culwell went to his backup windshield wipers. He said a […]

  • Electric Bike-Sharing Program Coming to Sacramento Region — Officials Hope Without the Mess

     SACRAMENTO — In about a month hundreds of electric bikes will be coming to a few cities in the Sacramento area. The bikes will come from Jump Bikes, which was recently purchased by Uber. When the program begins, 900 Jump Bikes will be placed in various spots around Sacramento, West Sacramento, and Davis. To ride one yourself, you’ll need to download the Jump Bikes app and pay a fee. The idea is to help people get around easier, but officials […]