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  • 140915202948-erin-pkg-moos-goldfish-head-surgery-00003421-tablet-large

    MUST SEE: Brain Surgery, on a Goldfish

    Australia (Seven News)- Many of us would not think twice about spending money on surgery to cure our beloved four-legged pals, but what about on a goldfish? An Australian couple spent hundreds of dollars to save their pet goldfish named George. Over the last year, George developed a large growth on his head. He then had trouble eating and swimming around. “Didn’t join in as much in their afternoon party games and stuff, you know… He never really said much […]

  • 2015 Subaru Outback

    FOX40 auto expert Nik Miles takes the 2015 Subaru Outback for a test drive.

  • Assignment Editor

    The assignment desk is the center of it all; from breaking stories, to assigning crews to coordinating with producers. We’re looking for someone who gets a rush from juggling it all. FOX40 is not your boring TV station. We are a fast-paced, aggressive newsroom determined to tell interesting stories and break news. If you’ve never heard of an assignment editor, then do not apply. If multi-tasking is not your strong suit, then this job is not for you.  If you’re […]

  • NEW Contest Page Graphic Santa Cruz

    Enter to Win Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk All Day Ride Passes

    The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is recognized as the best seaside park in the world. Their vibrant, bustling amusement park is renowned for its great rides, remarkable history, spectacular beach setting, and friendly attitude. The Boardwalk has been operating since 1907, and it hasn’t missed a beat! They believe in affordable family fun – that’s why admission is free, summer entertainment is included, and ride tickets are affordable. Two of their rides are National Historic Landmarks, but don’t let that […]

  • Refresh Your Car & Make It Last Longer

    Not all of us are in a position to buy a new car, we sometimes have to live with what we already have. This week FOX40 auto expert Nik Miles has been looking at ways that you can refresh your car and make it last a few years longer.

  • NEW Contest Page Graphic Museums

    Enter to Win a Sacramento Association of Museums Family Pass

    Enter to win a 1 ONE-DAY Sacramento Association of Museums Family Pass and experience the history of a Sacramento area museum. As Northern California’s transportation and communications crossroads, Sacramento has a special affinity for the Pony Express (Wells Fargo History Museum – Old Sacramento), trains (California State Railroad Museum), cars (California Automobile Museum), and planes (Aerospace Museum of California).  Home to the West’s first art museum (Crocker Art Museum), Sacramento’s art scene is continually growing (Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento).  […]

  • NEW Contest Page Graphic Crossroads

    Enter to Win Crossroads of the West Gun Show Tickets

    Enter to win a pair of ONE DAY tickets to The Crossroads of the West Gun Shows coming to Cal Expo this Saturday and Sunday September 20th and 21st.  This event offers hundreds of tables to meet the needs of everyone, from the once a year hunter to the avid collector. Show hours are Saturday, September 20th from 9a-5p and Sunday, September 21st from  9a-4p unless indicated otherwise. Kids 12 and under are free with a parent or guardian and […]

  • coffee

    Gulp! The Profession that Drinks the Most Coffee is …

    Feeling stressed at work? Reach for that second cup of coffee. A new survey by Pressat found the more stressful the job, the more coffee a person drinks. Out of the 10,000 professionals who took part in the survey, 85% said they drink at least three cups of coffee a day! And nearly 70% said their work would suffer if they couldn’t have that daily cup. So which jobs require the most coffee? It appears journalists. That group drank, on […]

  • WCIA News anchor Dave Benton discusses the return of his brain cancer. (Courtesy WCIA)

    News Anchor Discusses Battle with Brain Cancer

    CHAMPAIGN, Illinois — A news anchor in Illinois took a moment during a Sept. 11 newscast to discuss part of his personal life. “I’ve found out a few weeks ago, my brain cancer is back,” WCIA news anchor Dave Benton said on live television on Thursday. “But, I’ve learned more about what the future holds. This new tumor is too big for surgery or radiation. I’ve decided to do an antibody treatment and some chemo to try to slow its growth. […]