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Recent Articles
  • Fastest Mini Car

    Nik Miles is letting us know what makes the modern day Mini Cooper so cool. The small car was originally designed as a family car or “the nurses car” but, the sales on the Mini have increased by 25 percent last year. Find out why this car is being called the race car of the future.

  • Twist on a Summer Classic with Flavor Face Food Truck

    Flavor Face food truck comes by the studio with a twist on a summer classic — chicken wings glazed with watermelon sauce. You can reach Flavor Face at flavorface.com, or at Flavor Face on twitter and Facebook.

  • Young Girl Helps Raise Money For Her Best Friend

    Some are calling her an angel — amazing and selfless. A 9-year-old girl was hoping to help raise a little money making bracelets to help her best friend with a rare skin disease. However, that little turned into thousands. Her name is Bethany Walker, and she came up with the idea for “Bracelets by Bethany.” She’s raising money for her best friend Anne Marie by selling them on Facebook. To help with the cause by buying a bracelet, you can […]

  • NASA’s Latest Discoveries on Pluto

    NASA has successfully completed a high-risk mission to send a spacecraft to Pluto to take pictures. NASA had a press conference Friday updating the latest information discovered about Pluto. We speak with rocket scientist Stephanie Evans, the star of Stemulus – a popular YouTube science show.

  • Hundreds of Care Packages Assembled for Troops

    SACRAMENTO — “Move Forward America,” a grassroots pro-troop organization, sent 650 care packages to troops over seas. In additions to treats and personal care items, the packages contain messages of support, thanking troops for their service. Roughly 10,000 American troops are still serving or training in Iraq and Afghanistan. Group leaders say this is the first major shipment to those troops since the “Troop-a-thon Fundraiser” back in June.

  • The Evolution of Lincoln Cars

    FOX40 auto expert Nik Miles is giving the details on Lincoln vehicles and its progress over the years. The company was formed in 1917 and named after the owners hero, President Abraham Lincoln. Every year the Lincoln cars kept improving and was considered to be ahead of its time and they plan on winning back the hearts of America with their new and improved cars.

  • Screengrab courtesy: Shapiro127

    VIDEO: We Can All Relate to This Deer and Its Sound of Frustration

    NARA, Japan– A video of a deer and its… odd sound is making its way around the Internet. YouTuber Shapiro127 posted the video Wednesday. By Thursday morning, the deer and its frustrated scream was viewed more than 100,000 times. “We noticed this lone deer making strange whining sounds and thought it was pretty funny. But we could not have prepared ourselves for what happened next,” the poster wrote. “Easily one of the funniest and most unexpected moments of me and […]

  • Woman Accused of Robbing Several Banks in Sacramento Region Appears in Court

    SACRAMENTO — Dominique Polani appeared in court Tuesday for the first time. Polani, 22, is accused of robbing five banks in the Sacramento region in July. If her face looks familiar, that’s because it is. The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department posted a photo of Polani to Facebook, someone recognized her and called in the tip, according to investigators. “I thought to myself, it can’t be her,” Polani’s father Joe told FOX40 Tuesday, adding that the picture might show his daughter, but in fact, she is innocent. Attorney Mark Wiggins tells FOX40 that his […]

  • Maintenance Engineer

    KTXL/FOX40 is looking for a Maintenance Engineer to be a part of our Broadcast Engineering Department. This opportunity allows the qualified applicant to expand their career in the field of broadcast television including network and infrastructure support in the operations of KTXL/FOX40. Minimum 2 year degree and/or experience in broadcast television operations preferred. Knowledge and understanding of UHF transmitter, ENG, SNG, RF microwave systems along with the rules and regulations of the FCC. Troubleshoot, repair, and preventative maintenance of electronic […]