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Recent Articles
  • Courtesy:
Zoe Butler

    Mother Opens Can of Tuna, Finds ‘Sea Creature’

    UNITED KINGDOM- Could you imagine opening up a can of tuna, and seeing a pair of eyes looking back at you? The Nottingham Post reported that it happened to Zoe Butler, 28, from the United Kingdom. Butler saw the creature as she was about to serve the can of tuna to her children. @NottinghamPost can you tell me what this is? Nearly fed this to my children!! From Princes tuna chunks can http://t.co/IHNw1PdFnO— Zoe Butler (@zoelouisebutler) January 19, 2015 “I […]

  • This picture of the rocket launch trail was taken in downtown Galt. It could be seen in the southern sky.
James Cotta

    NASA Launches Satellite in Vandenberg, Trail Seen Across Central Valley Sky

    VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE (AP/KTXL)- According to the Associated Press, a NASA satellite has launched on a three-year mission to measure and map out the moisture in our soil. The Delta 2 rocket is carrying a Soil Moisture Active Passive, also called a SMAP. The SMAP, according to NASA, will produce global maps of soil moisture, which will help improve our understanding of Earth’s water and carbon cycles, and our ability to manage water resources. It’ll take some time before project […]

  • Valentine’s with Automotive Expert Nik Miles

    He shows Paul the best cars to kissing for Valentine’s Day.

  • Salute to Service: Teens For Jeans

    Today we salute the folks who organized the “Teens For Jeans Drive,” going on in Galt. Liberty Ranch High, Galt High, and Estrellita Continuation High School are participating in the drive. They are accepting jeans of all sizes and colors to give the homeless. You can donate at the front office, library, or cafeteria at hose high schools. The drive is from now until February 13th. Below are the addresses for the high schools. Contact daniella11364@gmail.com or lbambas@ghsd.k12.us for more […]

  • Love Your Car

    John Hutchinson of Red Rocket Auto Tech teaches us about the camshaft sensor, and how it can help you tell the difference between “good” and “bad.” rhythm.

  • Courtesy: GoDaddy

    GoDaddy Pulls Puppy Super Bowl Ad After Online Petition

    BERWICK, Pennsylvania (WNEP)- Just days before the big game on Sunday, and GoDaddy decided to pull a 30-second commercial from airing during the Super Bowl. The decision came after an online petition asked the online domain name company to remove the ad, featuring a cute puppy and a farm setting. A Pennsylvania woman saw the ad online this week, and did not have the emotional response GoDaddy was probably hoping for. “My first reaction was sad. Then I was really angry […]

  • san diego family, kswb, home reveal

    VIDEO: California Navy Family Surprised with New Home

    SAN DIEGO (KSWB)- A family in Spring Valley moved back into their home Monday morning after winning a surprise home renovation contest. Cheryl Barton and her husband Barry who is a special intelligence officer for the Navy have lived in the home with their three sons, one of which has severe disabilities. The couple said they needed the renovation badly, but could not afford them. “I think the house looks amazing, they did a really good job,” Cheryl Barton told […]

  • Gabi wore this dress to a school dance, and was asked to wear her coat overtop the whole time.
Courtesy: KUTV

    Teen Forced to Cover up ‘Inappropriate’ Dress at School Dance

    HIGHLAND, Utah (KUTV)- A Lone Peak High School student near Provo was told her dress must be covered up because it was too inappropriate for the Preference Dance at the school last Saturday. Gabi Finlayson says she was “embarrassed,” when a representative from the school approached her as she entered the dance and told her she needed to wear a shawl or a coat to cover her shoulders. “She said, ‘Would you mind putting on a shawl?’ I didn’t want […]

  • kidcollage.jpg

    ADORABLE VIDEO: “No Noooo! Oh, No!” Toddler Freaks at TV News Crawl

    Sometimes you just want things to stop moving and stay where they are. A toddler was caught on video trying to stop words as they crawled along the bottom of a newscast. “No. No. Nooo. Oh, no. Leave!” “It’s leaving?” his mom asks. “Yea.” As the weatherman at WNMV in Nashville, Tennessee talks about possible showers coming to the area, this toddler just wants to stop those fast-moving words from leaving the screen.