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  • Keith Breedlove’s Fava Bean Succotash

    Chef Keith Breedlove cooks up a fava bean succotash with local ingredients. The southern dish is made in the FOX40 kitchen with fava beans, black garlic, sunchokes and asparagus. Breedlove has been working with local farmers and supporting sustainable practices as the official chef for the California State Fair. For more information about Chef Breedlove visit the Culinerdy Cruzer site or Facebook page.  

  • In the FOX40 Kitchen with Mom’s Thai House

    Chef Andy Glinpayom and Mom’s Thai House fan Beverly Nesmith cook some Thai food in the kitchen. Glinpayom makes Thai samosas with potatoes and carrots then deep fries them once they are folded. The Manteca restaurant also has multiple choices for desert, like sticky rice with mango and Thai chocolate cake made with coconut milk. To find out when Mom’s Thai House is open and to experience more menu items, give them at call at 209-665-7890 and visit them at […]

  • Story of Armenian Genocide ‘The Promise’ Comes to Theaters April 21

    “The Promise,” a drama portraying the catastrophic events of the Armenian Genocide, hits theaters April 21. For Director Terry George, the film speaks loudly to the reflection between the 1915 genocide and the international disasters happening in today’s world. “The relevance today is that we have that exact same area around Aleppo and the Turkish-Syrian border, the same situation going on,” George said. “So we feel it’s a great love story with a total relevance to today.” Actress Angela Sarafyan, […]

  • IRS Tax Return Tips

    April 18 is just around the corner, which means the deadline to finish filing your taxes is looming. David Tucker II, a spokesman for the IRS, recommends utilizing tax software in order to ensure all of your calculations are done right, especially if you are filling things out at the last minute. Even if you choose to go the paper route or hire a professional, it’s important to double check the numbers and keep a copy of your return once […]

  • Ask a Vet: New Health Tests for Your Pet

    A variety of new tests are available through your local vet or even in stores to help check the well-being of your pets. Vitamin D deficiency can be hard to detect and 75 percent of pets suffer from insufficient amounts of Vitamin D. A vet can run a new and simple test on pets to see if they need Vitamin D supplements. Cancer screenings are now available that can help to avoid exploratory surgeries. For everyday irritants, some pet stores […]

  • Once in a Lifetime Solar Eclipse Will Be Seen Coast to Coast

    Live from Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, NASA scientist Nicholeen Viall-kepko explains the Spring Equinox and the upcoming, once in a lifetime solar eclipse. On Aug. 21 the moon will pass over the sun, offering a spectacular view for everyone, coast to coast, to see. The last time a solar eclipse could be seen all across the country¬†was in 1918. The best place to see the solar eclipse will be Salem, Oregon, but those in Sacramento will still […]

  • Cooking Jambalaya with Louisiana Sue

    Louisiana Sue Ramon, director of the Crawfish and Catfish Festival, cooks crawfish and shrimp jambalaya as well as red beans with Hinode rice. Be sure to contact Louisiana Sue Ramon for more information.

  • National Pet Dental Month with Dr. Jyl

    ORANGEVALE — While many pet owners are concerned about their pet’s bad breath and stained teeth, the underlying issue could be much more serious. Gum disease from plaque and tartar buildup can cause bacteria to “enter the blood stream through the large blood vessels located near the gums and teeth,” Dr. Jyl says. This can increase the risk of infection, especially for the organs with the highest blood flow, such as the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and brain. Professional dental […]

  • All-New Series ‘APB’ Airs Tonight

    “APB,” an all new series, airs Monday night on FOX40. Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominee Justin Kirk plays tech genius and billionaire Gideon Reeves. Fueled by the tragedy of his best friend’s murder, Reeves must take charge of Chicago’s 13th District with the help of Detective Theresa Murphy, played by Natalie Martinez. Utilizing the innovative technology behind the APB app, Reeves leads the “troubled” police force using an entirely new way of fighting crime. “APB” premieres at 9 p.m. […]