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  • Once in a Lifetime Solar Eclipse Will Be Seen Coast to Coast

    Live from Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, NASA scientist Nicholeen Viall-kepko explains the Spring Equinox and the upcoming, once in a lifetime solar eclipse. On Aug. 21 the moon will pass over the sun, offering a spectacular view for everyone, coast to coast, to see. The last time a solar eclipse could be seen all across the country was in 1918. The best place to see the solar eclipse will be Salem, Oregon, but those in Sacramento will still […]

  • Cooking Jambalaya with Louisiana Sue

    Louisiana Sue Ramon, director of the Crawfish and Catfish Festival, cooks crawfish and shrimp jambalaya as well as red beans with Hinode rice. Be sure to contact Louisiana Sue Ramon for more information.

  • National Pet Dental Month with Dr. Jyl

    ORANGEVALE — While many pet owners are concerned about their pet’s bad breath and stained teeth, the underlying issue could be much more serious. Gum disease from plaque and tartar buildup can cause bacteria to “enter the blood stream through the large blood vessels located near the gums and teeth,” Dr. Jyl says. This can increase the risk of infection, especially for the organs with the highest blood flow, such as the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and brain. Professional dental […]

  • All-New Series ‘APB’ Airs Tonight

    “APB,” an all new series, airs Monday night on FOX40. Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominee Justin Kirk plays tech genius and billionaire Gideon Reeves. Fueled by the tragedy of his best friend’s murder, Reeves must take charge of Chicago’s 13th District with the help of Detective Theresa Murphy, played by Natalie Martinez. Utilizing the innovative technology behind the APB app, Reeves leads the “troubled” police force using an entirely new way of fighting crime. “APB” premieres at 9 p.m. […]

  • Local Organizations Encourage Men to Give Back to Their Communities

    Representatives from two organizations stopped by the FOX40 studio Monday morning. One is a creative new group that raises funds for various nonprofits, and the other was one of the nonprofits they’ve helped. Patrick Harbison of The Council and Mike Carrington of Shoulder to Shoulder sat down on the big red couch with Paul Robins. The Council for Giving combines the efforts of 100 men to give back to local nonprofits. The organization meets quarterly to hear pitches from three […]

  • Growth in the US Job Market Expected to Continue Through 2017

    Randstad North America collected data from expert recruiters to find the hot jobs of 2017. Jim Link, chief human resources officer for Randstad North America, anticipates that the best jobs in the market will include those in fields like engineering, finance and accounting, healthcare and human resources. In the Sacramento region, leisure and hospitality as well as professional and business services jobs are on the rise. For positions in the professional and business services sectors employers look for people with […]

  • ‘Outsiders’ Returns for Season Two

    The WGN American original drama series, “Outsiders”, makes its season two return Tuesday. The show follows the epic struggle of the Farrell Clan as they battle to defend their land from the town below their Shay Mountain home. Kyle Gallner portrays Hasil, a clan member who has fallen into a forbidden love. Gallner sees a relatability in his character’s search for balance in two completely conflicting worlds. “Even though these people live in a different lifestyle and live up on […]

  • Tech Report: Sony’s 2017 Releases

    Sony is introducing 25 new products for 2017, from big screen televisions to Bluetooth speakers. Mike Fasulo, Sony’s president of electronics, says that Sony’s focus on the new year is all about the customer experience. The new OLED TV shows off better contrast for more realistic colors, as well as less blur and a sound system that utilizes vibrations created in the screen. The 12 speakers in the HT 5000 Soundbar boast what Fasulo says is a “more engulfing sound.” Adding […]

  • “Chipping Away at Childhood Cancer” Keaton Raphael Memorial Golf Tourney

    Enjoy a great day of golf, eat some delicious food, and do something wonderful at the same time.  The Keaton Raphael Memorial is an invaluable resource for children and families facing childhood cancer. Chipping Away at Childhood Cancer HERE