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Nothing like a kicking back and watching some sports. For me, it really doesn't matter; football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, MMA, I love it all! I've been covering sports in Sacramento since 1996 with a 2-year break from 1999-01 when I anchored and hosted shows at CNNSI in Atlanta. Covering the Kings during their heyday is easily the highlight of my career. I've done a lot morning TV and really enjoy hanging out with the viewers. You probably didn't know this, but FOX40 has its own food market. Not kidding. It's all based on the trust system (except for the little camera in the corner pointing right at you), you grab what you want, scan it and pay for it. I suggest the Earthquake Chips, Chocolate Milk, and String Cheese. mmmmm

Next time you see me out on a live shot, stop by and say hello.

Recent Articles
  • Baking with Susiecakes

    Gary Gelfand shows us how to draw on a pair of pants with some help from his artistic friends and Susiecakes.

  • Ultimate Super Bowl Burger

    Super Bowl is this Sunday and lots of people across the country are preparing to get creative in the kitchen. Gary Gelfand meets up with the Culinerdy Cruzer to show us how to build the “Ultimate Super Bowl Burger.”

  • Get Comfortable on Super Bowl Sunday

    Comfort is a big part of Super Bowl Sunday, from the food to where you decide to take a seat when you watch the big game. Gary Gelfand heads to La-Z-Boy in West Sacramento to find out which chairs will take comfort to the next level on game day.

  • Zombie Headed for Monster Jam

    The Zombie is first truck designed by Monster Jam fans and it’s come to wreak havoc on Sacramento. Gary Gelfand got a look at several of the powerhouse trucks making their debut at this weekend’s Monster Jam at Sleep Train Arena.

  • Big Trucks, Big Wheels Rollin’ into Sac

    Ever changed a tire that’s almost as tall as you are? Gary Gelfand gave it a shot Monster Truck style. Monster Jam kicks off Saturday at Sleep Train Arena.

  • Ag Day in Stockton

    Gary Gelfand hangs out with the Linden High future farmers of America as they celebrate all things agriculture.

  • Top Chef Sacramento

    Sacramento Area Chefs are getting ready to go head to head to see who will be the city’s top chef. Gary Gelfand sizes up the competition.

  • Pig Bowl: Guns & Hoses

    Cheerleaders, police officers, and firefighters are coming together for a friendly competition. Gary Gelfand heads to Sac State to let us know how this game honors those who serve the community.

  • Trying Out Root 9 Ginseng

    Gary Gelfand lets us know about an emerging drink company in our area. To get the word out, Gary hands out an extra can to people at the grocery store.