Gary Gelfand
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Nothing like a kicking back and watching some sports. For me, it really doesn't matter; football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, MMA, I love it all! I've been covering sports in Sacramento since 1996 with a 2-year break from 1999-01 when I anchored and hosted shows at CNNSI in Atlanta. Covering the Kings during their heyday is easily the highlight of my career. I've done a lot morning TV and really enjoy hanging out with the viewers. You probably didn't know this, but FOX40 has its own food market. Not kidding. It's all based on the trust system (except for the little camera in the corner pointing right at you), you grab what you want, scan it and pay for it. I suggest the Earthquake Chips, Chocolate Milk, and String Cheese. mmmmm

Next time you see me out on a live shot, stop by and say hello.

Recent Articles
  • Olympus Sports Coliseum Opens in Natomas

    Gary Gelfand is getting his workout on in time for summer at the Olympus Sports Coliseum – a new 50,000 square foot athletic complex now open in North Natomas. It’s a one-stop shop for all things athletic, outdoors and from teen and family nights, batting cages, yoga and weight training.

  • A Look Back at Tower Records

    Sacramento natives Colin Hanks and Sean Staurt produced a documentary that showcases the history of the global phenomenon of Tower Records. The documentary will premiere in Sacramento April 25. Gary Gelfand got a chance to stroll down memory lane in the Sacramento history vault and check out cool Tower Records artifacts.

  • Tower Cafe Celebrates 25 Years

    Tower Cafe is a landmark in Sacramento. Known for its history, diverse and delicious menu and loyal patrons. The restaurant opened its doors on Earth Day 25 years ago РApril 22, 1990.  Gary Gelfand took a stroll down memory lane and celebrated the special occasion with staff and regulars.

  • The Atomic 50s & 60s

    The California Automobile Museum has a neat exhibit that takes you back to the cool classic cars of the 50s and 60s. Gary Gelfand takes a front seat to the action.

  • Cal Fit is Hiring

    California Family Fitness is looking to hire more than 100 people from sales coordinator to trainers. Gary Gelfand gets the details.

  • Starbread Dazzles

    Starbread, an Filipino baker in Natomas, has people lining up to taste its famous senorita bread. Gary Gelfand helps make a batch of the delicious goodies to feed the FOX40 crew.

  • Just Call Him Cowboy Gary

    Gary Gelfand dons a pink cowboy hat to try his hand at cattle sorting. The Loomis Basin Horseman’s Association offers classes that support equestrian causes — including cow classes.

  • Tank House Competing for Chili Master Award

    The Sac Beer & Chili Festival kicks off Saturday Рand Tank House BBQ & Bar is one of several local restaurants competing for the winning title.  Proceeds from the event benefit the Sacramento Artists Council which provides funding and support to local art and music programs. Gary Gelfand got an early taste-test.

  • “Varekai” by Cirque du Soleil

    Gary Gelfand tries his hand as a trapeze artist after stopping by the set of “Varekai” at the Stockton Arena. The mystical show presented by Cirque du Soleil will run from now through April 19.