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The two things I have always been most interested in are sports and public speaking. I turned out to be a much better speaker than athlete, so I feel very lucky I was able to combine my two passions into a career.

Not many people can say they like going to work every day, and I do. Every day is different, covering different sports, different stories, different people, and I am fortunate to have covered some of the biggest sports events and some of the best athletes in the world.

Walking on the court at an NBA Playoff Game, on the track just before the cars are started for the Indy 500, and on the field at the Super Bowl makes my job special, but so do other less glamorous events. A good high school football game on a Friday night can get me going! It is a privilege to have access to big games and great athletes, but there is responsibility that goes with reporting on the games and the athletes who perform in them, and I don’t take that lightly.

I always try to be as accurate, honest and as fair as possible in my reporting, no matter what the story is, but I am not afraid to add my perspective to a story, if I feel it’s warranted. I’m not saying I’m always right, but you will always know where I stand.

If you don’t agree with me, please let me know. Every sports fan has an opinion, and, believe me, I hear a lot of them! It’s one more thing that makes my job interesting.

Recent Articles
  • NBA Player Storms Out of Interview

    Kings Suspend DeMarcus Cousins for One Game

    SACRAMENTO– The Sacramento Kings have suspended their star center, DeMarcus Cousins. In a short, two sentence statement from the team, the organization said the reason behind the suspension was “conduct detrimental to the team.” In a media availability later in the day, General Manager Vlade Divac said Cousins “went a little far” on the bench during Wednesday night’s game and needed Head Coach George Karl and Assistant Coach Corliss Williamson to calm him down. Divac added that he didn’t like […]

  • Sacramento’s Shaq Thompson to Start in Super Bowl

    The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl, and Shaq Thompson from Grant Union High School will start for Carolina. He’s looking forward to coming back to California and making Grant High proud.  

  • Players Excited for New Season at Sacramento Kings Media Day

    The Sacramento Kings are counting down the days until the start of the season. It’s just one week until the team’s first preseason game. At the 2015 Sacramento Kings Media Day, things went as they usually do. The players get their pictures taken — a lot of pictures, goof around a little for the video board and a lot of reporters are looking to interview as many players as possible. There was one big difference Monday, nothing tangible, just a […]

  • Kings Players Work Out with Sacramento Firefighters

    SACRAMENTO– Sacramento Kings Center DeMarcus Cousins dragged a huge fire hose up five flights of stairs as part of a training exercise with Sacramento city firefighters. It was certainly a different kind of workout for NBA players Wednesday. As part of their preparation for training camp, the Kings did some training with the firefighters at McLellan Park. The players called it “team building”, and Kings newcomer Seth Curry cited the similarities between the team work needed by both a team fighting a fire and […]

  • Local High School Football Teams Prepare for First Games of the Season

    ELK GROVE — High school football teams are working hard to get ready for their first games. The season started on Monday, the first day teams could hold practice sessions. The first two days of the week were set for conditioning type drills only, no pads allowed. On Wednesday, players put on the pads, and the real practices started! The first games of the season are scheduled for Friday, August 28. On the first day of practice FOX40 spent time […]

  • Kings’ Vlade Divac Accepts Karl and Cousins Challenge

    SACRAMENTO — Vlade Divac was very honest Thursday about the relationship between Kings coach George Karl and the team’s best player DeMarcus Cousins. He said it’s not good. While most Kings fans already knew that, it is rare for a GM type to admit something like that publicly. Divac responded to a question from FOX40 News by saying said he plans to start working to fix that problem, starting with getting both Karl and Cousins to “realize what we are […]

  • VIDEO: Senior Open Chairman on Event’s Impact in Sacramento

    SACRAMENTO– Dan Spector, the general chairman for the 2015 U.S. Senior Open in Sacramento, chats with FOX40 about what the event means to to the city, his time as president of the Del Paso Country Club and who he’s rooting for in the tournament.

  • VIDEO: Bill Murray’s Big Following at the Gold Rush Pro-Am

    Celebrities like Chris Webber and Charles Barkley were at the 2001 Gold Rush Pro-Am in Sacramento, but no one had a following quite like comedy legend Bill Murray.

  • What Do Players Do if They Break or Lose a Club?

    What do players do if a golf club gets damaged or lost during a major tournament. Jim Crandell has the story.