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    ‘Violent’ Sex Offender Could be Moving to Lincoln Neighborhood

    LINCOLN — Dariel Shazier has been convicted of sexually assaulting underage children. The State of California calls him a sexually violent predator, but one rural Lincoln area community may soon call him neighbor. Friday, a Placer County Sheriff’s detective started going door to door warning residents that Santa Clara County plans to place Shazier on a property along Kilaga Springs Road when he is released. He’ll be under 24 hour supervision for a year before being eligible for unsupervised release. The street may […]

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    Detectives Investigating Homicide in South Sacramento; Victim Identified

    SOUTH SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento County Coroner’s Office identified a man who was killed in a dispute Saturday in the residential neighborhood on Wallace Avenue. #SacPD PIO and detectives out at 5600 block of Wallace Ave investigating a homicide. Media can meet at Wallace and 38th Ave for interviews pic.twitter.com/HxcybdNjci — Sacramento Police (@SacPolice) January 15, 2017 The Sacramento Police Department believes they may have found the suspect responsible for the death of Travis Gigoux, 36. Officers arrived on scene around 4 […]

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    UC Davis Cancels Controversial Yiannopoulos Event as Protests Break Out

    DAVIS — Voices were raised loudly at UC Davis against a planned sharing of beliefs protestors felt lowers the value of what it means to be American. A thick Friday crowd pressed police lines in front of the college’s Science Lecture Hall all in an effort to stand up against a presentation by Milo Yiannopoulos. The controversial conservative was invited to speak by the campus young republicans. Attacked for being a msyoginist and racist, the Breitbart tech editor denies all […]

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    Giant Sinkhole Takes Over Side of Hill in Grass Valley

    NEVADA COUNTY — Relentless rain sparked a sinkhole saga across the region. A monster sinkhole that took out a hillside was discovered Wednesday. “It’s just a huge, huge hole. Trees are falling kind of to the side and we can see the foundation and the dirt coming down too,” said Lisa Sanchez, an employee of the Liberty Motors car dealership. From the employees to the experts to the property owner, no one expected to see this when they looked over hill next to Liberty […]

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    Fort Lauderdale Shooting Could Put TSA Gun Rules Under New Scrutiny

    SACRAMENTO — The suspected Fort Lauderdale shooter appeared to have followed the rules for traveling with a gun. Which, as security expert Hector Alvarez showed FOX40, basically consists of carrying the unloaded gun in a secure case in checked luggage and declaring it at check-in. But as Alvarez, who says he has flown with a gun about two dozen times, knows once a traveler gets their luggage from baggage claim it’s up to them what they do with it. Alvarez […]

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    A Homeless Veteran’s Struggle to Survive on the Streets of Sacramento

    SACRAMENTO —  He told doctors he operated on himself on the streets of Sacramento. This homeless veteran’s struggle to survive is amazing and heartbreaking. For years, he was on his own, but two homeless programs came together and helped save his life. Army Strong, to Greg Metcalf, it’s not just a recruiting slogan. “I did what I had to do when it was time for me to do it ,” said Metcalf. It’s the frame of mind that led him […]

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    Drivers Battle Rain, Snow Along Highway 50

    The snow may have moved higher, but the rain down pounded furiously on drivers chaining up along Highway 50 on Wednesday. “It’s really scary and wet,” said driver Athel Ausan. At the Twin Bridges exit we found some drivers were headed for a post-holiday Tahoe vacation. “It’s not that bad, it’s not much longer, so we’ll see,” said driver Candace Nance. Nance said her family was prepared for bad weather and traffic. Cozy in her minivan she’s having a great […]

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    Breathalyzers in Bars Could Save Lives

    SACRAMENTO — To avoid a run in with a police breathalyzer, one company wants you to consider a sort of preventative breathalyzer. “It just makes you aware; it’s all about awareness,” said Lyfe Saverz owner Mike Samaritano. Mike Samaritano is the owner of Lyfe Saverz, coin-operated breathalyzers installed at bars across the Sacramento area. “The goal is to go to the bars that have these so they can have fun and make good decisions,” Samaritano said. FOX40 has not independently […]

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    Friends Remember Stockton Man Gunned Down at Apartment Complex

    STOCKTON — Friends and family gathered Thursday to remember a Stockton man gunned down Wednesday night. In the parking lot of a Stockton apartment complex, the candle light illuminated the place that was last night aglow with police lights marking Stockton’s 48th homicide of the year. As friends spelled out Ron Douglas’ name in flames they made it clear, to them he was more than just a statistic. “Even if he don’t know you he was the life of the […]