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I’ve been dwarfed by the giant redwood trees in Humboldt County, been completely enamored by the colorful desert sunsets in El Paso, but nothing beats the cool Northern California nights and the cuisine. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve craved my parents’ home cooked adobo when I was away from home.
I was born and raised in the Bay Area, where ‘hella’ was a word I used more often than ‘really’ and traveling from the East Bay to the snow-capped mountains was a weekend retreat. I hike, I run and I also like read.
The San Joaquin Valley will be home for me now. I look forward to the adventures, the new friends I’ll make and the people I’ll meet.

I’m known around the newsroom for: being the last one to get an inside joke.
What keeps me going? Pretentious coffee.
I give back to my community by: trying out new restaurants and stores and meeting new people.
Why FOX40 ? Because why would I want to be anywhere else?
My greatest TV moment: this would have been great – I was supposed to do a move with some Virginia Tech cheerleaders on live TV. Suffice it to say, the live shot died but it would have been an epic moment since everyone knows the only dance move I can pull off is the robot.
TV moment I’d like to forget: sometimes we learn what not to wear on TV after the fact. I’ll leave it at that.
If I had free time, I would: definitely read more books and travel.

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