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I’ve worked for FOX 40 since before there was a FOX TV Network; when our primary programming was old movies and MASH reruns. But we had a fledgling news show that has steadily grown.

I still enjoy covering murders, fires, local government and the occasional man bites snake story.

I spend the bulk of my time outside work raising my daughter and trying to keep my collection of bonsai plants alive, sometimes successfully.

Recent Articles
  • Sacramento Shelter Urges Pet Owners to Use Facial Recognition Software

    SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento City Animal Shelter is encouraging city residents to use the Finding Rover website and its mobile app to search for lost dogs and cats. The site uses facial recognition software similar to what’s used in security systems for humans. Uploading a full frontal face picture of their pet to the site allows it to match pictures in a large database of shelters and animal rescue organizations nationwide. The site has been around for several years but […]

  • California Truck Drivers Trained to Spot Signs of Human Trafficking

    SACRAMENTO — The California Trucking Association has joined a local effort to fight sex trafficking by joining Sacramento Together, a coalition of 30 agencies and community groups that focuses on halting the growing activity. The CTA sponsors the Truckers Against Trafficking education initiative, which trains truck drivers and truck stop personnel to recognize the tell-tale signs of prostitution and sex slavery so they can report it to authorities. The CTA says there are more truck drivers who frequent truck stops, […]

  • Steinberg Announces Three-Month Extension for Homeless Triage Center

    SACRAMENTO — Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg announced Monday that the city’s winter triage center for the homeless will remain open for an additional three months. It was due to close on May 31 when funding expires, but his plea to donors and private funders including Sutter Health means it can serve more homeless people by getting them health services and permanent housing placements. The city says the center has been a success and the mayor hopes to create three year-round homeless […]

  • Segment of Hazel Avenue Construction Almost Complete

    Sacramento County road engineers are asking that motorists stay off Hazel Avenue, just north of the American River if they want to avoid delays this weekend. Paving work from 7 p.m. on Friday into Monday will require reducing travel to one lane each way. Street improvements on the heavily traveled street have been on-going for about a decade. Earlier this year a similar lane reduction was needed to install utilities and water mains under the street. Residents and businesses have […]

  • Heading to Downtown Sacramento This Weekend? Better Plan Ahead

    DOWNTOWN SACRAMENTO — The Amgen Tour of California should hold no surprises for the Sacramento Police Department when the final stage starts and ends in downtown Sacramento Saturday. But this year, things may get a bit congested because the race isn’t the only game in town. It seems like every town seeking the attention of would-be tourists or businesses compete for the Amgen Tour of California. “Sixteen-million people will watch the Amgen Tour of California in Europe,”  said Mike Sophia with […]

  • Frustrations Grow as Woodland Streets Left in Disrepair

    WOODLAND — A Woodland City Council member is irked that city engineers apparently delayed the much-needed reconstruction of a portion of West Main Street without proper notice. A quarter-mile stretch of the street has been the subject of complaints for years. Tom Stallard has been telling constituents that the cracked and pitted street would be redone in the next few months. Instead, funding and design complications delayed the bidding process in an atmosphere when contractors are getting picky about the […]

  • Measure Praised by Ripon Fire District Stirs Up Controversy

    RIPON — The Ripon Fire District is not run by the city it serves, so it does not get city money. Instead, it’s financed by a small part of the property tax and a square footage assessment that hasn’t changed in over 30 years. “So, basically, you could say we’ve not had an increase in income since 1985,” said Ripon Fire Chief Dennis Bitters. While the fire district has three stations built with restricted state funds, it cannot afford to […]

  • Sacramento Fire Department’s First Responder Fee Causes Confusion

    SACRAMENTO — Sara Moore was surprised to see a $283 medical bill from the Sacramento City Fire Department after a minor bicycle accident earlier this year. The department began assessing the fee whenever fire personnel were sent out on medical calls, whether the victims request care or not. In Moore’s case, her pulse and blood pressure were checked. She was never told she was going to be billed. Later, when she questioned the bill, she was told there was no […]

  • Ugly Lawn? That Could Mean a Possible Fine in Galt

    GALT — The City of Galt has stepped up its effort to make sure front yard landscaping is up to code, meaning watering yards now that there is no longer a drought crisis. Galt resident Ginger Hand and her dogs appreciate the yard that she and her husband created. “We try to make it look nice and I think it’s good,” Hand said. The same can’t be said of some of her neighbors, who don’t water their lawns or maintain […]