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I’ve worked for FOX 40 since before there was a FOX TV Network; when our primary programming was old movies and MASH reruns. But we had a fledgling news show that has steadily grown.

I still enjoy covering murders, fires, local government and the occasional man bites snake story.

I spend the bulk of my time outside work raising my daughter and trying to keep my collection of bonsai plants alive, sometimes successfully.

Recent Articles
  • Local College Student Involved in Charlottesville Turmoil

    TURLOCK — A local college student is trying to make the most of the turmoil in Charlottesville over the weekend. Stanislaus State student Nathan Damigo, the founder of the white supremacist group Identity Evropa, was one of the people cited for refusing to disperse at an event after a series of violent clashes earlier in the week. Ex-marine Nathan Damigo, 31, is an Oakdale resident who is a social science student at Cal State University, Stanislaus. When Unite the Right […]

  • Trees Come Down as Crews Clear Brush Around Lodi Condominium Complex

    LODI — Fire safety is on everyone’s mind these days — including Union Pacific Railroad. The rail operator cleared out overgrown brush along its line in Lodi last week, but some neighbors say they went too far. Twenty-nine trees were cut down. Neighbors say the grass near their Mokelumne  Village condominium complex say it was about time for the dry brush and grass to be removed because their homes would be in danger if a fire was sparked by a […]

  • Historic Grass Valley Grill Closes Down

    GRASS VALLEY — The Owl Grill and Saloon in historic downtown Grass Valley has closed its doors, surprising workers and customers alike. It has operated as a bar since 1887 in a building that was built as a bank in 1857. The bar and restaurant was taken over by Steve Graham five years ago. Workers reported the interior was trashed closing night. Police indicated that the owners damaged their own property and no laws were broken. A Facebook post from […]

  • Amazon Shows Off New Sacramento Fulfillment Center

    SACRAMENTO — Talk about fast track — a massive, 855,000 square foot building next to Sacramento International Airport wasn’t here a year ago. But speed is the name of the game for Amazon, and that includes building and outfitting the company’s first fulfillment center in Sacramento. The warehouse will have a high-tech bent that will move a million-plus packages a day. “The bots lift up a pod that’s got product on it and brings that pod to an associate that’s […]

  • Officials Celebrate Completion of South Sacramento Flood Protection Project

    SACRAMENTO — Local, state and federal officials celebrated the completion a South Sacramento flood protection project that cost more than $100 million over 10 years. U.S. Rep. Doris Matsui, D-Sacramento, helped secure $60 million in federal money. State money and local, voter-approved funds were also used. The project protects 120,000 residents and 41,000 structures, which now require a lower level of flood insurance. The area is not near the Sacramento or American rivers, but four major creeks known to flood […]

  • Modesto Church Cleaning Up After Man Lights Several Fires, Setting off Sprinklers

    MODESTO — The Christ Unity Baptist Church is scrambling to recover from fire and flood damage after a sometimes caretaker allegedly set seven fires in the church, setting off the fire sprinkler system. Theodore Garcia, 57, was arrested after a standoff with SWAT officers that kept firefighters from fighting the flames. The church has numerous programs for the poor and people who use drugs. Garcia was a client who helped do chores for the church. He reportedly broke into the […]

  • City of Stockton Works to Curb Illegal Dumping

    STOCKTON — City officials in Stockton say illegal dumping is a persistent problem that has gotten worse in recent years, this despite having a trash pick-up program by its solid waste contractors. “It’s ugly, it’s ugly and it makes the street look ugly,” said resident Chris Wingate. Wingate says she may not have moved onto Otto Drive if she knew about the level of illegal dumping. Over the years, the city of Stockton has cleaned up homeless camps that were […]

  • Campers on High Alert After Family of Bears Sighted in Emigrant Gap RV Resort

    EMIGRANT GAP — Campers at the Snowflower RV Resort near Yuba Gap off Interstate 80 are on alert for a family of bears that are making the rounds. Some have been carrying bear bells and bear repellent after several sightings over the past few weeks, including what appears to be a male, female and two cubs. One family caught a cell phone of a cub going through a bag of trash. Some speculated that recent fires have forced the bears to […]

  • Walnut Growers File $15 Million Claim Against State Following Oroville Dam Crisis

    OROVILLE — The first in what may be a series of multi-million dollar claims against the state as a result of the Oroville Dam spillway incident has been filed. Attorneys representing walnut growers say the Department of Water Resources was at fault for uncontrolled emergency releases of water from the dam and the flood damage that resulted. George Onyette has worked the walnut orchards at J.E.M Farms for 41 years. Many of his orchards are in the flood plain, so […]