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I’ve worked for FOX 40 since before there was a FOX TV Network; when our primary programming was old movies and MASH reruns. But we had a fledgling news show that has steadily grown.

I still enjoy covering murders, fires, local government and the occasional man bites snake story.

I spend the bulk of my time outside work raising my daughter and trying to keep my collection of bonsai plants alive, sometimes successfully.

Recent Articles
  • Winters Walnut Farmer Loses Huge Building to Fire

    WINTERS — The owner of Dixon Ridge Farms says he’ll be able to resume some of his walnut processing operation just a few days after a devastating fire that destroyed his drying building Wednesday evening. Russ Lester has friends and neighbors to thank for getting borrowed, backup drying machines on line. The steel building, which is larger than a football field, partially collapsed and walnut shells used for his biomass units were still burning inside. Lester says he is thankful […]

  • Stockton’s Little Manila Center Vandalized in Possible Hate Crime

    STOCKTON — The Little Manila Center in Stockton was vandalized by someone who tore down window posters and painted racially charged words on the storefront. The center’s staff says the vandalism is being investigated by police as a possible hate crime because the words “white” and “brainwashed bigots” were used. A witness said he saw what he described as a crazy woman as the culprit who used nail polish to write on the windows. The center was created three years […]

  • Roseville Couple Flees Flames of the Atlas Fire in Napa County

    ROSEVILLE — It was relaxing wedding anniversary for T. Shook and his wife Angie at the Silverado Resort — then came the yelling and knocks at the front door of their cottage. “From what was a nice calm evening with the stars out now looked like basically Armegeddon,” T. Shook said. Video from his phone shows the power of the wind. The irony is, they are both Sacramento City Firefighters but they weren’t exactly geared up on their anniversary trip. “Without […]

  • California Congressman Calls Out Trump on Twitter

    SACRAMENTO — Congressman Ted Lieu, D-Los Angeles, is not a social media celebrity, at least among political wonks. Lieu made a name for himself by taking to Twitter to challenge the actions and the tweets of President Donald Trump. The Torrance Democrat calls the president a cyber bully and has garnered 350,000 followers since he began taking on President Trump on the Commander in Chief’s preferred forum. He minced no words, sometimes using profane language. Dear @realDonaldTrump: Is that one […]

  • City Council Revisits Public Restroom Accessibility Issues Amid Hepatitis A Epidemic

    SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento City Council is poised to revisit the issue of portable restrooms for the homeless after a hepatitis A epidemic in Southern California. It’s something homeless people think about every day several times a day, where to relieve themselves, especially when businesses are closed or not accommodating. The problem has plagued Sacramento for 30 years. The recent outbreak of hepatitis A, which has killed 17 people and hospitalized 337 people, has heightened the alarm. It’s spread by […]

  • Sacramento Girl Dies from Encephalitis, Leaving Family Devastated and Searching for Answers

    SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento teen died last month from an invasive form of encephalitis, leaving her family devastated and searching for answers. “Megan was more than a daughter to my sister. Megan was her companion, her best friend,” the girl’s aunt, Rose Xiong, told FOX40. Megan Her loved her Hmong heritage and was the constant companion to her mother, Shary Xiong — who was stricken with kidney disease. It made her death all the more tragic. Three weeks ago, Megan […]

  • Trauma Doctors Often Implement Military Procedures to Save Lives

    DAVIS — The mass shooting in Las Vegas has been described as a war zone, not only with the chaos but with the numerous gunshot wounds suffered by hundreds of victims. The gunman’s room was filled with modified long guns not unlike weapons used on the battlefield. Oddly enough the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have taught emergency room personnel lots about how to treat gunshot wounds. “Hemorrhage is the number one cause of death for these patients, it’s the […]

  • Lawmakers Propose Free Classes for First-Year Community College Students

    SACRAMENTO — Many argue that community college students get a bargain, paying fees of just $46 a unit. That’s typically is around $550 dollars a semester. But, that still makes it tough on low income students who must work their way through school. “They have second jobs and it takes a longer time and they dedicate less time to their homework than they otherwise,” said Melina Sanchez, Sac City College student. They are many times more likely to drop out […]

  • Following Vegas Mass Shooting, Local BloodSource Center Sees Uptick in Donations

    SACRAMENTO — As the magnitude of Sunday night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas became more widely known, the need for blood became clear. Lines for many blood donation centers in the Las Vegas area wrapped around the corner. In the Sacramento region, BloodSource sent blood to a center in Vegas. On Monday, donors in the Sacramento area flocked to several BloodSource locations. Those donations will likely go toward replenishing local supplies depleted by the Las Vegas shooting and natural disasters […]