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I’ve had my share of excitement and close calls covering both news & sports for FOX40 since 2003. Probably the most thrilling was covering the San Francisco Giants World Series run back in October 2010 and being in the clubhouse for the champagne celebration. By the way, that stuff really does sting when you get it in your eyes!

While I’ve spent the majority of my two decades in TV covering sports, it’s my transition to reporting and anchoring everyday news that I’m most proud of.

In fact, because of the relationship I have established with Sacramento’s Animal Shelter and all the stories I’ve done, I am known as the best Sports/Animal reporter this business has ever seen. My only question; is there any other Sports/Animal reporters even out there…anywhere?

My job has allowed me to be involved and to completely jump into a passion of mine…the sports world. But yet, when I leave FOX40 for my weekend, the games, the highlights, the personalities are left behind as well. I’m proud that this business doesn’t run my life.

I love living in this part of the country and enjoy an amazing relationship with a woman who shares many of the same dreams & desires that I do. I’ve got two daughters, a step-daughter and step-son. It makes for a lot of crazy, fun & incredible moments and I’m thrilled to be a part of it all.

Recent Articles
  • City, Ownership Group Working Together to Find Solution for Overgrown Rocklin Golf Club

    ROCKLIN — For almost two years, the former Rocklin Golf Club has been a community eyesore and point of frustration for its neighbors. But now a possible solution is going in front of the city council next week. One that is sure to spark some serious debate. A new, three-part plan for the 181 acres is ready to be offered up that guarantees both land preservation and a residential housing development that would be built on a piece of the […]

  • March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day Crowds Will Keep Sacramento Police Busy

    SACRAMENTO — There will be plenty of basketball, booze and food downtown this weekend. Large crowds are expected all day Friday with four NCAA Tournament games starting at 11 a.m. at the Golden 1 Center and plenty of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations going on at local Irish pubs. “It’s going to be mellow,” joked UCLA fan Joel Crawford. “Just three boilermakers, maybe four, then straight into the games.” All kidding aside, this weekend is expected to bring a $5 million economic […]

  • Hotel Room Shortage a Possibility During March Madness Tournament

    SACRAMENTO — A lot has changed since 2007, the last time the city hosted the first and second rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. For starters, there’s the brand new Golden 1 Center as the main attraction. “I think the NCAA is excited to showcase that kind of building, and it will position Sacramento very well for future events,” said Mike Testa with Visit Sacramento. The hope is, the city will get back on a regular rotation of having the […]

  • New Car Donated to Navy Veteran Through Recycled Rides Program

    SACRAMENTO — A Navy veteran and her six-year-old daughter, truly receiving a life-changing gift thanks the the “Recycled Rides’ program. Miranda Thomas and her daughter Sophie were given keys to a 2012 Chevy Impala on Wednesday. “This is probably the nicest thing I’ll ever own,” said Thomas just moments after getting the keys. “It looks like something that will definitely last a while, and that’s a plus. It’s a miracle!” It’s no small miracle how Miranda and Sophie ended up […]

  • Caltrans Crews Working Around the Clock

    KINGVALE — 24/7 is what we’re talking about. More than 4,000 Caltrans employees have been working around the clock for quite some time now to restore the state’s transportation infrastructure. But with another round of storms on the way this weekend, workers at the Kingvale facility spent the day Thursday getting ready yet again. “Absolutely,” said Dave Wood with Clatrans. “It’s been a very memorable winter so far, and it’s not over yet.” So memorable in fact, that last month […]

  • Sacramento Police Investigate Officer Involved Shooting on Del Paso Boulevard

     SACRAMENTO — Sacramento officials are leading the investigations into an officer involved shooting that occurred Friday on Del Paso Boulevard. Sacramento Police Department officers had Armani Lee, 28, under surveillance for a North Sacramento shooting from Feb. 4 as well as violating his parole. Lee left a home on Land Avenue and began walking down Del Paso Boulevard when undercover officials identified him. Additional marked and unmarked officers who were called in to arrest Lee were forced to pursue him […]

  • Placerville Water Treatment Plant Exceeds Capacity; Begins Releasing Untreated Water into Hangtown Creek

    PLACERVILLE — While flooding concerns will remain in place for much of the region due to the recent storm activity, all the run off has also brought an environmental concern. The Placerville Water Treatment Plant has exceeded its capacity for the second time this year already. The facility has begun releasing portions of untreated water back into Hangtown Creek. “It’s basically more water than we can handle,” explained City Manager Cleve Morris on Thursday evening. Normally, the facility processes a […]

  • Yuba River Swells in Nevada County

    NEVADA COUNTY — By the end of the week, more than nine inches of rain may have fallen in many spots of the region. In fact, just driving along Highway 49, you’ll spot long stretches of flooded areas. But you also can’t miss those rare glimpses of nature either. “This is no joke, right?” FOX40 asked Dennis Barry about the raging Yuba River. “No, this is serious stuff,” he responded. Barry, a life-long Nevada County resident, said he hasn’t seen the […]

  • Caltrans Gives Highway 49 ‘All Clear’ After Possible Sinkhole Scare

    GRASS VALLEY — A full day of investigative work by Caltrans crews along Highway 49, between McKnight Lane and Empire Street, has determined the roadway to be safe and free of any structural damage. Earlier, it was determined that there was a small depression in the highway that was directly above the same pipeline that ruptured two weeks ago, causing one of the largest sinkholes in state history. “To be on the safe side, we just wanted to make sure we […]