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I’ve had my share of excitement and close calls covering both news & sports for FOX40 since 2003. Probably the most thrilling was covering the San Francisco Giants World Series run back in October 2010 and being in the clubhouse for the champagne celebration. By the way, that stuff really does sting when you get it in your eyes!

While I’ve spent the majority of my two decades in TV covering sports, it’s my transition to reporting and anchoring everyday news that I’m most proud of.

In fact, because of the relationship I have established with Sacramento’s Animal Shelter and all the stories I’ve done, I am known as the best Sports/Animal reporter this business has ever seen. My only question; is there any other Sports/Animal reporters even out there…anywhere?

My job has allowed me to be involved and to completely jump into a passion of mine…the sports world. But yet, when I leave FOX40 for my weekend, the games, the highlights, the personalities are left behind as well. I’m proud that this business doesn’t run my life.

I love living in this part of the country and enjoy an amazing relationship with a woman who shares many of the same dreams & desires that I do. I’ve got two daughters, a step-daughter and step-son. It makes for a lot of crazy, fun & incredible moments and I’m thrilled to be a part of it all.

Recent Articles
  • Navy Veteran’s Specialized Bike Stolen Out of His Elk Grove Garage

    ELK GROVE — An outpouring of support has been growing for a local Navy veteran over, of all things, a stolen bike. Jordan Stevenson isn’t shy about being shot in the line of duty, in fact he’s not shy about a lot of things. So, when he posted on Facebook that his specialized bike was stolen from his garage Thursday people couldn’t help but spread the word. Early Thursday morning, the first day of school for Stevenson’s 7-year-old son, someone […]

  • Natomas Family Finds Racist, Hate-Filled Message Taped to Their Front Door

    NATOMAS — Tony McElveen thought someone was playing a prank at his Natomas apartment just before midnight Wednesday evening. “I opened the door … saw the letter sitting right here with scotch tape,” McElveen said. The letter was filled with an explicit racial message so offensive we can only share a few lines of it. Things like: “Your wife looks just like an ape…” “The husband looks exactly like a gorilla…” and “Go home black (expletive) you don’t belong here…” […]

  • The Red Museum was Shut Down for Code Violations, Now its Getting Help from the City

    SACRAMENTO — Inside the Red Museum, the sound of change can be heard. Electricians have been hard at work recently at the downtown warehouse known as the Red Museum. A successful part of Sacramento’s underground art scene since 2015, the venue was abruptly shut down last month after the city discovered electrical issues as well as a lack of proper permits. “They came in and shut off our electricity,” said Jennifer Jackson, co-founder of Red Museum. “We’re really working hard to […]

  • Sacramento’s Art Spaces Under Increased Scrutiny

    SACRAMENTO — Panama Pottery may not look like it, but it’s undergoing a transformation. “We’re OK with the city telling us what will keep us safe, we were OK with that. We were just a little disappointed in the timeline,” said David Davis, general manager of Panama Pottery. Home to about 30 artists, Panama Pottery closed its doors last month after code enforcement officials determined the building, which is more than 100 years old, unsafe and inadequate. Problems included the […]

  • Woman Rescued After Her Car Plunges into Ellis Lake in Marysville

    MARYSVILLE — A woman was rescued Thursday morning after her Toyota Corolla ended up in Ellis Lake in Marysville. One of the four men who jumped in, according to Marysville police, was the other driver involved in the two car crash that sent the woman’s car into the lake. “There were a couple of people at the gas station, and a couple more who stopped. Everybody jumped in and gave the lady a hand before her vehicle sank all the […]

  • Are Red Light Cameras Life Savers or Revenue Generators?

    CITRUS HEIGHTS — When the Citrus Heights City Council voted 4-1 in favor of expanding the city’s red light camera program last month, Councilman Bret Daniels got fed up. He says the system that has been in place since 2008 is more about money than prevention. “If you really want to do something to make things safer, get away from the revenue-gathering approach and actually get towards the behavior approach,” Daniels said. Daniels, who has a law enforcement background as […]

  • Dad Accused of Abandoning Infant in Suisun City Parking Lot Pleads Not Guilty

    FAIRFIELD — The man accused of abandoning his infant son in a Suisun City parking lot pleaded not guilty Wednesday in a Solano County Courtroom. Surveillance video appears to show Daniel Mitchell, 18, leaving the 16-day-old baby in his carrier in a shopping center parking lot at Sunset Avenue and Merganser Drive on Monday. A woman claiming to be the baby’s great grandmother says the baby is “doing great” but would not comment further. The baby is recovering at Children’s […]

  • 15-Year-Old Boy Forced Into Car, Robbed in Carmichael by Armed Suspects

    Like most teens, Caden Eastland made the short walk from his Carmichael home Wednesday afternoon to a nearby 7-Eleven at the corner of Walnut and Marconi to buy a Mountain Dew. But about half way home, at the corner of Walnut and Robertson his trip took a sudden and abrupt detour. “Instantly he just lifts up the gun and says, ‘Get in the car or it might get ugly.’,” Caden said. Caden remembers a 4-door blue sedan, similar to a […]

  • Sacramento Valley CAIR Receives Quran in a Tub of Lard in the Mail

    SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento Police Department is investigating after the Sacramento Valley Council on American-Islamic Relations received a strange package in the mail. “We did not know what would be inside. We thought we saw a book, it was probably the Quran, but we let the authorities open it,” Katelyn Costa, CAIR, said. The organization received a FedEx package and inside they found a Quran stuffed in a tub of pork lard. The sender also wrote “menacing” and “hateful” messages […]