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I’ve had my share of excitement and close calls covering both news & sports for FOX40 since 2003. Probably the most thrilling was covering the San Francisco Giants World Series run back in October 2010 and being in the clubhouse for the champagne celebration. By the way, that stuff really does sting when you get it in your eyes!

While I’ve spent the majority of my two decades in TV covering sports, it’s my transition to reporting and anchoring everyday news that I’m most proud of.

In fact, because of the relationship I have established with Sacramento’s Animal Shelter and all the stories I’ve done, I am known as the best Sports/Animal reporter this business has ever seen. My only question; is there any other Sports/Animal reporters even out there…anywhere?

My job has allowed me to be involved and to completely jump into a passion of mine…the sports world. But yet, when I leave FOX40 for my weekend, the games, the highlights, the personalities are left behind as well. I’m proud that this business doesn’t run my life.

I love living in this part of the country and enjoy an amazing relationship with a woman who shares many of the same dreams & desires that I do. I’ve got two daughters, a step-daughter and step-son. It makes for a lot of crazy, fun & incredible moments and I’m thrilled to be a part of it all.

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    After 15 Years at Del Oro, Football Coach Heads to Capital Christian

    LOOMIS — Fifteen years, 14 playoff appearances, six section titles and a state championship in 2015. Football is a big deal, not just at Del Oro High School, but all around the tight-knit community of Loomis. “Football is a culture in Loomis,” according to Peggy Love, whose four sons all have played for Head Coach Casey Taylor. Love, who also serves as the “Team Mom” for the Golden Eagles is understandably emotional, along with most of the community, after Coach Taylor […]

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    Local Teen Set to Attend Presidential Inauguration

    AUBURN — In less than a week, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the nation’s 45th President. In attendance will be local teen Lexy Ashford. “It’s really going to be overwhelming,” said Ashford from her Auburn home. “It’s really going to be an amazing week, probably something I won’t even be able to explain to people when I get back. It’s going to be that overwhelming.” Like most teenage girls, 14-year-old Lexy enjoys spending Friday night’s with friends and attending […]

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    Roseville Prepares for Potential Flooding

    ROSEVILLE — Weather forecasters are predicting enough rain from this coming weekend’s storm to surpass levels that were last seen way back in 2005, when much of the area was hit hard by flooding, including Roseville. Today though, the city has the highest rating in the country when it comes to flood control. “Thanks to our $20 million flood control project ,we’re in better shape,” explained Carl Walker, who is in charge of the project for the city. But 11 […]

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    Cleanup Underway After Storm Hits Sacramento Region

    SACRAMENTO —  Many of us woke up Wednesday morning to our local neighborhood streets covered with leaves, branches and other debris from the sizable storm overnight. “They are a mess,” said Steve Hoffman a retired local. “And running the park this morning was interesting too. A lot of branches down, and things like that.” If you were lucky, that’s all you had to deal with. There were several reports of downed trees and some minor flooding, but overall cleanup from the […]

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    Urijah Faber to Retire After Final Fight at Golden 1 Center

    SACRAMENTO — Fourteen years, and 44 professional fights –that’s an unusually long career for a fighter. “It is. And to be honest, I could go another 10 years,” explained Urijah Faber, who plans to retire from Mixed Martial Arts fighting after Saturday night’s bout at the Golden 1 Center. At age 37, and having been in the fight game since he graduated from UC Davis at age 23, Faber is comfortable with his decision to call it quits. “There has […]

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    Thieves Distract Restaurant Worker in Oakdale, Snatch Her Purse

    OAKDALE — A brazen robbery has left the owners of the Hunan Villa Chinese restaurant a little shaken and about $2,500 light. But the incident was all caught on surveillance video, so Oakdale Police are hopeful someone will recognize the suspects. That surveillance video is also being shared on Facebook. Sharon Nardello posted it on Thursday after the owners of the restaurant asked her for help. “I posted it and hopefully we can capture these ladies,” said Nardello. All three […]

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    Army Sergeant Reunited with Her Dog at Front Street Animal Shelter

    SACRAMENTO — It’s not often a mother has to tell her children that a family member is sick, so there won’t be much left for the holidays. But that is exactly what Army Sgt. Elise Dahlberg had to do recently when their family dog, Ginger, went through a month-long ordeal. Ginger, a Queensland Healer, had gone missing for several weeks. She arrived Saturday at the Front Street Animal Shelter, but in bad shape. “The dog is still super sick,” explained […]

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    Front Street Animal Shelter Donor Inspires Others

    SACRAMENTO — Free pet adoptions — why else would people be lining up every day at the Front Street Animal Shelter, where they are doing three times as many adoptions now as normal? And, what is happening here is now spreading elsewhere throughout the region. “It’s a movement,” explained Front Street Manager Gina Knepp. “And the coolest part about it is other people with the ability to do something about it, are doing the same thing. Placer County, El Dorado […]

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    Travel Out of Sac International Airport Flowing Smoothly So Far

    SACRAMENTO — Stuffing your face with turkey may be the best part of Thanksgiving, but getting to your destination safely and quickly is probably a close second. Surprisingly though, getting to the airport on Sacramento’s highways Wednesday was harder than catching a flight out of town. “I’m not looking forward to getting back on the freeway,” said Salim Salaues who was making his way from Portland, Oregon, to Monterey and had stopped for gas. You’ll find plenty of company on […]