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While packing for Sacramento, I found one of my third grade writing assignments in an old cardboard box.

The prompt: what do you want to be when you grow up?

My answer: a science teacher.

This answer says a lot about me as a person. Mostly that in the third grade, I had a pretty decent sense of humor.

I say that because I don’t do science. Never have. I got a D in high school chemistry and I’ll tell you what, that D was earned.

My story isn’t one about a following a dream of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was raised by a single mother and older brother in a drafty one bedroom apartment in San Bernardino. Our car broke down weekly, our money lasted about half the month, and we kept warm in the winter by turning on the oven. My story is one about discovering my dream, despite my circumstances.

All I ever wanted to do was recognize the work that resonated with me, and try to make a living doing that.

Eventually, I found out I was a writer.

I workshopped numerous childhood tales during a competitive fiction program At Cal State San Bernardino. My BA and MFA are both in Creative Writing.

The same month I published my first short story, I abandoned everything I knew about my craft. KGTV 10News in San Diego welcomed me into their internship program. They taught me how to write like a reporter.

Before coming to FOX40, I was a Reporter and Weekend Anchor at KVAL News in Eugene, Oregon.

I’m also a little sister, dog mother, night owl and nerd.

If you have any story ideas, email me at:

I’m known around the newsroom for…
being sarcastic

What keeps me going?
The desire to do something meaningful.

I give back to my community by
I shop and eat local; I’ll take a hole in the wall business over a fancy-schmancy place any day.

Why FOX40?
I think the best reporters are smart, tenacious, and creative. That’s what I see in the reporters at FOX40, and that’s why I’m here.

My greatest TV moment
I can’t narrow it down to one. My greatest moments are not about being on TV, but about the people I meet out in the field. Anytime I’ve heard a personal story that gave me chills or really made me think, could be my greatest TV moment.

TV moment I’d like to forget
Much easier to answer. The first morning I filled-in anchoring, I forgot to drop my scripts into the prompter. The director would normally have noticed, but he was sleeping. I figured out I had nothing to read about 10 seconds before air, and so began the mad scramble to save face.

If I had free time, I would…
Write more short stories, take my dog on longer walks, do absolutely nothing for an entire day.

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