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As the morning news anchor on FOX40, I can be found on the big red couch weekday mornings from 5-10 a.m.

In years past, I was one of “The Answer Guys” on The Discovery Channel and a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated Evening Magazine (snagged a couple of Emmy Awards along the way).

I’m proud to have shared a morning radio microphone for 20 years with my friend Phil Cowan—anybody remember “The Paul & Phil Show?”

I’m a Sac State grad, a frustrated novelist, and a runner of marathons (Boston twice). My wife and I live in Granite Bay. We have three lovely daughters, two handsome sons-in-law, and three beautiful grandsons.

I’m known around the newsroom for…

For better or for worse– okay mostly for worse– I play the ukulele. It’s a little disappointing that the little four-stringer has been acquiring a trendy, cool image in recent years. I preferred the days when it was 100% dorky through and through. My baritone uke and I frequently provided the soundtrack to bath time when my kids were little.

What keeps me going

It can’t be seen on camera, but 9 mornings out of 10 there’s a Diet Mountain Dew sitting at my feet. I nurse it through the morning, kind of like a green caffeine IV drip…

I give back to my community by…

I’m on the Board of Governors for Easter Seals. Very proud to be associated with such a splendid organization, and I encourage everyone to find out about the amazing work they do serving people with disabilities in our community.

Why FOX40?

I’m often asked why I made the move from radio to television. To be honest, every time the alarm clock goes off at 2AM I ask myself the same thing (radio = baseball hat + no shaving + sleeping later). But I’m really enjoying the challenge of this new adventure. Television is so much more collaborative, and the inevitable mistakes are much more painful when there’s a camera pointing at you.

If I had free time, I would…

I would A) read more & B) write more. I have a history of being a voracious reader. The schedule of a morning TV anchor makes that a challenge. If I sit down at almost any point during the day to read a book, I’m generally asleep within ten minutes. I’ve gone from a book a week to a book a month, at best. And as for writing, I have found the mammoth challenge of writing a novel to be enormously satisfying. I’ve completed two, and have a couple more in the works. Yes, if I had more free time, I’d be trying to keep up with Stephen King…

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  • The Rock Star Next Door

    Everybody thinks they want to be a rock star, so Paul is having a chat with a regular guy from his neighborhood who happens to be an actual rock star. Jeff Keith, Lead Singer for Rock Band Tesla, and his wife, Vera, live just down the street from Paul and he regularly sees him walking past his house to pick up their kid from elementary school. The band is currently on tour with Def Leppard and Poison, and will be […]

  • In Your Neighborhood: Elk Grove

    This week for In Your Neighborhood, Paul and Martina are having some fun in Elk Grove at Elk Grove High School and at the Elk Grove Western Festival before it kicks off.  

  • Local Adventure Photographer Shoots Wedding on Mt. Everest

    Local adventure photographer Charleton Churchill stopped by the studio Monday to talk about an incredible wedding he got to shoot recently. James Sissom and Ashley Schmieder got married on Mt. Everest, and the photos Churchill took are breathtaking. Take a look at Churchill’s website here!

  • Sacramento Metro Chamber President Talks ‘Cap-to-Cap’

    The Sacramento Metro Chamber’s Cap-to-Cap is returning for its 47th year this week. Metro Chamber President and CEO Peter Tateishi explains that their largest delegation of community and business leaders in a decade will be heading to Washington, D.C. to speak with elected officials. There are 12 policy teams, dealing with issues ranging from air quality to public safety to workforce and education. Read more about Cap-to-Cap here.

  • Local Adventure Photographer Returns to Mt. Everest

    Paul is sitting down with the very adventurous couple James Sissom and Ashley Schmieder and the even more adventurous photographer they hired, Charleton Churchill, to capture their big day on Mt. Everest.

  • NASA’s Discovery Beyond our Solar System

    Darren and Paul are excited to be talking with Dr. Nikole Lewis (Astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute) about the latest big thing happening in outer space. Our cosmic neighborhood just got a little more crowded! On Wednesday afternoon NASA announced it has discovered seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a star only 40 light years away. The findings from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope also found that three of the planets are in the habitable zone where liquid water might flow on its […]