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As the morning news anchor on FOX40, I can be found on the big red couch weekday mornings from 5-10 a.m.

In years past, I was one of “The Answer Guys” on The Discovery Channel and a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated Evening Magazine (snagged a couple of Emmy Awards along the way).

I’m proud to have shared a morning radio microphone for 20 years with my friend Phil Cowan—anybody remember “The Paul & Phil Show?”

I’m a Sac State grad, a frustrated novelist, and a runner of marathons (Boston twice). My wife and I live in Granite Bay. We have three lovely daughters, two handsome sons-in-law, and three beautiful grandsons.

I’m known around the newsroom for…

For better or for worse– okay mostly for worse– I play the ukulele. It’s a little disappointing that the little four-stringer has been acquiring a trendy, cool image in recent years. I preferred the days when it was 100% dorky through and through. My baritone uke and I frequently provided the soundtrack to bath time when my kids were little.

What keeps me going

It can’t be seen on camera, but 9 mornings out of 10 there’s a Diet Mountain Dew sitting at my feet. I nurse it through the morning, kind of like a green caffeine IV drip…

I give back to my community by…

I’m on the Board of Governors for Easter Seals. Very proud to be associated with such a splendid organization, and I encourage everyone to find out about the amazing work they do serving people with disabilities in our community.

Why FOX40?

I’m often asked why I made the move from radio to television. To be honest, every time the alarm clock goes off at 2AM I ask myself the same thing (radio = baseball hat + no shaving + sleeping later). But I’m really enjoying the challenge of this new adventure. Television is so much more collaborative, and the inevitable mistakes are much more painful when there’s a camera pointing at you.

If I had free time, I would…

I would A) read more & B) write more. I have a history of being a voracious reader. The schedule of a morning TV anchor makes that a challenge. If I sit down at almost any point during the day to read a book, I’m generally asleep within ten minutes. I’ve gone from a book a week to a book a month, at best. And as for writing, I have found the mammoth challenge of writing a novel to be enormously satisfying. I’ve completed two, and have a couple more in the works. Yes, if I had more free time, I’d be trying to keep up with Stephen King…

Recent Articles
  • Cooking with Sammy’s Restaurant & Bar

    Chef Alex Arriaga from Sammy’s Restaurant & Bar, inside Stones Gambling Hall, stops by the FOX40 studio to show some of his tasty creations — including chopped chicken salad, watermelon salad, duck tacos, arugula pear pizza and tequila chicken!

  • Country Singer Mark Mackay Performing in Sacramento

    Country singer Mark Mackay was in studio this morning chatting with Paul Robins about his new album “Trials & Tribulations.” He wrote or co-wrote ever song on the record. Mark is scheduled to play at Goldfield Trading Post on Thursday night. Get more information on upcoming shows at Goldfield, here.

  • ‘9 to 5’ Coming to Music Circus Next Week

    Paul is chatting with two actresses from the Music Circus production of “9 to 5,” which will be performed at the Wells Fargo Pavilion from July 25 – 30. Vicki Lewis, who plays Violet Newstead, is extremely happy to be back at Music Circus having previously starred in Gypsy, Funny Girl, Into the Woods and Anything Goes. She is most recognizable to television audiences for her portrayal of Beth on the NBC sitcom “NewsRadio.” Other television and film credits include “Modern Family,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Bones,” “How […]

  • Sacramento Valley Chorus Hosting Ice Cream Social

    The Sacramento Valley Chorus is hosting an ice cream social on Wednesday, July 19. Join the chorus for a sweet day of singing, sisterhood and summertime treats. Get more information at SacramentoValleyChorus.com.

  • ICEE Celebrates 50 Years

    ICEE is celebrating their 50th anniversary and Paul is getting a taste of some new flavors. Since 1967, ICEE has served as one of the best dates to moviegoers, a beloved road trip partner, and one of our favorite ways to cool off after a hot day at a theme park. The official ICEEversary is on June 21st – coincidentally timed with the First Day of Summer. New Flavors Fanta Sour Grape Dragon Fruit Mango Strawberry Lemonade Strawberry Lemonade Laffy […]

  • The Burgess Brothers Barbecue for USATF

    The Burgess Brothers will be at the USATF Outdoor Championships Thursday through Sunday barbecuing for everyone in attendance at Sacramento State’s Hornet Stadium. Watch the events and enjoy sausage links and grilled chicken sandwiches. Burgess Brothers’ Barbecue will also have their original cornbread waffles in vegetable and dessert options. Go to the Visit Sacramento site for ticket and event information.  

  • Sacramento Officers Speak on Strained Relationship with Department, City Leadership

    SACRAMENTO — It is no secret that the relationship between the Sacramento Police Department, its officers on the street and management and elected officials has been strained lately. Three Sacramento Police officers spoke with FOX40 under the condition of anonymity. For clarity’s sake, we will refer to them as One, Two and Three. “In my career, it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it,” One said. “It’s like a cancer.” “Officers across the board, they’re very discouraged doing this job,” Two […]

  • What Do At-Home DNA Tests Really Tell Us?

    SACRAMENTO — There are many great people who work behind the scenes at FOX40. One of them is the editor for the morning show, Emmanuel Muhammad Chin, also known as “Eman.” It’s an all-inclusive name that reflects an eclectic family history. “My ethnic background is Caucasian, African-American, and Chinese,” said Eman. “Those are the ones we know for sure of.” At least, those were the results Eman was expecting when FOX40 asked him to be the subject of an experiment. […]

  • A Chocolate Nut Butter & Banana Protein Shake to Fuel Your Workout

    Mayumi Tavalero of the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op stopped by to show us her recipe for a healthy shake that’s great for hikes, bike rides and other outdoor activities. She’ll also be teaching a class next month at REI about fueling your outdoor workouts.