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I spent 11 years as a newspaper reporter, yearning to report on TV; I love the immediacy of television and getting a story out.

With no experience from working in smaller markets, I would record mock reports and hand deliver them to all the Sacramento stations. A former Fox40 news director, took the time to write me a two-page letter, telling me to stay in print, because making the transition to TV would mean moving away to get experience. I kept that letter in my underwear drawer for a couple of years.

I got my break when a new news director at Fox40 hired me, because he knew I could report and had a lot of sources. I gained TV experience working the assignment desk, and began reporting in front of the camera six months later.

Today, I’m grateful to be the Solano County Bureau Chief. I’ve covered that county for nearly 20 years, most of that time reporting on infamous murders and murderers. It was during that time police credited me for helping them clear the murder of an innocent 21-year-old Fairfield man.

I’m known around the newsroom for…
Getting the harder-to-get stories, the ones where victims shed gut-wrenching tears, or suspects surprisingly run their mouths; the stories other reporters cringe on having to do.

What keeps me going
Being able to hold my kids, my faith in God and finding comfort in Him during a long drive back home at night, especially after hugging a weeping parent who just lost their kid, or talking with someone whose innocent family member was killed in some violent crime.

I give back to my community by
Spreading someone’s story I’m trusted with, hopefully helping someone else in the process.

Why FOX40?
I love Fox40 because they take chances on people like me, and I love the immediacy of getting a story out.

My greatest TV moment
Getting the only interview with a child murderer who admitted to killing a 7-year-old Vallejo girl he had kidnapped. He was eventually convicted several years later, and died in prison.

If I had free time, I would…
Spend it with my loved ones, watch more movies with them, and go to church more often.

Recent Articles
  • Crowds Protesting Stephon Clark Shooting Take Over Downtown Sacramento

    SACRAMENTO — Four days after 22-year-old Stephon Clark was shot and killed by police officers in his grandparents’ backyard, protesters gathered inside and outside Sacramento City Hall. Officers believed Clark had been breaking into cars in the neighborhood and shot him because they say they thought he had a gun. He was only holding a cellphone. “The death of one more man of color is one too many,” Mayor Darrell Steinberg said earlier Thursday before the protest began. The action […]

  • Teen Convicted in Davis Couple’s Deaths Could Get New Trial in Juvenile Court

    DAVIS — It’s been almost five years since Daniel Marsh brutally murdered an elderly Davis couple in their bed. He was 15 years old when he was charged as an adult and convicted and sentenced to 52 years in prison for killing Oliver Northrup and Claudia Maupin. Now he could be facing a new trial in juvenile court after a state appeals court overturned his conviction. It was a decision that left friends and family of the victims in shock. […]

  • Woman Reunited with Dog Stolen from Animal Shelter

    SACRAMENTO — A story that was supposed to be about a stolen dog at the beginning of the day had a happy reunion at the end of it. Jamie Anderson lost Olive earlier this week when the little Yorkie slipped out a wooden gate at their home. A woman found Olive safe, and took the dog to the Bradshaw Animal shelter to turn her in. Late for a college class, the woman handed Olive to another woman wearing scrubs who […]

  • Thief Hits Jewelry Business at Roseville’s Antique Trove

    ROSEVILLE — Roseville Police detectives are looking for man, who they say posed as a customer, looking for that something special for his sweetheart. “He came on the 13th, that day before Valentine’s Day, and he was looking for an engagement ring,” Maurice Munoz, from Master Jewelers, said. Master Jewelers is located inside the Antique Trove on Harding Boulevard. “He was a tall guy. He was very clean,” Munoz said. “He didn’t have any accent at all.” Maurice Munoz who […]

  • Police: Thieves Rummage through Unlocked Cars in Roseville

    ROSEVILLE — Police say it’s not only a crime of opportunity but a crime that makes the suspect’s job very easy for them. “They’re just checking door handles, looking for open garage doors,” Roseville Police spokesman Rob Baquera said. Surveillance video captured young thieves around 3:30 a.m. in the morning on Feb. 17. You see them randomly passing cars in the neighborhood near Festerson Park in west Roseville, trying to get into cars that were left unlocked. “There was a […]

  • ‘Stop Shooting’: Anti-Gun Violence, Anti-Trump Graffiti Found at Vanden High School

    FAIRFIELD — Graffiti raging against gun violence and President Trump was found all over the walls of Vanden High School in Fairfield. “I hate this s***, stop shooting,” one read. “F*** Trump,” another read. Campus monitor Matthew Bidou was one of the first to see the graffiti Tuesday morning. “I feel for the kids that did the spray painting too. It’s their way of reaching out. They were mad about something,” Bidou said. “But destroying property isn’t the way to do […]

  • Suspect in Fairfield Homicide a “Known Bully,” Friend of Victim Says

      FAIRFIELD —  A Benicia man’s body was found Wednesday morning in a parking lot near Downtown Fairfield and police are now investigating his death as a homicide. Fairfield police say the 28-year-old man’s death was not a random act and that the suspect and victim were familiar with each other. Police received initial reports of a man down around 6 a.m. Wednesday morning in the 1200 block of Empire Street in Fairfield. Hours into the investigation, crime scene technicians […]

  • 2 Suspects Arrested after Detonating Pipe Bomb at Suisun City Home

    SUISUN CITY — Local, state and federal officers arrested two men suspected of planting a pipe bomb in front of a Suisun City home that exploded early Saturday morning. Thomas Capenhurst, 33, was arrested on several felony charges including the use of a destructive device with intent to murder. Robert McGraw, 20, was arrested for possession of a destructive device and the use of one with intent to murder. Officers served search warrants to the suspects’ homes in Dixon and […]

  • Teen Recovering after Woodland Parking Lot Shooting

    WEST SACRAMENTO — An 18-year-old man is recovering after he was shot while sitting in his car in a Woodland parking lot on Monday. “I just wanna thank the people that responded really quick and called the police,” the teen’s father, Alberto Pizano, told FOX40. Pizano’s son, Santino, was parked outside the Ross store on East Main Street when someone fired several shots into his car. Santino had one gunshot wound to his lower body. He’s expected to make a […]