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I spent 11 years as a newspaper reporter, yearning to report on TV; I love the immediacy of television and getting a story out.

With no experience from working in smaller markets, I would record mock reports and hand deliver them to all the Sacramento stations. A former Fox40 news director, took the time to write me a two-page letter, telling me to stay in print, because making the transition to TV would mean moving away to get experience. I kept that letter in my underwear drawer for a couple of years.

I got my break when a new news director at Fox40 hired me, because he knew I could report and had a lot of sources. I gained TV experience working the assignment desk, and began reporting in front of the camera six months later.

Today, I’m grateful to be the Solano County Bureau Chief. I’ve covered that county for nearly 20 years, most of that time reporting on infamous murders and murderers. It was during that time police credited me for helping them clear the murder of an innocent 21-year-old Fairfield man.

I’m known around the newsroom for…
Getting the harder-to-get stories, the ones where victims shed gut-wrenching tears, or suspects surprisingly run their mouths; the stories other reporters cringe on having to do.

What keeps me going
Being able to hold my kids, my faith in God and finding comfort in Him during a long drive back home at night, especially after hugging a weeping parent who just lost their kid, or talking with someone whose innocent family member was killed in some violent crime.

I give back to my community by
Spreading someone’s story I’m trusted with, hopefully helping someone else in the process.

Why FOX40?
I love Fox40 because they take chances on people like me, and I love the immediacy of getting a story out.

My greatest TV moment
Getting the only interview with a child murderer who admitted to killing a 7-year-old Vallejo girl he had kidnapped. He was eventually convicted several years later, and died in prison.

If I had free time, I would…
Spend it with my loved ones, watch more movies with them, and go to church more often.

Recent Articles
  • Stockton Businessman Pleads No Contest to Statutory Rape of Child, Sentenced to Just 90 Days of House Arrest

    STOCKTON — A longtime Stockton businessman was sentenced Wednesday to just 90 days of house arrest and five years of informal probation after pleading no contest to statutory rape of a child. The man, 79-year-old Lyle Burgess, does not have to register as a sex offender. The girl was just 5 years old at the time. “A 5-6-year-old little girl was molested. Normally the sentence is state prison and then when you’re released, you have to register as a sex offender,” […]

  • Family Says Man’s Beating in Truckee was a Hate Crime

    RENO — Aaron Salazar is described as a happy, outgoing student at Portland State University. Tuesday, Salazar remained in a coma at Renown Hospital in Reno a week after he was brutally beaten a week ago at an Amtrak station in Truckee. He has a damaged brain stem and a broken pelvis. “It broke my heart. He did not look like Aaron at all,” his cousin, Sonia Trujillo, told FOX40. “His face was beaten. He was swollen.” Salazar was traveling […]

  • Police: Sacramento Man Now Safe after Possible Abduction in Davis

    DAVIS — Police in Davis say 21-year-old Armani Marquis Sandoval-Jones, the Sacramento man they say was abducted from his friend’s K Street apartment during a robbery Tuesday night, is safe. Police say sometime around 9 p.m., a man armed with a gun entered the second-floor apartment of the building and confronted two male roommates and their friend, Sandoval-Jones, demanding to know where the money was. When the men said they didn’t know what he was talking about, the armed suspect […]

  • Complaint Alleges Sacramento County Sheriff Candidate Retired Early Due to Misconduct

    A 2014 internal ethics complaint, obtained by Fox 40, alleges that Milo Fitch, then a chief deputy with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, used his influence to secure contracts for a program run by a woman he admitted to having a sexual relationship with. The allegation stemmed from contracts awarded to Ascend, a non-profit rehabilitation program for inmates, which started in January 2013. The program is operated by Christine Morse, an attorney, who later became Fitch’s wife in April 2015. […]

  • Man Exposes Himself to Child Inside Sacramento Walmart Bathroom

    SACRAMENTO — Thirteen-year-old Nasir Brown was shopping with his mother at the Walmart on Florin Road Tuesday when he went into a bathroom and was accosted by a strange man. Juanita Mayfield says her son flew out of the bathroom just moments after he had gone inside to use it. “Eyes all bugging out of his head. Face color drained out of his face,” Mayfield said. “He said, ‘A man in the bathroom, he just pulled his pants down.'” Nasir says […]

  • Police Investigate Suspect who Left Hidden Camera in Folsom Tanning Salon

    FOLSOM — Folsom police are investigating a man who was suspected of repeatedly leaving a recording device in a room of Folsom Sun Club to capture images of naked women there to tan. “Noticed a recorder like this, I think it was in the wall, and it was kind of, basically, right at her crotch area,” said Craig Ashton. Ashton represents the 22-year-old victim, who noticed the hidden camera plugged into the wall, disguised as a charger, back on April 4. […]

  • ‘They Seem Happy:’ Grandmother Defends Fairfield Couple Accused of Abusing Their Kids

    FAIRFIELD — Prosecutors are charging a Fairfield woman with nine felony counts of child abuse one day after arresting her husband for allegedly abusing and torturing their eight children, along with two of her other children. Ina Rogers bailed out of jail on Monday, denying to reporters that her and her husband, Jonathan Allen, had done anything wrong. But police said the living conditions inside the family’s home were deplorable. Rogers showed FOX40 the inside of her home. Much of […]

  • Police Seek Pair of Armed Robbers in Vacaville

    VACAVILLE — Police in Vacaville are looking for two armed robbers who hit a Little Caesars on Sunday night. “One of the suspects came in approximately 15 to 20 minutes prior to the robbery, we believe was casing the store, actually bought a pizza and then re-entered with the second suspect and that’s when the robbery occurred,” police Lt. Mark Donaldson said. In the surveillance video, one of the suspects is seen armed with a black handgun. They left with […]

  • Grateful Mother Thanks Good Samaritans Who Confronted Alleged Attempted Kidnapper

    SACRAMENTO — A grateful mother is thanking the couple who intervened when someone allegedly tried to kidnap her 9-year-old daughter at a North Sacramento market. “I definitely don’t know if she’d be here if you guys didn’t do what you did,” the girl’s mother told the couple while meeting them for the first time on Wednesday. “I don’t know if she’d be here. I really appreciate it.” The mother wished to remain anonymous. It was Sunday afternoon, in the parking lot […]