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I spent 11 years as a newspaper reporter, yearning to report on TV; I love the immediacy of television and getting a story out.

With no experience from working in smaller markets, I would record mock reports and hand deliver them to all the Sacramento stations. A former Fox40 news director, took the time to write me a two-page letter, telling me to stay in print, because making the transition to TV would mean moving away to get experience. I kept that letter in my underwear drawer for a couple of years.

I got my break when a new news director at Fox40 hired me, because he knew I could report and had a lot of sources. I gained TV experience working the assignment desk, and began reporting in front of the camera six months later.

Today, I’m grateful to be the Solano County Bureau Chief. I’ve covered that county for nearly 20 years, most of that time reporting on infamous murders and murderers. It was during that time police credited me for helping them clear the murder of an innocent 21-year-old Fairfield man.

I’m known around the newsroom for…
Getting the harder-to-get stories, the ones where victims shed gut-wrenching tears, or suspects surprisingly run their mouths; the stories other reporters cringe on having to do.

What keeps me going
Being able to hold my kids, my faith in God and finding comfort in Him during a long drive back home at night, especially after hugging a weeping parent who just lost their kid, or talking with someone whose innocent family member was killed in some violent crime.

I give back to my community by
Spreading someone’s story I’m trusted with, hopefully helping someone else in the process.

Why FOX40?
I love Fox40 because they take chances on people like me, and I love the immediacy of getting a story out.

My greatest TV moment
Getting the only interview with a child murderer who admitted to killing a 7-year-old Vallejo girl he had kidnapped. He was eventually convicted several years later, and died in prison.

If I had free time, I would…
Spend it with my loved ones, watch more movies with them, and go to church more often.

Recent Articles
  • Men Accused of Assaulting Police Officers at Davis Picnic Day Tell Their Side of the Story

    DAVIS — They’re accused of assaulting police officers during the later hours of Picnic Day in Davis. But they say it was undercover Davis police officers — officers who weren’t wearing uniforms or badges — who threw the first punches. They do admit there was an exchange of words, after they claim officers tried to hit them with an unmarked minivan police were riding in. “As I started to turn away, the cop came out the car and rushed me. […]

  • For Pot Delivery Services, 4/20 is Like Black Friday

    SACRAMENTO — Marijuana delivery services, understandably, were very busy for 4/20. Some say the “weed day” holiday is the Black Friday of their industry. Sacramento City Councilmember Jay Schenirer said the city would not be hosting any events. He reminded Sacramentans that even though recreational marijuana is legal in the city, people still can’t smoke it in public. Police said they don’t expect any problems.

  • Stockton Animal Shelter Reopens after Disease Found

    STOCKTON — The City and County Animal Shelter reopened its doors on Tuesday, after closing for three days when one dog came down with a bacterial infection commonly known as Strep Zoo. Strep Zoo can be deadly to animals, which is why the entire shelter was put on antibiotics. Stockton Animal Services Manager Phillip Zimmerman said 19 dogs that were in the immediate vicinity of the animal that fell ill had to be euthanized. Alan Gonzales found his dog, Chester, at […]

  • Another Setback: 2 Years After Wife was Hurt in CVS Knife Attack, Man Awaits Organ Transplant

    VACAVILLE — Two years after his wife was stabbed in the back several times in a Vacaville CVS, her husband is now awaiting a heart and kidney transplant. Rene Reynolds just returned home after an eight-hour surgery to install a heart pump to buy him more time until he can have his transplant. Reynolds’ wife, Sherrie, was stabbed seven times while she stood in line at a CVS. Police said the attack appeared to be random and unprovoked. It was halted […]

  • Thousands of Dollars in Band Equipment Stolen from Armijo High School

    FAIRFIELD — Police are investigating a theft at Armijo High School in Fairfield, in which band equipment and instruments worth an estimated $90,000 were stolen. Investigators believe the theft happened some time over the weekend. Police have not yet said if this was part of a break-in. Police and school district officials were at the school Tuesday to continue their investigation.

  • Fallen Branch Injures 4 on UC Davis Campus

    DAVIS — Four women were injured Wednesday when a limb from a eucalyptus tree fell outside the Student Community Center. The injured were said to be UC Davis staff members. According to the campus newspaper, the Aggie, three of the four women were taken to the hospital. None of the injuries were life threatening, campus officials told FOX40. The tree was last checked by an arborist in August. It’s a healthy, disease-free tree and investigators don’t believe recent winter weather […]

  • Investigators Piecing Together Aly Yeoman’s Movements before Disappearing

    YUBA CITY — Investigators are piecing together Alycia Yeoman’s movements before she disappeared Thursday. Staff at the Taste of India restaurant say Yeoman had dinner there Thursday evening with a friend, described only as a 37-year-old man, around 6 p.m. Police confirmed to FOX40 that they have spoken with that man. Investigators say Yeoman and her friend went back to his home on Romero Street in Yuba City, and hung out with the man’s son and daughter, who is Yeoman’s age. […]

  • Tahoe Park Residents on Edge After String of Armed Robberies

    TAHOE PARK — Some may find it shocking to learn that armed robberies with masked men are happening Tahoe Park. “All in all, it’s really a great neighborhood. We’ve never had any issues, and we’ve been here 25 years,” long-time resident Che Akel said. “These are all pretty well, either retired or they got good jobs. They’re all working people, you know?” resident George Crippes added. And that could very well be the reason why armed robbers have their sights […]

  • Granite Bay Synagogue Damaged by Fire

    GRANITE BAY — A fire broke out early Saturday morning at a synagogue, located at the Chabad House Jewish Community Center along Douglas Boulevard in Granite Bay. “They came in, they broke into the building, and they put out the fire, and they saved our Torah Scrolls,” said Malkie, the JCC’s education director. Torah scrolls are considered the sacred foundation to the Jewish religion, which they say are like a blueprint, from which God created the world. South Placer County firefighters […]