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Have you heard the phrase “West Coast, Best Coast?” Since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with California and that’s putting it lightly. Luckily, I grew up in the Bay Area. What’s even luckier is now I get to be a reporter in my home state.

I didn’t truly appreciate this amazing place until I left. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, I ventured across the country to start my journalism journey. I got my master’s degree at Boston University in broadcast journalism and thought after a year away I would head right back to the Golden State. But as is ever so true in this industry, nothing is predictable.

I traded my flip-flops for mountain boots and trekked to Grand Junction, Colorado, where I accepted my first job as a multimedia journalist.

Two years of snow instead of sun and lakes instead of beaches and now I can finally say I’m home!

Nothing is more fulfilling than pursuing my passion of storytelling in the place I first fell in love with the industry. When I do a story at FOX40 I don’t think I’m reporting the news to viewers, I truly feel like I’m reporting the news to neighbors, friends and family.

I look forward to all the opportunities Sacramento has to offer and can’t wait to meet as many people in this area as possible.

Feel free to contact me with story ideas I would love to hear from you!

Recent Articles
  • Possible Scammers Take Advantage of 3-Year-Old Girl’s Tragic Death

    STOCKTON — Neighbors in a Stockton neighborhood have been weary of people coming door to door asking for donations for 3-year-old Daleyza Avila Hernandez’s family, who lost the child after she went under general anesthesia during a dental procedure. Residents told FOX40 a man and two boys came knocking on doors along West Mendocino Avenue Friday. The three people claimed they attempted to raise money on their own through a car wash but it was shut down. None of the […]

  • Snapchat Releases Location-Sharing Feature

    SACRAMENTO — Snapchat’s recent update offers the new Snap Map feature, which lets its users share their locations with their Snapchat friends. Location sharing is turned off when the app is first updated. Once it is accessed for the first time, Snap Map can be turned on or put into “Ghost Mode,” which doesn’t share the user’s location with anyone. Users can also choose who they share their location with. Snapchat says once Snap Map is turned on, a person’s […]

  • Owners Devastated After Elk Grove Police Shoot, Kill 2 Dogs They Say Bit Jogger

    ELK GROVE — An Elk Grove family’s excitement over a baby on the way is now overshadowed by sadness. “They’re just our life, it’s a part of us, it’s never going to be the same without them,” said dog owner Melissa Harris. Just half a mile from their house, two dogs belonging to Harris and Mike Foster, Nina and Bullet, were shot and killed by Elk Grove police officers Thursday morning after they got out of the backyard. “They’re just […]

  • Spy Plane on Routine Flight to Beale Air Force Base Crashes Near Mt. Whitney

    BEALE AIR FORCE BASE — A U.S. Air Force RQ-4 Global Hawk crashed near Mt. Whitney about 1:45 p.m. Wednesday. No injuries or deaths were reported in the crash. The remotely piloted aircraft was assigned to a reconnaissance squadron at Beale Air Force Base and was on a routine flight from Edwards Air Force Base back to its home station when it crashed. The RQ-4 Global Hawk is capable of flying at high altitudes, for long periods of time. The […]

  • San Joaquin County Fair Prepares for Triple Digit Heat

    STOCKTON — The San Joaquin County Fair has been keeping guests out of the sun as triple digit temperatures hit Stockton. Since last year was not as hot, the fair has been making sure that the 50,000 to 75,000 expected visitors stay comfortable and safe through its five days of operation. Tents have been added around the fairgrounds and buildings will be kept cool through the rising temperatures. Added shade structures now cover both stages so people can enjoy music […]

  • Golden Retriever Rescued from Fire Looking for New Home

    SACRAMENTO — Mojo has been through a lot in just a short amount of time. On Saturday Sacramento fire crews found the golden retriever unconscious in a closet as they tackled a house fire. Now he’s at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary, waiting to get back into good health so he can go to his forever home. Firefighters still do not know what caused the fire. When they arrived on scene a man, who had jumped to safety […]

  • Bear River High School Graduating Class Remembers Classmates Killed in Crash

    GRASS VALLEY — Bear River High School’s class of 2017 had a big reason to celebrate Friday night, but also a tragic reason to reflect on their final year. While the Grass Valley school held its graduation ceremony it honored two classmates who died unexpectedly just six months prior. Joe Rantz and Jude Douden, seniors at Bear River High School, died in a car accident on Highway 49 in December. Rantz and Douden’s memories were honored all throughout the night. […]

  • Vacaville Homeless Shelter May Shut Down Due to Lack of Funding

    VACAVILLE — Vacaville’s Opportunity House is on the verge of closing its doors after 25 years because of a lack of funding. The shelter is no longer receiving federal funding. They stopped accepting it because of a new “housing first” stipulation that comes with it. That stipulation states that if you take the money you can’t test residents for drugs or alcohol. Opportunity House is the only sober homeless shelter in Solano County and has promoted being a “dry” shelter […]

  • Sacramento Firefighters Get ‘Fire Wipes’ for Carcinogens

    SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento Fire Department is now providing its firefighters with so-called “Fire Wipes,” which help remove carcinogens. The wipes come from its EMS budget, and is said to be a necessity comparable to soap. After fire calls, cancer-causing carcinogens can stick to firefighters. The aim with providing wipes is to keep firefighters cancer-free. Metro Fire doesn’t provide the wipes, but has a program in which firefighters are encouraged to give their turnouts (their protective outer layer of clothing) […]