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Have you heard the phrase “West Coast, Best Coast?” Since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with California and that’s putting it lightly. Luckily, I grew up in the Bay Area. What’s even luckier is now I get to be a reporter in my home state.

I didn’t truly appreciate this amazing place until I left. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, I ventured across the country to start my journalism journey. I got my master’s degree at Boston University in broadcast journalism and thought after a year away I would head right back to the Golden State. But as is ever so true in this industry, nothing is predictable.

I traded my flip-flops for mountain boots and trekked to Grand Junction, Colorado, where I accepted my first job as a multimedia journalist.

Two years of snow instead of sun and lakes instead of beaches and now I can finally say I’m home!

Nothing is more fulfilling than pursuing my passion of storytelling in the place I first fell in love with the industry. When I do a story at FOX40 I don’t think I’m reporting the news to viewers, I truly feel like I’m reporting the news to neighbors, friends and family.

I look forward to all the opportunities Sacramento has to offer and can’t wait to meet as many people in this area as possible.

Feel free to contact me with story ideas I would love to hear from you!

Recent Articles
  • 5-Year-Old’s Body Found in Sacramento Storage Unit, Father Appears in Court Monday

    SACRAMENTO – Officers responded to a storage facility in Sacramento on Tuesday night after receiving a report of a dead body in one of its units. Sadly, it was the body of 5-year-old Cali Anderson. According to an affidavit obtained by FOX40’s sister station, KOLO, the storage unit, on the 1800 block of Glenrose Avenue, belonged to Joe Garcia who called the police after finding a plastic drum that contained the decomposing body of a child. Garcia said that Nevada resident […]

  • Mother’s Day Shooting Survivor Recalls Moments Bullets Tore Through Stockton Home

    SOUTH SACRAMENTO — Marco Olivares cherished the little things Thursday because just four days ago he thought he was going to die. “Screaming, yelling, there’s all this fear,” Olivares said. The 21-year-old was one of five people shot inside his girlfriend’s home on 11th Street in Stockton on Mother’s Day. He’s only one of two who survived. “I tried to rush to the ground while I’m getting shot at many times,” Olivares told FOX40. “I’m struggling going to the hallway, […]

  • Twin Brothers who Coached Youth Volleyball in Placer County Accused of Child Molestation

    PLACER COUNTY — Twin brothers were arrested Wednesday in Placer County, each charged with lewd and lascivious acts with a 14 to 15 year old. Michelle McDill says she trusted one of the brothers around her two teenage sons and he violated that trust. “Oh my God, I was so sick. I just wanted to hurt him,” McDill said. McDill told FOX40 she let an old friend, Jason Cole, and his family move into a Lincoln home with her sons […]

  • Councilman Allen Warren Rescinds His Endorsement of DA Anne Marie Schubert

    SACRAMENTO – Councilman Allen Warren sat down with FOX40 Saturday to explain his decision to pull back on his support of District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert. It was a surprising announcement made by a Sacramento city councilmember who strayed from the rest. “I had made a decision early on to support the status quo and I don’t think the status quo is good enough,” Warren said. Warren pulled his endorsement of the current Sacramento County DA’s campaign for reelection. He […]

  • Family Still Searching for Missing Veteran

    GRASS VALLEY — Stan Norman was last seen April 15th in Grass Valley. Nearly one month later, he is still MIA but the family is not losing hope. We’re all hoping for a happy ending in this missing person case. Stan’s son tells FOX40 he talked to his dad regularly and it is unlike him to be out of contact with family. His son says their focus is to find Stan and bring him home. Through tears, Kamalama Kaluhiokalani, Stan’s […]

  • Local 16-Year-Old Rapper Arrested, Could Be Tried as an Adult

    YUBA COUNTY — A 16-year-old aspiring rapper arrested Friday for his alleged involvement in a December armed robbery in Yuba County might be tried as an adult. The Marysville Police Department said BOE Sosa has been held without bail because he’s in a gang and is a flight risk. “That’s activity that a lot of the young aspiring rappers are engaging in to be able to get some name notoriety,” said Sgt. Brad Rose with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Gang Suppression […]

  • Opioid Epidemic Causes California Counties to Sue Big Pharma

    SACRAMENTO — Thirty California counties, including Sacramento county, are suing pharmaceutical companies for not disclosing key information about the opioids they produce and how destructive opioid use can be. An attorney with the law firm that filed this suit tells FOX40 this move by local governments is unprecedented. He says California counties are taking a stand for their communities because they know just how important it is. “Today makes 769 days my son [has] been gone,” said Natasha Butler whose […]

  • Grandma, Ride Sharing Played a Big Role at the First ‘Cannabis Cup’ at Cal Expo

    SACRAMENTO — Cal Expo hosted the first Cannabis Cup Friday. The two-day event featured many artists and activities but for a local grandmother, safety was the highest concern. There is Uber, Lyft and there’s grandma. Susan Tenorio wanted to make sure her grand kids got to and from the first licensed recreational cannabis event in the county; Cannabis Cup. ” When I pulled up in front, I felt like walking them all the way over, after all, I am grandma,” […]

  • Yuba County Great-Grandmother Stabs Suspected Burglar

    YUBA COUNTY — A great-grandmother in Yuba County had to make a split-second decision Wednesday morning when she came face to face with a woman she investigators say broke into her home. “I was just thinking about getting through it without getting hurt,” she said. “You don’t know what you’re going to do until someone is face to face with you.” The woman asked not to be identified. Yuba County investigators say the burglar, a woman in her early 20s, was […]