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“First and foremost, a public servant.”
This motto and view point continues to shape the journalist I am, and aspire to be.
Reporting and anchoring are responsibilities I do not take lightly. I view it as my way to give back, and my way to better the community I live in.
A Coloradoan at heart, I was born in San Francisco. My extended family has called Northern California home for decades. I’ve spent summers and holidays learning to love the bay area and all of the fascinating adventures it has to offer. In 2012, an internship in Sacramento refocused my goal of coming back, hoping to someday work in news here.
Returning to Sacramento in 2015 to work for FOX40 was a dream come true! A wonderful chance to become part of a community that I love.
I’m a proud graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder and Metropolitan State University, earning multiple degrees in political science, speech communication, and broadcast journalism.
I was fortunate to begin my career in Montana, joining the Montana Television Network in 2013. My adventures there took me all across the state, from Great Falls to Billings. Living and working in Montana gave me a sense of balance.
Prior to working in broadcasting, I spent six years as a behavior therapist in Colorado. This had a big impact on the woman I am today. I learned patience, respect, and most importantly, compassion. I remain a strong advocate and friend for those with developmental disabilities.
If I’m not in the newsroom you’ll find me running marathons, hiking with my German Shepherd “Casper,” or hunting for the best sushi spot!

Recent Articles
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    Sacramento Ranked 10th ‘Hottest Housing Market’ for 2017

    Zillow announced its top 10 hottest housing markets for 2017 and Sacramento has has come in as number 10. Sacramento was ranked based on its affordability as one of the larger metropolitan cities in California. Home prices are still 58 percent less expensive than the median Bay Area listing. The site has determined that homes values will appreciate almost 5 percent over the next year. Nashville, Tennessee, Seattle, Washington and Provo, Utah ranked, in order, as the top three housing […]

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    Sacramento State Group Helps Prospective, Low Income Students Achieve Academic Success

    A group at Sacramento State commits itself to fostering diversity and equity on campus for prospective and current students. The Student Academic Success and Educational Equity Programs were established to help students achieve education goals. Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny, associate vice president, encourages students to research the numerous opportunities that SASEEP offers to help contribute to academic success. First generation and low income students are able to use the resources through SASEEP to receive tutoring, mentorship and guidance from professors and program leaders. College and […]

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    Tech Report: Nintendo Switch Impresses Fans

    Rich DeMuro reveals everything there is to know about the new Nintendo Switch, which launches on Mar. 3 for $300. The Switch can be played inside attached to a television or by itself utilizing its built-in touch screen. The detachable controllers allow for more of a classic design or can allow gamers to play together on the go. The console is also social. Up to eight devices can be linked at one time so that friends close by can play together […]

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    Detroit Auto Show Presents Never Before Seen Cars, Concepts

    DETROIT — Automotive expert Nik Miles explored the newly released cars and concepts presented at the Detroit Auto Show. New reveals from Chevrolet, Buick, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai, Subaru and Kia arrived at the show. Car of the year went to the Chevrolet Volt, while the truck of the year went to the Honda Ridgeline. Under a new category as utility of the year was the Chrysler Pacifica. Mock-ups of the Volkswagen I.D. Buzz were also displayed. While it is […]

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    Workouts that Bring Mothers and Babies Together

    Taylor Petrinovich has a Youtube channel that mothers and their children can enjoy together. Her vlogs show exercises that involve interaction between mothers and their babies. Mothers can get back into shape and reduce postpartum depression via Petrinovich’s instruction on the “My Blissful Home” channel.

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    Angie’s List: New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

    Keeping up on important appliance maintenance can help to prevent future emergency repair fees. Water heaters need an annual cleaning, and flushing out built up calcium and lime can prevent cracks. It’s important to clear outside dryer vents, not only because it helps dryers operate more efficiently but because cleaning out the vent can reduce the possibility of a house fire. Aside from regular vacuuming, deep cleaning carpets will keep them looking good for up to a decade. For more information on seasonal […]

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    Holiday Dessert, Beer Pairing with Guinness

    Eoghain Clavin, ambassador of Guinness Brewery, introduces the Guinness Black Velvet. The drink is made with champagne and Guinness and was inspired by Prince Albert’s passing 155 years ago. Beers in the Guinness brewer’s variety pack can also pair with a wide range of holiday desserts.

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    Health Matters: Healthy Holiday Breath

    Dr. Harold Katz is the founder of TheraBreath, a line of products targeted at helping prevent and stop bad breath. Certain foods and drinks popular during the holidays, like eggnog, can stimulate bacteria and create an unhealthy environment in the mouth. On the other hand, foods like berries can help keep the mouth moist and are important in maintaining a fresh breath for those moments under the mistletoe.

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    Angie`s List: Reclaimed Wood: A New Trend With Old Roots

    Reclaimed wood is a booming industry that re-imagines wood taken from old buildings. Homeowners can go to professional woodworkers for new, beautiful home furnishings that are one-of-a-kind.