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“First and foremost, a public servant.”
This motto and view point continues to shape the journalist I am, and aspire to be.
Reporting and anchoring are responsibilities I do not take lightly. I view it as my way to give back, and my way to better the community I live in.
A Coloradoan at heart, I was born in San Francisco. My extended family has called Northern California home for decades. I’ve spent summers and holidays learning to love the bay area and all of the fascinating adventures it has to offer. In 2012, an internship in Sacramento refocused my goal of coming back, hoping to someday work in news here.
Returning to Sacramento in 2015 to work for FOX40 was a dream come true! A wonderful chance to become part of a community that I love.
I’m a proud graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder and Metropolitan State University, earning multiple degrees in political science, speech communication, and broadcast journalism.
I was fortunate to begin my career in Montana, joining the Montana Television Network in 2013. My adventures there took me all across the state, from Great Falls to Billings. Living and working in Montana gave me a sense of balance.
Prior to working in broadcasting, I spent six years as a behavior therapist in Colorado. This had a big impact on the woman I am today. I learned patience, respect, and most importantly, compassion. I remain a strong advocate and friend for those with developmental disabilities.
If I’m not in the newsroom you’ll find me running marathons, hiking with my German Shepherd “Casper,” or hunting for the best sushi spot!

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     Sacramento musician Quinn Hedges is debuting his new album, “Slightly South of Stormy Clouds,” Mar. 23 at a special showcase premiering at the Blue Oaks Century Theatre in Rocklin. Hedges has compiled videos to play over his fourth album, which he recorded with the help of musicians and producers from both the West and East Coasts. The album showcase starts at 7 p.m. and tickets can be purchased online for $20.

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