Sabrina Rodriguez

Sabrina Rodriguez


SabrinaCandidCroppedAfter bouncing around the country for the past eight years, working for stations in Oregon, Massachusetts, and Bakersfield, this NorCal native is glad to be in Sacramento.

I love storytelling, and honestly there is no job that’s better than being a journalist. I believe it can help me reach my long term goal of achieving a position of influence and breaking convention.

While I’m working on that I plan to indulge in my love of coffee, running, rock climbing, playing guitar and cheering on the San Francisco 49ers and Boston Red Sox.

I’m known around the newsroom for…

Staying ridiculously late

What keeps me going

Coffee – it’s liquid gold

I give back to my community by…

Running, I try to sign up for as many running events that benefit local charities and great causes. Also, I try to give back by telling the best story possible and trying to give our viewers something to remember.

My greatest TV moment

It was an undercover story I did in Massachusetts, which focused on school security and lack thereof. I dressed up as a high school student, had items in my backpack that should have set off a metal detector, went to four different high schools (a week after the Virginia Tech tragedy) and no one stopped me. We showed the undercover video the District Superintendent and actually got school policy changed.

TV moment I’d like to forget

Anytime I’ve been caught singing on camera

If I had free time, I would…

Travel, but I also need money for that…so maybe that won’t work.

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