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If you’re anything like me, then you need an escape.  Just a little getaway from reality, a place you don’t have to think.  That’s what television is for me.  Thanks to a job in television, and a trusty DVR, I have a few shows I can’t live without.

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X Factor: It’s Finally Finale Time

On The X Factor tonight, the judges announce their teams and pick the semi-finalistsIt’s down to three acts and tonight they get a chance to win your vote.

Alex & Sierra, Jeff Gutt and Carlito Olivero are all that is left.  Carlito is a surprise, but the kid was great last week and he deserves to be here.  I know Alex & Sierra are the favorites, but Jeff Gutt is talented to pull this off.

The opening montage was kind of cool, bu the  “We Will Rock You” song was kind of cheesy.  I’m putting that behind me and looking forward to the performances.

Each act is singing three songs and one of them will be a duet.

Here’s how I see it:

1.  Carlito Olivero – Good start, but not perfect.

2.  Alex & Sierra – So good…they’re very cute.

3.  Jeff Gutt – WOW…he won that round!

So, this weird thing happened between rounds when Paulina performed and I’m pretty sure she didn’t sing live?  However, it was entertaining.

4.  Carlito Olivero Duet - Good job…he is looking more and more like a star.

5.  Alex & Sierra -  Demi was right…not their best, but it really doesn’t matter.

6.  Jeff Gutt – Good, not great.

Let’s just say I wasn’t a big fan of the duets…they were a little dull.

7.  Carlito Olivero – Great end for him!

8.  Alex & Sierra – Perfection

9.  Jeff Gutt – Amazing!

It’s hard to for me to be fair and honest now, because I’ve picked my winner.  I’m hoping the ultimate underdog Jeff Gutt will pull off the upset.

In the end, I think Alex & Sierra will probably win.  I just think Jeff needs the win more than they do.  It’s up to America…time to go vote!


X Factor: Final Four Take the Stage

On The X Factor tonight, the judges announce their teams and pick the semi-finalistsIt’s time for the final four acts to sing for their lives or for a chance in next week’s finale.  It’s down to Restless Road, Alex & Sierra, Jeff Gutt and Carlito Olivero.  I’ll go record now as saying…if Alex & Sierra lose this thing I will be shocked. They’re not my favorite, but they seem to be everyone else’s favorite. 

Looks like one act will go home tomorrow and they have many chances to impress.  They’re singing two songs and a duet tonight.

Here’s how I see it:

America’s Choice:

1. Carlito Olivero – Not bad…in fact he was good!  Good for him!

2.  Restless Road – I give up…I don’t get them?  Finally, Demi speaks some truth!

3.  Alex & Sierra – Great as usual…they’re so going to win this thing.

4.  Jeff Gutt – AMAZING!!  Come on guys…he is the underdog and that could steal this thing!!


1.  Alex & Sierra/Carlito – Well…I didn’t like that, but I do think Carlito was better.

2.  Jeff Gutt/Restless Road – Jeff wins this one, but the boys sounded a little better than I anticipated.

Finalists Choice:

1. Carlito Olivero – He came to play tonight…got to give it to him.  I think this was his best night!

2.  Restless Road – Well…they’re cute, but I just don’t get it…or hear it.

3.  Alex & Sierra – Perfection

4.  Jeff Gutt – He may have won the night!

I’m pretty sure Carlito will go home tomorrow night, but Restless Road should go.  That’s just my opinion…we’ll see tomorrow night!


XFactor Down to Six

Still not happy that Josh Levi went home last week, but we move on. Tonight we only have six acts, so that means they all have two songs. The first song the acts take on Divas and the second will be unplugged. Once again, two acts are going home tomorrow night! Before any songs are sung, I think Carlito and Restless Road should go home, but maybe they can prove me wrong.

Here’s how I see the night:

1. Restless Road – I know everyone loves this group, but I don’t. Sorry…not sorry haha!

2. Rion Paige – She sounded great…more excited to see her unplugged.

3. Jeff Gutt – Awesome…just awesome!

4. Ellona Santiago – She went Diva for sure and she did sound great. I’m impressed!

5. Alex & Sierra – Sierra owned this one…loved it!

6. Carlito Olivera – Poor guy…not good, he is going home.

7. Restless Road – That was better.

8. Rion Paige – I have tears…she is just the sweetest little thing!

9. Jeff Gutt – simple, easy and great.

10. Ellona Santiago – She killed it…she deserves to stay!

11. Alex & Sierra – Pretty sure all they had to do was avoid falling off the stage and they would still be alive next week.

12. Carlito Olivera – He had to have a miracle…it didn’t happen.

We’ll see who makes it out alive tomorrow night!


XFactor and the Big Band

You heard right… contestants are singing Big Band songs. I’m officially concerned, but hoping for the best. This will be a tough Thanksgiving for two acts, because this is another double elimination week.

The show starts off great — with Michael Buble!! He’s so good! However, I’m not thinking these acts can live up to him, but we’ll see.

Here’s how I see it:

1. Rion Paige – She is the cutest thing ever…great performance and good way to start the show.

2. Restless Road – I don’t get them? I don’t think they sound good, but maybe I am to old to get it?

3. Jeff Gutt – Amazing!! He’s getting better every week…watch out this guy could win the whole thing!

4. Josh Levi – This kid is a star!

5. Carlito Olivero – OK…someone is back…that was awesome!

6. Alex and Sierra – Wow I’m liking every performance tonight…fantastic!

7. Lillie McCloud – Oh My…take that Simon. Stand and sing hottest grandma ever.

8. Ellona Santiago – She just arrived as far as I’m concerned!

I was sooooo wrong…Big Band night was awesome! All of the acts really did a great job! I don’t know who is going home tomorrow, but I do know they won’t deserve to! We’ll see tomorrow…Happy Thanksgiving all!


XFactor Goes British

Glad the 80′s week is behind us, now the top 10 are back on the big stage. It’s British Invasion week, so we’re going across the pond tonight. Once again, two acts are going home this week. So, these guys/gals/groups better bring it!
Here’s how I see it:

1. Jeff Adam Gutt – He sang better than I even realized…great performance. However, going first is never a good thing.
2. Tim Olstad – He can sing, but that’s it. I don’t think he should last much longer.
3. Khaya Cohen – This young girl can sing, but she is probably still in trouble.
4. Josh Levi – This kid is a star…love him.
5. Alex & Sierra – It was a little corny, but good. They’re so cute and talented…they will be safe.
6. Rion Paige – Perfection…loved it!
7. Carlito Olivero – I liked it…but the judges are going to bury him.
8. Lillie McCloud – Love that song and she delivered!
9. Ellona Santiago – She is in trouble.
10. Restless Road – I don’t get them?

Nothing to exciting happened tonight…not the best show we’ve seen so far this year. Despite that, I think Tim Olstad, Khaya, Carlito and Ellona are all in trouble. We’ll see tomorrow night!


Getting Back on Track

XFactor is back live tonight and someone is going home, because of a voting snafu last week.  The first act out is Carlos Guevara.  I’m really not surprised by this, as he was so boring last week.  However, I do think a lot of people are going to be upset.  He really was a favorite from the early episodes.

Only the top 12 got to perform and it’s 80’s night. Can’t say I’m expecting an amazing night.  80’s stuff could turn cheesy real quick, but let’s hope not!

Here’s how I see it:

1.  Lillie McCloud – I do think she seemed a little uncomfortable, but she can sing, even through all that dancing.

2.  Carlito Olivero – He did look a little lost in this performance, but he’s a cute kid and could survive on that alone.

3.  Rion Paige –  Not her best, but it doesn’t matter. She’s not going anywhere!

4.  Sweet Suspense – They look so unsure of themselves and I don’t think they’re good enough to last much longer.

5.  Tim Olstad – He can sing, but I’m bored.

6.  Khaya Cohen – Ok this girl is winning me over, her vocals tonight were crrrrazy good!

7.  Restless Road – The judges really like these guys, but I don’t think they’re anything special?  With all that positivity they’re safe.

8.  Rachel Potter – She can sing and that should be good enough to make it through.

9.  Ellona Santiago – Yes. She fell, but recovered and it was fun.

10.  Josh Levi – Best performance of the Night so far!  This little guy is a star…Xfactor for sure!

11.  Jeff Adam Gutt – Not my favorite performance of his, but I think he’s safe.

12.  Alex and Sierra – Great as usual!

Two acts are going home tomorrow. I think Carlito, Sweet Suspense, Tim Olstad and Ellona are vulnerable.  We’ll see.


XFactor is Finally Up to You

We’re down to the top 12 already! That’s right each judge has 3 acts and tonight you get to vote for your favorites. To kick off the show…there was a cheesy opening number with every act. Apparently, tonight is Motown night. Right out of the gate the judges bring back a wildcard…it’s Josh Levi! He does deserve a second chance. Sadly, he has to go first and that can often be the kiss of death on these shows.

Here’s how I see it:

1. Josh Levi – Wow…he’s a totally different act this week. He can sing and I didn’t even realize that last week. He should survive.

2. Rachel Potter – What a classic country voice…and I liked it.

3. Carlos Guevara – Little boring, but I think he’s a big fan favorite and will be OK.

4. Restless Road – Not sure I get this group, but the everyone seems to love them?

5. Ellona Santiago – She is good, but I don’t know if I see star?

6. Jeff Adam Gutt – Effortless!! Sooooo Good!

7. Alex and Sierra – I love, love, love them!

8. Khaya Cohen – She can sing…no doubt, but not sure if it’s enough?

9. Carlito Olivero – I think he should stay.

10. Lillie McCloud – Simply amazing!

11. Sweet Suspense – I DON’T GET IT…one girl is good the others…not so much. I say they’re the first to go.

12. Rion Paige – She is sooo much better than I imagined.

13. Tim Olstad – Not my cup of tea.

We’ll see who survives tomorrow? Just wanted to mention I love Kelly Rowland as a judge…she is what this show needed!!


X Factor Goes Live!

On The X Factor tonight, the judges announce their teams and pick the semi-finalistsAfter many taped shows and a 4-chair challenge, we’re finally down to the top 16! That means tonight…we go live and get to see what these acts are really made of.

The show is a full two hours tonight. All acts get to perform on the big stage and one act from every group is going home! Wow, brutal…the mentors have to send someone home tonight!

One thing I like about XFactor is, every performance feels like a mini concert. As we often find out though, some acts are concerts I would pay for and others not so much.

Here’s how I see the acts tonight…First up is the Girls:

1. Ellona Santiago – Well…she can clearly sing, but that was a little rocky. Apparently, I am the only one who thinks so?

2. Danie Geimer – Not sure I see a star? But she is very sweet.

3. Rion Paige – I love her…so good!!

4. Khaya Cohen – She has to stay…best voice of the girls!

I’m going to call it…Danie is going home. Yes, I was right!

Now we’re on to the Boys:

5. Josh Levi – Not great, but he seems like a star and definitely has that X-factor.

6. Carlos Guevara – He has to be a favorite…people love his story and his voice.

7. Carlito Olivero – I like him the best out of the boys!!

8. Tim Olstad – Probably the best voice of the guys and he deserves to stay.

I’m not sure who will go home? I’ll go with Tim or Josh. It did come down to them and Josh went home…I’m bummed Josh is going home.

Now we’re on to the Over 25s:

9. Lillie McCloud – Wow…best performance so far tonight!

10. Jeff Adam Gutt – I simply love him and I’ll just get it out now he is my favorite!

11. Rachel Potter – She can sing too…this category is strong! Just a little bored with the whole country thing.

12. James Kenny – He was so good too…I am so glad I am not Kelly!!

I’m going to say James is going home, but none of these acts should go home. Sadly, I was right James is gone.
Now we’re on to the Groups:

13. Roxxy Montana – I like them, but that wasn’t good enough.

14. Sweet Suspense – Well…I guess they’re ok? Not sold

15. Alex and Sierra – Just Love them!! So good and they have not let me down yet!

16. Restless Road – Very rough start, but they eventually got better. Not my cup of tea!

I would send home Sweet Suspense, but Simon won’t. I’m going with Roxxy Montana. Yes, I was right!

Now we’re on to the World Series and XFactor will be back next week! See you then!


Idol Blog: And the Winner Is???

Finally, we’re here…it’s the end of a long journey.  Tonight, a girl will finally win…it’s been too long!  Just think this is probably the last time we will see  all of these judges.  It’s pretty clear most, if not all of them are not coming back.

I actually love this show typically…I have high hopes for the performances.  In fact, even the group numbers feel a little better.  The opening number was good…it was actually nice to hear a male voice.  Janelle and The Band Perry very good together…great energy!

The boys all came together for what was probably the best performance any of them had all year.  Frankie Valli joined them on stage…It was really good.  Guess the boys aren’t as bad as I remember them…the girls just owned them this season.

Mariah Carey did a medley of her hits, but it was weird…I’m pretty sure she lip synced the entire thing?  This is a live singing competition…you have to sing live on this show.  Or you should sing live!

Emile Sande sang her hit song “Next to Me” with Amber…she didn’t lip sync and it was great.  Just saying?  Psy also performed…it was interesting.

The show stopper of the night was Candice and Jennifer Hudson.  I’m telling you…if you watch any performance  from tonight, watch this one!  Jessie J and Adam Lambert teamed up with Angie and it was awesome too!

J Lo entertained as well, but eventually I found myself just waiting and wanting to hear the winner!

Finally…Seacrest said it…Your Next American Idol is CANDICE GLOVER!!!!!!!!!!!  What???!!!  I’m so happy the best singer truly won tonight…she deserved this and earned it!!  I actually jumped up and down when this one was a announced!  Congrats to Candice!