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2 Killed in Oakdale Shooting

An adult and a 15-year-old were shot and killed outside the Oakdale Market.

The shooter was arrested and the gun was recovered quickly.

Community members and those who knew the victims and suspect fought the day after the shooting as emotions ran high.

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Mugshot of Ryan Neal Mazzariello


A former National Guardsman accused of killing two men in November was found dead Thursday in is Stanislaus County Jail cell.

Ryan Mazzariello, 26, was found unresponsive shortly after 8:30 a.m. when deputies were going to get him for a visit. Deputies and medical staff tried to revive Mazzariello, but he was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived.

Mazzariello did not share his cell with anyone and hadn’t been in any sort of fight with other inmates or jail staff, deputies say.

Mazzariello was accused of shooting and killing 20-year-old Able Calderon and 15-year-old Ruben Mora.

Myspace picture of suspected shooter Ryan Neal Mazzariello.


FOX40 has learned a man accused of shooting and killing two men in Oakdale never faced any disciplinary charges or actions during his time with the National Guard.

Ryan Mazzariello was deployed to Kosovo from 2008-2009, mainly as part of a peacekeeping mission.

His unit is based in Oakdale, and he continued to serve one weekend a month at the armory there.

Mazzariello now faces charges in connection with a deadly shooting outside a market Sunday.

Investigators have not said what the motive for the shooting was. Neighbors believe the shooting came after weeks of issues between Mazzariello and others in town.



Ryan Mazzariello, 25, served in the National Guard and was deployed to Kosovo.

But as he now sits in the Stanislaus County Jail, suspected of gunning down and killing two people outside of an Oakdale market, those who know him say he had good reason for what he did.

“Steven”, a local security guard, said Mazzariello’s wife shared with him a recent incident that pushed the soldier over the edge.

“They had him, her, the baby, hostage with a gun to her head and his head, basically telling him, if he ever intervened with them again… they would rape her in front of him and her daughter,” Steven said.

Neighbors said about two weeks ago, gang members who run rampant in the neighborhood, had beaten a buddy of Mazzariello. They said he later evened the score by punching out the guy who attacked his friend.

“Basically back and forth. Something happened to them, something happened to him. He’s just trying to protect himself,” Steven said. “Honestly, everyone’s making him out to be the bad guy. But I would do the exact same thing to protect my family.”

Mazzariello’s neighbor, “Samuel”, said earlier on the day of the shooting, Mazzariello had invited him over to watch the Niner game, a Sunday just like any other.

“I was drinking a Bud Light. I told him, ‘Do you like Bud Light?’ ‘Yes.’ And I gave him a Bud Light,” Samuel said.

“And he was in a good mood, he was happy?’ FOX40 asked.

“Yeah, yeah. He was happy,” Samuel added.

Stanislaus County investigators have not given an official motive in the killings.

Mazzariello’s mugshot after being arrested in connection to the Sunday night shooting.


Police have identified the two victims found dead after Sunday’s late night shooting.

Able Calderon, 20, and Ruben Mora Jr., 15, were found near the Oakdale Market along East I Street, both suffering from gunshot wounds. Mora was pronounced dead at the scene, while Calderon was transported but later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police and Stanislaus County Sheriff’s originally responded to the scene around 9:05 p.m. after getting calls about shots fired. An investigation by both agencies was able to identify 25-year-old Oakdale resident Ryan Neal Mazzariello as the shooting suspect.

Mazzariello found a short time later an Oakdale residence and arrested. He is facing two counts of homicide.

Detectives are still piecing together what exactly led up to the shooting. What they have confirmed is that Mazzariello has a military background. The gun that Mazzariello used was recovered at the scene, but the make and model is not being released at this time.

Monday afternoon, dozens of people who knew the victims, or heard about the shooting gathered in a parking lot near the scene.

Officers were on hand as mourners got into the fight.

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2 Killed Outside Market, Mourners Brawl


Emotions running high after two people, including a teen, were found dead lead to a fight involving about two dozen people.

Oakdale Police officers and Stanislaus County Sheriff deputies responded to calls about shots fired Sunday night.

One adult and one teen were found dead along East I Street, near a market.

The person believed to be the shooter was arrested and investigators say the gun was recovered.

Friends say the teen victim was 15 years old.

Monday afternoon, dozens of people who knew the victims, or heard about the shooting gathered in a parking lot near the scene.

Officers were on hand as mourners got into a fight.