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Boy Hit by Trailer, Later Dies

A 12-year-old Elk Grove boy was run over by a pick-up carrying a trailer Sunday afternoon. The boy later died at the UC Davis Medical Center.

Police don’t believe drugs or alcohol to be involved, with the driver of the truck not facing any charges at this time.

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Fighting back tears, Diane Hill says she now knows how her son Edward, 12, spent his last moments before he was killed just over a week ago

An off duty EMT who witnessed it all approached Hill Sunday during  Edward’s funeral and shared what she knew.

“She said he was peaceful,” said Hill

The EMT said a truck and and attached fifth wheel were stopped in traffic in the center of the cross walk on Bond Road and Elk Crest Drive in Elk Grove.

Edward walked his bike between the trailer and truck when the truck began moving.

“He then got up and picked up his bike and walked it to the side walk. She told him to lay down and that’s when she realized he was hurt really bad,” said Hill.

The EMT could feel the boys crushed ribs while he gasped for air.

Another witness prayed while the EMT’s boyfriend held Edward’s head.

“They just held him and made sure he knew that everybody loved him,” said Hill

Days later, Diane’s cell phone with dozens of Edwards most recent photos was stolen.

Now the grieving mother asks for the only last memories of her son be returned.

“Those photos were unique. I can’t replace them and I can’t replace him,” she said.

The cell phone or SIM card can be left at the Elk Grove Methodist Church or at the FOX 40 office,  located in south Sacramento.

Dianne says she holds no one responsible for her sons death; it’s just a tragic accident.


They all witnessed the same event, Edward Hill 12 was run over by a trailer in Elk Grove, yet their stories as to how it happened were different.

Is it a question of perception or something deeper?

“When you have a traumatic event they are going to focus on the injury sustained by the individual, so they will black out or not focus on the details leading up to that,” said officer Christopher Trim.

The most important opinion of all will come from another 10-year-old boy who was with Hill when it happened.

“As you can imagine, he is shaken, having seen his best friend killed in front of him,” said Trim.

Police are trying to determine if Hill walked between a truck and a trailer that was stopped in traffic.

According to initial reports, the boy said Hill was trying to beat traffic and entered the street with his bike.

A bike sits near the intersection where 12-year-old Edward Hill was hit and killed in Elk Grove.

“We are still not sure where he was, but obviously he was struck by the trailer portion of the vehicle,” said Trim.

Hill’s family gathered at the site where it all happened to remember the young man who was dear to their hearts.

“I’ll love you and I’ll miss you,” said Hill’s mother Diane.

The investigation is still ongoing, police are going to take statements from all witnesses and try to focus on those who didn’t see the most traumatic parts to form an accurate depiction of what happened.


Family and friends left a memorial at the crash site where 12-year-old Edward Hill died after he was ran over by a trailer.

Hill was walking his bike down Elk Crest Drive and Bond Road in Elk Grove before noon Sunday.

A truck hauling a trailer was stopped in traffic at the intersection. The truck slowly began moving forward when Hill somehow managed to get run over by the fifth wheel.

He was taken to the UC Davis Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead.

Hill’s family gathered at the site where it happened singing songs and saying prayers. His mother described what she would do if she could see her son once again.

“That I wish I could touch him see him,” said Diane Hill. “It is nobody’s fault I don’t think.”

“I’m never going to see my brother again,” said Hill’s brother Alex Graham.

Police say a 10-year-old boy was with Hill and witnessed the entire incident. The gruesome scene was traumatizing for him, police note.

Although there were several witnesses, police are getting conflicting reports as to how the boy got between the truck and trailer before being run over.

One area resident overheard the 10-year-old tell police that Hill was trying to beat traffic and entered the street when he was not supposed to.

No charges were filed against the driver of the truck, with police believing it was an accident.

Parents gave FOX40 this picture of Edward Hill (pictured right with his brother Nic Graham).


Witnesses heard a car break and a loud thump at the cross streets of Bond Road and Elk Crest Drive in Elk Grove. That’s where a 12-year-old boy was hit by a truck while crossing the street on his bike.

“They were giving him CPR and they took him to a hospital in an ambulance,” said area resident Juan Doria.

Police say the boy was heading southbound on Elk Crest Drive in the cross walk. A pick-up truck hauling a trailer was heading west bound on Bond Rd when he hit the boy.

The driver of the truck stopped and has been cooperating with authorities. The boy was transported to the UC Davis Medical Center where he eventually died.

Doria says another boy was with the victim when it happened. He overheard him tell police the victim entered the cross walk knowing the light was about to turn green, but he tried to beat the traffic.

“My daughter was out here and she recognized the boy. It’s really sad,” he said. “As a parent it makes me very sad just cherish everyday with our young ones.”

Police note that a family was inside the truck – which was carrying a trailer in the back – at the time of the collision. They were headed out for a vacation.

No drugs or alcohol are believed to be involved.

Later Sunday night, family identified the boy as Edward Hill. He was heading home to his dad’s from the nearby market before the fatal collision.

Cecilio Padilla contributed to this report.