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Boys, 15 and 13, Die After Car Chase

A 13-year-old driver and his 15-year old friend were killed in a crash after leading officers on a high-speed chase through Stockton, according to CHP.

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Surveillance video released only to FOX40 Monday from the Lincoln Center complex in Stockton reveals the final moments for 13-year-old Luis Longoria and 15-year-old Martel Zepeda.

But, it’s not the video friends and family were hoping to see.

“We have a right, as his parents, to see the surveillance video from the camera that points directly to the crash scene where our son and his friend were killed,” Longoria’s mother told FOX40 in an exclusive interview last week.

Since the crash, friends and family have been hoping to obtain video recorded on the Chevron cameras off of Benjamin Holt Drive and Pacific Avenue.

“We have questions about how this happened, exactly.”

In an ongoing CHP investigation, officers tell FOX40 that the department is trying to piece together exactly what happened.

“We are not going to release the video from Chevron until the investigation is over since it could hinder our investigation,” says CHP Officer James Smith.

According to the CHP, the two teens were in a stolen car. When officers spotted them driving it recklessly, they tried to pull them over.

When the driver did not stop, it turned in to a pursuit that ended when the car crashed in to the cement wall of the Rasputin Music store.

“We are just as commited to anyone on finding out exactly what happened,” Smith tells FOX40.

Once the investigation is over, Smith says CHP will release the video.

“It could take a few days, weeks, or months.”


The parents of a boy killed Saturday morning in a chase with CHP officers are demanding to see surveillance footage of the crash.

“As parents of Luis Longoria, we have a right to get the surveillance footage of what actually happened” Maria Lopez told FOX40.

She and her husband, Luis Longoria Sr., believe the answers to exactly how their 13-year-old son died was captured on surveillance cameras at the Chevron off of Benjamin Holt Drive and Pacific Avenue.

“When the California Highway Patrol came  to my house, the only thing they told me is that my son hadn’t made it.” Lopez said.

According to the California Highway Patrol, their son, Luis, made a mistake that proved to be deadly Saturday, by leading officers on a chase that ended when he and his 15-year-old friend, Martel Zepeda, crashed in to the wall of Rasputin Music.

“I actually want to know what happened, did they ram him to the side? How is it that [my son] lost control?” Luis Longoria Sr. asks.

The surveillance cameras at the Chevron seem to point in the exact direction of the crash site.

“I went in to ask the [manager] to see the camera and they said no,” Lopez said.

So, FOX40 put a call in to the manager of this Chevron station, she told us over the phone that CHP asked her Monday morning not to release the video to the media. We put in another call Monday afternoon to Chevron corporate. A media representative told us “this is an open investigation and therefore, we are providing the video to the investigators, but not to anyone else.”

But, in this case, Luis’s parents say CHP was involved in the crash. They wonder how the agency can dictate who can and cannot see the video.

“I believe CHP is hiding something” Luis’ father told FOX40.

FOX40 contacted CHP public information officer James Smith told us the surveillance video is evidence and doesn’t fall under the public records act, which means, our station cannot request to see it.

Investigators say the car Luis Longoria was driving was reported stolen four days before the crash.

During our interview, the parents admitted to FOX40 their son made a mistake. Yet, they say they want the surveillance video, to help them with many unanswered questions.


A makeshift memorial in the Chevron parking lot off of Benjamin Holt Drive and Pacific Avenue is slowly growing Sunday. Dozens of family and friends lit candles to remember two teens killed in what investigators are describing as a one minute, one mile chase.

The driver, 13, and the passenger, 15, weren’t even old enough to drive. Yet, California Highway Patrol Officers say they spotted the two driving a 1994 Honda Accord early Saturday morning. When they tried to pull the driver over, officers say the car did not stop and the attempt to pull them over quickly turned in to a chase.

CHP tells FOX40 the 13-year-old was behind the wheel of a stolen car, which was reported missing four days ago.

All of this, friends and family say, is out of character for both boys.

“This just isn’t something they would do, any of it. There’s a lot of unanswered questions,” says Lynn Murphy.

She and her husband Jimmy paid respects at the memorial Sunday.

“One of those boys was supposed to be at a hockey game with our son last night,” Jimmy Murphy told FOX40.

CHP tells says neither of the boys were wearing seat belts when the car crashed Saturday.



A 13-year-old driver and his 15-year old friend were killed in a crash after leading officers on a high-speed chase through Stockton, according to CHP.

Friends and family of the driver and passenger saw a different side of the teens. The 13-year-old has been identified by family as Luigi Longoria. His mother, Maria Lopez, says she will remember her son for his sense of humor.

The passenger’s first name is Martel, but FOX40 is unsure about the spelling of his last name. Friends say they did not know him to be someone who got in trouble.

A memorial was set up at the corner of Benjamin Holt Drive and Pacific Avenue, where the car crashed Saturday morning.

CHP says the car the two were riding in was reported stolen, but officers are not saying if the teens were involved in the theft.