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Deadly Car Chase

A car chase ends in a deadly crash near I-5 and Pershing in Stockton.

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Stockton Police revealed new details Wednesday about the four people inside a car that flipped, ending a Tuesday night police chase.

Police say a man and a woman carjacked a man near American and First Streets and later ditched the car along West Oak Street. Officers saw two men walking from the stolen truck later in the evening and get into a maroon 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

The Eclipse refused to stop, leading officers on a chase that eventually ended with the car rolling over on the Interstate 5 on-ramp at Pershing Avenue.

Officers identified 30-year-old Eric Nolan as the driver. According to police, Nolan fired at officers during the chase with a sawed-off rifle. Nolan is said to have minor injuries from the crash.

Gabriela Garza Aparicio, 27, was killed in the crash.

Two other passengers, a 19-year-old Hispanic male and a 22-year-old Hispanic female were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Nolan was booked into the San Joaquin County Jail on several charges including murder, attempted murder of a police officer, carjacking and kidnapping. He also faces drug and weapons charges.

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One Dead, 3 Injured when Chase Ends in Crash


A woman is dead, and three others are being treated after a car they allegedly stole crashed.

Stockton Police tracked a carjacked vehicle Tuesday evening, then watched the suspects get out and climb into another car.

This second car then drove away and didn’t stop for chasing officers.

As more officers joined the chase, one of the suspects fired shots at them.


Courtesy: CalTrans

The suspect car crashed near the I-5 onramp at Pershing Avenue. Inside were two men and two women. One of the women died in the crash, the other three have undisclosed injuries.

At least one gun was found inside the destroyed car.

The onramp at Pershing Avenue was closed for several hours overnight, finally reopening around 6 a.m. Wednesday.


Image courtesy: CalTrans


A chase that started because of an alleged shooting ended with a car upside down near Interstate 5 and Pershing Avenue Tuesday night.

Police and firefighters had to take some time rescuing the driver, because it wasn’t known whether or not he still had a gun.

Just before 11 p.m., firefighters pulled the man out and police took him into custody.

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