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Fiery Crash Kills One on Highway 99

A woman died after her car hit a retaining wall on southbound Highway 99 in south Sacramento.

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We met Linda Mozingo earlier this year when she lost her daughter, Amy, to a fiery crash along Highway 99.

“I’m gonna miss her so much. She was my best friend,” Linda said.

Just one year before, Linda lost her husband.

But tragedy struck again. A month after she lost her daughter to the crash, her son also passed from a massive heart attack.

“You tried your best, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it,” Linda’s son said shortly after her daughter’s death, thanking the young men who tried to rescue his sister out of the burning car.

Within two years, Linda has lost her husband and her two children. And when you think it couldn’t get any worse for her, it did.

She lost something else.

“I found this really special box, probably the most special box that I could’ve ever found,” Linda said.

Something she came across while packing up her home to move. Inside that box were her children’s baby shoes.

“Their first walking baby shoes,” Linda said.

Also inside were their silver baby cups, spoons and baby pictures – all gone are now gone, stolen out of her house.

“I would just appreciate if they would just please give them back,” Linda said.

It’s really all this grieving mom has left.

“They’re priceless to me … They’re gone and I just don’t understand why someone would take that box.”

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Dan Wicks with his son, Nathan.


A father and son on their own now.

“The loss is pretty hurtful and I’m not sure how I’m gonna get through it. But I have this boy right here,” Dan Wicks said with his 4-year-old son, Nathan, on his lap.

He lost his wife, Amy, in a fiery car crash along Highway 99 earlier this week.

“I miss and adore her. and it’s just been rough,” Wicks said. “She would’ve been 37. So she lived a young life. But they always say the good die young, right?”

Three young men raced to the burning car, but couldn’t free Amy in time.

“I wanna say thank you to those boys,” her husband said. “Everybody in our family appreciates it. I’m sorry, guys. I’m hurt right now. Mentally, physically, emotionally. and I would’ve done the same thing for anybody else.”

And Dan did that exact thing a few years ago, when he rescued an injured man from a burning car. It’s come full circle.

“It’s just the instinct that you have, which I have – helping. When you come across it, you get that courage,” he said. “Can’t wait to meet you guys. You guys are heroes in my book. And I will let my son know that. When he gets a little older, how brave you guys were. And God bless you.”

A fund has been set up by the family for Nathan Wicks. If you’d like to help, there is an account at Chase Bank. The account number is 472752752.


Linda Mozingo’s daughter, Amy, was killed Wednesday in a fiery car crash on Highway 99 in south Sacramento.

“I’ll miss her so much. She was my best friend,” Mozingo told FOX40.

She thanked the three young men who tried to help Amy escape her car.

“I would love to talk to them and thank them for trying to help her. Because that’s the worst part not knowing exactly what happened. If she said anything,” Mozingo said. “Thank you to all the boys. I’m sure they did the best that they could.”

Amy leaves behind a husband and 4-year-old son, Nathan. Her child’s car seat was in the car.

“She was a good mother to him. He doesn’t know yet. We’re trying to figure that out, how to deal with that,” Mozingo said.

It will take some prayers and love from family and friends and warm memories to help Mozingo, who lost her husband a year-and-a-half ago, get through these next difficult days ahead.

The Mozingo family has set up an account for Nathan. To donate, head to any Chase Bank branch and the account is under Linda Mozingo’s name.


Traffic was backed up for miles Wednesday afternoon on Highway 99 Southbound near the 47th street off ramp.

Smoke bellowed in the air just after 2 p.m., after a gold Mercedes ended up flipped on its side. The car immediately burst into flames and a woman was trapped inside.

Stuck in gridlocked traffic three young men, who eventually saw the car and the smoke.

Tyler Crawford, Humberto Valdivia and Matthew White were headed to work when they came across a burning car.

Tyler Crawford, pulled out his cellphone and ran to help.

“When we got to the side and realized the car was on fire, we hopped out,” said Tyler Crawford, still visibly shaken up from the accident.

Crawford captured the entire ordeal on his iPhone; the video lasted for two-and-a-half minutes. You could hear the woman inside screaming for help. The trio decided to kick out her window to rescue her. Several people were on scene before the group of friends got there.

Crawford and his friends decided to kick the window out. “We ran up and I told her to grab my hand, we tried as best as we could,” said Tyler, with tears in his eyes.

The woman died inside the car. After watching the video Tyler Crawford and his friends are clearly heroes, but because the woman didn’t survive they feel like they didn’t do enough.

“I could hear her and then I was there to just watch her pass away,” he said.

The three friends told FOX40 if they see something else horrific like what they saw on Highway 99, they would still spring into action to help.

Caught on video, three young men pull over to try to save a woman from a burning car Wednesday on Highway 99 in Sacramento. Tia Ewing reports.


A woman died Wednesday afternoon after her car flipped and caught fire along southbound Highway 99 in Sacramento.

The crash happened shortly after 2 p.m. near 47th Avenue.

The driver hit a guard rail before flipping over. She was the only one in the car, officers say.

A group of witnesses pulled over to help but were unsuccessful.

The crash slowed traffic on Highway 99 to a crawl, as lanes were closed for hours.


Traffic in the southbound lanes of Highway 99 near 47th Avenue in Sacramento slowed to a crawl early Wednesday afternoon after a serious accident.

The California Highway Patrol says the accident involved serious injuries, and that lanes are closed. Drivers are advised to take I-5 as a detour.

At least one person is dead from the crash.

Traffic is backed up all the way to T Street.