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Fire at Fairfield Comedy Club

Firefighters battled a five-alarm fire at Pepperbelly’s comedy club in Fairfield,

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Exclusive: Owner of Pepper Belly’s Talks

Scene of the fire that destroyed the Pepperbelly’s back in January.


A benefit concert to raise money for Pepperbelly’s, a well-known comedy club in Fairfield that burned down last January, is being held Saturday night.

Organizers are hoping to raise $10,000 to help keep the shows going as the club rebuilds.

The concert will be happening at Fairfield’s Downtown Theater, starting at 6:30 p.m. Comedian Mark C will opening the show, with the Charlie Wade Blues Band, Whiskey & Honey, Delta Rockets, Used Blues band and Ruby Lane also scheduled to perform.

Organizers say tickets are $25 each or $45 per couple and available at  For more information, call 707-422-0103.


A fundraiser is being held for Pepperbellys, a well-known comedy club in Fairfield that burned down last January.

They hope to raise $10,000 to help the club keep attracting entertainers to the area. They are being allowed to use Fairfield’s Downtown Theater as a temporary venue.

Organizers say tickets are $25 each or $45 per couple and available at  For more information, call 707-422-0103.


One week after a devastating fire destroyed Pepperbelly’s, supporting actors in Fairfield’s theatre community   are stepping up so the comedy club’s shows can go on.

The prospect of anyone else taking the stage  was really in question just a few months ago at the Downtown Theatre, but it’s in a position to play the hero.

“It’s it’s an adrenaline rush.  You know you never know what’s gonna happen,” said Robert Brudney.

The ‘never knowing what could happen’ is part of the thrill of doing business  for Brudney, the operator of the Downtown Theatre.

The  ‘never knowing what can happen’ part of life in show biz meant the worst for owners of Pepperbelly’s comedy club Jan. 25.

Huge flames tore through a legacy of laughter at the corner of Texas and Jackson streets.

“The live theater community is a very close knit family and we need to support each other,” said Brudney.

That’s why his theatre has pledged to open it’s box office and fill its seats with audiences that had planned to watch a string of big acts at Pepperbelly’s.

“Bill Bellamy , Earthquake, Tommy Davidson and Rex Navarette will be opening here in February 16th,” said Brudney.

“In fact we moved a lot of things around to make it available. We’re a family, live theatre, and we want to be there for each other,” said Brudney.

As recently as September , the Downtown Theatre  couldn’t have stepped into any  story line as the rescuer.

Funding from the city of Fairfield had run dry and it was set to close until Brudney formed a non-profit to take over operations and raise cash.

They’re still struggling.

Selling out all 266 seats for every show won’t pay the bills but they can make the fire a little less painful.

“No politics, no red tape. Just got it done,” said Brudney.


Fairfield fire investigators determined Tuesday that a devastating fire that destroyed Pepperbelly’s last week was accidental.

That’s good news for the owners, knowing the six-alarm inferno wasn’t intentionally set.

Pepperbelly’s owners hope to rebuild. Headliners have contacted the owner, vowing to perform or free at an alternate location to help raise funds.

Fairfield Fire Battalion Chief Bob Stoffel said the origin of the fire was on the second floor. Insurance investigators are still looking for the exact cause.


Investigators ruled Tuesday that the five-alarm fire at the Pepperbelly’s comedy club and theater was accidental.

Firefighters from across Solano County worked through Friday night and into Saturday morning to put out the flames.

Pepperbelly’s, which regularly featured A-list comedians, was considered the anchor of Fairfield’s nightlife.

Rowena Shaddox will have much more on FOX40 News at 10.

Rowena Shaddox sits down with the owner of an iconic comedy club to talk about what happens next, after a fire gutted the building.


Hours after Friday’s five-alarm fire at Pepperbelly’s Comedy Club, crews were still on scene.

Since the comedy club went up in flames, neighboring businesses have seen less foot traffic.

“A few people came in today, that’s it,” says Houssain Karoni, the owner of a neighboring restaurant. The normal Saturday morning foot traffic was outside his restaurant, snapping photos in disbelief.

The fire department described Pepperbelly’s as the anchor of the nightlife in Fairfield, bringing in hundreds of people every weekend for A-list comedy acts. But, now that the club is closed, business owners are concerned.

“Less people means less money for nearby shops and businesses,” one owner told FOX40.

The only question now — when will the jokes and the laughs be back to Fairfield?

“We’re going to try and rebuild it, better than before,” the club’s owner told FOX40.

If all parties cooperate, fire officials estimate it could take up to one year to rebuild.

A popular and historic comedy club and theater went up in flames Friday night, impacting downtown Fairfield’s identity. Chris Biele reports.


Fairfield firefighters are battling a five-alarm blaze at Pepperbelly’s Comedy & Variety Theater.

The fire broke out Friday evening shortly before 7 p.m. There were staff inside, but firefighters believe they all made it out safely.

The effort to put out the fire is being done by departments from across Solano County, 10 total.

For now, firefighters are focused on prevent the blaze from spreading to neighboring buildings.

Comedian Honest John was set to perform at 8 p.m.