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Food Court Brawl Leads to Panic at Arden Fair Mall

Sacramento Police say more than a dozen teens started a large fight near the food court inside Arden Fair Mall.

During the fight, signs were knocked over and shoppers confused the loud noise for gunshots, leading to panic.

Police arrested three people in connection with the fight.

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You’re in a crowded area and an emergency happens. What should you do?

Luana Munoz reports.

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3 Face Charges in Arden Mall Fight, Chaotic Scene


Dremon O’Deal, Louis Santiago, and a teen were arrested in connection with Wednesday night’s mall fight.


It’s quiet at Arden Fair Mall Thursday morning, a completely different scene after a mall brawl led to widespread panic.

Officers have booked two men and one teen into jail in connection with Wednesday night’s chaotic incident.

Dremon O’Deal, 19, and Louis Santiago, 18, face disturbance charges for fighting in a public place. The teen faces similar charges.

Wednesday evening, the three men were involved in a large fight in the food court at the Sacramento area mall.

The fight led to a large sign falling, causing a noise that many thought sounded like gunfire. In light of recent shootings and gun scares around the country, many shoppers panicked and ran for their lives.

The mall was locked down for about an hour until officers could control the situation.

Signs knocked over during a brawl inside Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento had people mistaking the sound for gunfire, causing panic.

One woman was hurt as shoppers ran for the exits, but police say her injuries were not serious.

Three teens were arrested in connection with the fight.


Arden Fair Mall was put on lockdown early Wednesday evening following a large fight in the food court.

Sacramento Police say a group of teens was causing trouble inside the mall, possibly looking to instigate a fight.

Three of the teens were taken into custody, police said.

Arden Fair’s head of security Steve Reed told FOX40 that, despite initial reports, there were no shots fired, but a large brawl involving about 20 people.

No one was found to have a gun. A large sign, however, did fall down and the noise is what people inside the mall mistook for gunfire.

Reed told FOX40 that four people in connection with the brawl are in police custody and the entire fight was caught on mall surveillance cameras.

A few stores in the mall, including Nordstrom, closed their gates for a short time. Reed told FOX40 that it’s standard mall procedure whenever anything like this happens to go on lockdown.

Following the fight a panic erupted inside the mall, sending shoppers running the opposite direction toward the exits.

Things began to return to normal a short time later.