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House Catches Fire, Marijuana Grow Found

A house in Elk Grove caught fire, with authorities finding a marijuana growing operation inside.

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Five people have been arrested in connection to a suspected marijuana grow house that caught fire Saturday.

The owner of the home, 43-year-old Felix Su, is suspected to be responsible for the marijuana growing operation found at the Laguna Villa Way home.

Using a search warrant, detectives looked into two other Elk Grove homes (one on the 6800 block of Kilconnell Drive and another on the 7500 block of Shelby Street) and found marijuana grows in each.

Authorities say that between the three homes, over 550 marijuana plants and 6 pounds a packaged marijuana were found – along with over $1,500 in cash and a loaded 12-gauge sawed off shotgun.

Su, 41-year-old Kim Ta (Su’s wife), 47-year-old Mui Ly, 54-year-old Duong Su, and 24-year-old Raymond Su were arrested for cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana for sale charges. Raymond sue also faces a charge for possession of the sawed-off shotgun.

Detectives are still investigating the incident. The exact cause of the fire at home on Saturday is still under investigation.

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pothouseELK GROVE—

Crime scene tape surrounds an Elk Grove home that went up in flames, with police are investigating whether a legal or illegal marijuana growing operation was being run inside.

“I walked outside to the pool, iPod and towel in hand, and I see my fence lying on the ground,” said neighbor Kim Herlache.

Herlache lives directly behind the home on Laguna Villa Street that caught fire around 11 a.m.

Although she missed the flames she saw the aftermath — a roof almost entirely gone and police officers waiting to go inside the home, where firefighters found a large amount of marijuana growing inside.

“Apparently two or three rooms had marijuana in them and we are in the process of trying to identify who is the owner of the residence,” said Officer Christopher Trim with Elk Grove Police

The Cosumnes Fire Department says the fire started in the attic and quickly spread, causing damage to the rest of the home.

Neighbors believe the home was being rented out and often saw people coming and going.

Many like Herlache had no clue marijuana was being grown there.

“I regularly have my granddaughter over at the house, my family at the house. That is not the kind of neighbor you want so I am very disturbed by that,” said Herlache.

It is still unclear if anyone was living in home.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.