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Innocent Bystander Killed in North Sacramento

Sacramento Police say Michael Burdan was in the wrong place at the wrong time Tuesday night.

His mother said he was riding his bike on his way to his brother’s house when he was fatally shot.

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The family and friends of Michael Burdan should not have to spend the Thanksgiving holiday holding a candlelight vigil in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood where he was killed.

“Everybody loved my brother. He was a sweet guy,” said Michael’s older sister Laura Burdan.

Michael, 19, was riding his bike Tuesday night in the area of North Avenue and May Street. Sacramento police say Michael was the random victim of a shooting.

“I just can’t believe somebody would do that to him,” said Michael’s girlfriend Deana McDaniel.

Police are hoping anyone with information about the shooting will call their office.


A spray of bullets in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood near North Avenue and May Street Tuesday night  killed a 19-year-old man, and riddled a nearby home with bullets.

As tough as it is to talk about what Michael Burden was: so young, a recent high school grad, looking forward to marrying his girlfriend – it’s perhaps harder to talk about what he wasn’t: a target. Police say this was a random killing. That Michael, on his bike, didn’t do anything to provoke violence.

“He was on his way to his brother’s house to drop off some strawberries,” said Irene Burdan, his mother. “I never thought he would go before me or his dad.”

The bullet’s didn’t only strike Burdan.  They traveled through a house on North Street, entering a child’s bedroom. The same bullet traveled through two walls, ricocheting off a birdcage and out a back window.

The woman who lives there didn’t want to be identified, she says she’s scared.

“There should be patrols. When something like this happens police should be doing patrols,” she said.

Police investigators were in the neighborhood today, looking for the reason behind the violence. And they are asking, if you have any information that could help them solve this killing, pick up the phone and give them a call.