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Lad the Collie

Lad is a 1-year-old collie who was shot in the face in February 2014. Most of his bottom jaw had to be removed. Thanks to donations, he was able to come to UC Davis Veterinary hospital to see surgeons in hope of having reconstructive surgery.


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Dog Missing Jaw Makes Cross-Country Trip to See UC Davis Veterinarians


Photos of Lad the collie flying to Sacramento to see doctors in Davis.
Courtesy: the Arrow Fund


A dog missing much of his lower jaw has a date with UC Davis veterinarian surgeons Monday, after generous donors made his cross-country trip possible.

Lad’s jaw had to be removed after he was shot in the face last month in Kentucky. A nonprofit group has been working to raise money to get the collie to Davis to see specialists. These veterinarians also helped another injured dog, Kabang, who was injured by a motorcycle in the Philippines.

The Kentucky nonprofit group, Arrow Fund, posted a picture of Lad on the plans to California over the weekend, and said he was meeting with doctors Monday. They are hoping for reconstructive surgery options.


Lad, a 1-year-old rough collie, looking out a window. He was shot in the face Feb. 10. Courtesy: The Arrow Fund)

The group “Pilots N Paws” was able to help get Lad a special flight, so he could ride in the main section of the plane. On a commercial plane, he would of had to ride in the cargo area.

Follow updates on Lad’s situation on the Arrow Fund’s Facebook page.


Lad, a 1-year-old rough collie, looking out a window. He was shot in the face Feb. 10. (Courtesy: The Arrow Fund)


A nonprofit animal care group based in Kentucky is raising money to send a rough collie to UC Davis for a much-needed surgery.

Lad had to have much of his jaw removed after being shot in the face last month. Now, the Arrow Fund needs funds for a private or corporate jet to fly him to California.

A commercial flight would mean Lad would have to fly in the cargo area.

If Lad gets to Davis, he will stay there until his treatment is over. He’ll return to Louisville, Ky.

If you are interested in helping Lad, click here to visit the Arrow Fund’s Lad page.