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Making Sure Everyone Eats on Christmas

The Christmas holiday can bring out the best in people, especially those who take gift giving to a new level by making meals or providing food to those in need of a hot meal.

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Kim’s Country Kitchen closed early Monday, but it wasn’t so employees could go home and be with their families on Christmas Eve.

“The second we closed, the kitchen started up” says Kim Strong, of Kim’s Country Kitchen.

The restaurant owner has fed about 250 people every Christmas for the past five years. She opens her phone lines up and allows Lincoln residents to call in anonymously.

“A lot of people are prideful, especially this time of year. This allows them to get a free meal without anyone knowing,” said Strong.

The meals are then delivered by the restaurant directly to the address the caller provides. “We do this because we care about this community a lot,” Strong says.

The restaurant continued delivering meals Monday until everyone who called got something to eat. “This is what Christmas is all about, not the gifts. It’s about giving.”


Most kids are unwrapping presents on Christmas Day. “He had that option” says mom, Yolanda Araiza. But her 12-year-old son, Gabriel Mariscal didn’t want the Kindle Fire he originally asked for.

“I asked my mom if we could feed the homeless this Christmas, and she gave me a choice to do that or get the Kindle, I chose that.” Mariscal told FOX40.

The mother and son served biscuits and gravy out of their green van, parked underneath the overpass on Northgate and Del Paso Tuesday. “It makes me happy because I know I taught my kids well” says Araiza.

When we asked Gabriel why he wanted to do this, he told us he at one time, while living with his father, he was homeless. Soon after he answered our question, his mother looked quite surprised. “He never
told me he was homeless when he was living with his father, that’s why he wanted to do this, that’s where his heart was, it makes sense.” she told FOX40.

This Christmas, Gabriel’s heart was in the trunk of his mother’s van, in the form of biscuits, gravy, and paper plates as dozens of homeless people lined up for a Christmas meal.


Loaves & Fishes fed nearly 600 people Christmas Day between 11am and 1:30pm.

“We had turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, corn bread,” says Mark Hawkins, a Loaves & Fishes staff member.

Next year will mark Loaves & Fishes’ 30th anniversary in the Sacramento region. “We feed people almost every day of the year, not just Christmas,” said Hawkins.

Mark McKibbin has been volunteering with the organization for 6 years, and he’s only 15. “These people are good people who have had bad circumstances but they are really trying hard.”

Many of these people will join the 4,500 in the Sacramento region who will sleep outside on Christmas night.