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Police arrested two robbery suspects who were after cash from the Plasma Center on Florin Road.

Donors saw two masked men rush into the facility. One had a semi-automatic handgun.

“He was saying ‘Where’s the money?'” said donor Chris Espinosa, who ran out the back.

Witnesses say most people left through the lobby when the robbers entered, but the two suspects ran out a few minutes later, empty-handed.

At the same time a Brink’s armored truck was sitting in the parking lot, apparently to drop of cash used to pay donors.  They can earn up to $50 per week by donating plasma.

Some said the robbers timing was all wrong.  The suspects ran away on foot and were captured by Sheriffs deputies about three blocks away.  One of the suspects had a gun with him.

One woman was injured after she was run over by one of the suspects in his haste to exit the building. She was taken to the hospital.  The two suspects will be charged with attempted armed robbery.

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3 Arrested in Robbery of Blood Bank

California Blood Source Ready if Needed

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People inside a blood bank say armed men who attempted to rob the center may have targeted it.

Witnesses told FOX40 the Plasma Centers of America location along Florin Road pays people for their donations, and has cash-on-hand. It’s that cash several masked men may have been after Tuesday morning.

At least three men walked in with weapons, then quickly left. No word if they took anything, but they did push over witnesses as they ran off. One woman said she has minor injuries.

The alleged robbers were found a few blocks away from the blood bank and will face armed robbery charges.

The donation center will be closed for the rest of Tuesday.

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Men Wearing Masks Try to Rob Blood Bank

Family Dispute Turns Violent, Leads to Standoff

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At least two men, wearing masks, ran in to a blood bank allegedly trying to rob it.

Employees and people donating at Plasma Centers of America along Florin Road were startled.

The men apparently quickly left the center and ran off into the South Sacramento area.

Sacramento County Sheriffs deputies were able to arrest at least one guy they believe was involved. They are actively looking for others at this time.

No word from investigators what the men were hoping to take from the blood bank.