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Officer Accused of Raping Elderly Woman

A Sacramento Police Officer was arrested in December and faces charges of raping an older woman in 2010, and again in 2012.

The woman, who is 76 years old, had a stroke and that made it difficult for her to help catch the suspect.

The officer, Gary Baker, was caught with the help of surveillance video and DNA testing.

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The Sacramento Police officer who is accused of raping an elderly, disabled woman was told not to go near his alleged victim, her apartment or the home of her son where she sometimes stays.

49-year-old Gary Baker, a 22 year veteran of the police force, is charged with rape, oral copulation and several other sex crimes committed on a 78-year-old woman who was disabled by a stroke.

He is out of jail currently after posting a $1 million bail.

The woman lived in a seniors apartment complex in South Sacramento and was able to describe her attacker in 2010 as a security officer or policeman despite having trouble speaking.

Investigators say Baker was caught on a hidden camera being scared off by an alarm in his most recent visit to the woman’s home on December 11 of this year.

Investigators recognized Baker right away and eventually obtained a DNA sample which matched a sample gathered in 2010. He was fired from the department after his arrest.

Defense attorney Linda Parisi, a veteran of high-profile criminal cases, asked for a delay until she could review the case against Baker.

“We’ll have more comment after I review the allegations against Mr. Baker.  We look forward to participating in the process and clearing Mr. Baker’s name,” said Parisi.

She was not concerned with the restraining order which she said was common in such cases and said they intended to honor the protective order issued by Judge Kevin McCormack on the spot at the insistence of the District Attorney’s Office.

The Sacramento D.A.’s office has a good conviction record in cold cases involving DNA evidence that is decades old.  In this instance the DNA sample is just 2 years old.


Sacramento Police arrested former Officer Gary Baker on suspicion of raping a 76-year-old woman while off duty, the department announced Thursday.

Police say the woman was assaulted Nov. 24, 2010 near 24th Street and South Manor Drive. Detectives collected DNA evidence at the scene, but no match was found. The rest of the investigation, however, was complicated because the woman had suffered a stroke, making it hard for her to communicate.

Investigators were still able get a description of the attacker.

The victim reported the same man attacking her again Sept. 20 of this year. Detectives were able to get more evidence. Police say Baker returned to the apartment a third time on Dec. 11 and attacked the woman again. Family members told detectives of possible surveillance video.

Police say investigators were able to recognize Baker, a 22-year veteran of the Sacramento Police Department, as the man in the footage. He was off duty during the alleged attacks.

Baker’s DNA and the DNA collected in 2010 and rushed it to the District Attorney’s Crime Lab. Detectives say the results matched and Baker was put on administrative leave as the investigation continued on.

Officers arrested Baker Thursday. He is charged with rape, two counts of forcible oral copulation, attempt to commit oral copulation, assault with intent to commit rape and sexual battery. Baker was booked into the Sacramento County Jail and is held on $1 million bail.

Sacramento Chief of Police Rick Braziel said, in a written statement, that the incident does not reflect the rest of his department.